Tulum’s 10 Best Beaches-Ultimate Guide 

Are you planning to sunbathe on Tulum Beach? Oh, I’m so jealous! This guide will help you make the most of your Tulum beach day.

Tulum is my favorite place in Mexico. I love its vibe, the adorable cafes and restaurants, and the cenotes ( Oh, the cenotes!). And of course, the beautiful beaches of Tulum. They are postcard-perfect.

Although there are occasional seaweed problems in Tulum, especially in the summer months it is worth the trip. This guide will show you the top Tulum beaches in Mexico.

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#1 Playa Ruinas

Playa Ruinas is the best beach in Tulum. It is well-known for its proximity to the Tulum ruins, as well as the beautiful white sand and turquoise blue waters. You’re likely to have seen photos of this beach from photos taken at the Tulum Ruins, which are located on top of the cliff.

Playa Ruinas is a place of mystery and drama thanks to the aquamarine waters and lush jungle that runs along the shore. It’s a great place to swim and you won’t believe how spectacular the views from the water.

You won’t find many beaches, even in Mexico, where you can swim in the stunning scenery of an ancient fortification. This scenery is why it is the best beach in Tulum.

Playa Ruinas can only be accessed by descending a narrow set of stairs from the Tulum Ruins. This is the only way to access the Playa Ruinas. This is not a great place for people with mobility issues.

The beach at Tulum Ruins is a must for everyone. It’s also convenient when planning your trip because you can just head down to the ocean to cool off after exploring the site.

#2 Tulum South Beach

The South Beach of Tulum is flanked by a variety of luxury resorts and hotels. It’s a popular destination for tourists who wish to enjoy the beautiful beaches of southern Tulum, as well as the luxurious amenities of luxury accommodation.

You can access the beach by staying in one of these hotels.

You can rent daybeds at the local beach clubs if you don’t want to stay in one of the Tulum resorts.

The beautiful white sand is less crowded and has a powdery texture. There are many water sports activities, such as kitesurfing or surfing.

#3 Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is the name of one of the most stunning beaches in Northern Tulum. This exclusive beach club is surrounded by palm trees. You can rent parasols and beach chairs to spend some time at the beach during the day.

Paradise Beach is a popular spot for those who want to relax or snorkel. The coral reef and marine life of Riviera Maya are amazing, and you might even see sea turtles and rays. This is a wonderful piece of paradise in Tulum.

You will find many restaurants nearby and spa services if you want to get even more relaxation.

#4 Las Palmas Beach

Las Palmas Public Beach, located in the Hotel Zone, is one of the most popular beachfront hotels in Tulum. It’s also one of three beaches that are crowded together at the southern end.

This beach is very different from the others because it has been preserved and doesn’t have many modern developments that you’d find in Riviera Maya. The beachfront is much wider than others, which means there’s plenty of space to lay out a towel or chill without being disturbed by the crows. However, there aren’t many amenities like day-beds or chairs that can be rented.

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The positive side is that there are many bars and restaurants within the vicinity. There are also boat rides and snorkeling opportunities you can take on one of the most popular public beaches in Tulum. This is Tulum’s most affordable beach, and you don’t need to pay any entrance fees or rent/consume minimum fees.

This is a great choice if you like solitude or topless solar bathing. Although there aren’t any official nude beaches at Tulum, most people can sunbathe topless in most places. However, this should be done at their discretion.

Secret Beach in Sianka’an Biosphere Reserve

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site is d. Did you know there’s a hidden beach nearby that you can swim in? You will need to book a tour to get to this hidden beach and reserve in Tulum.

This is the place to go if you want a quiet, secluded beach. The beaches of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve are unspoiled and raw. The secret beach can be expected to be rugged and exposed – but this is how you will know it is in its natural state.

There are miles upon miles of white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. This is a paradise for beach lovers!

You can see that there aren’t any modern amenities on this beach. However, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tulum for those who value raw nature more than modern conveniences.

#5 Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay is a remote beach spot that could be almost considered a Tulum beach. It’s one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s most-kept secrets.

This beach is quiet and offers the usual white sand and pristine waters surrounded by palm trees. However, it also has a semi-private setting that gives it privacy that you won’t find at most beaches.

It is a great place to go snorkeling or kayaking. And, especially for families with kids, means there are no underwater currents.

There are many bars on the beach that offer refreshments and food. It’s a great beach for anyone looking for peace and quiet in Tulum, Mexico.

#6 Playa Pescadores

Playa Pescadores is a beautiful beach located north of Playa Paraiso. It is where fishermen leave to catch their early morning catches.

The beach is not as private as Soliman Bay. There are many speedboats that take tourists snorkeling near the reefs in Riviera Maya.

Playa Pescadores offers stunning views of the Tulum Ruins. The visual landscape is perfect. This is a wonderful public beach for those who don’t mind crowds and constant movement. If you prefer the opposite vibes, you might be better off visiting some of the more tranquil beaches.


#7 Akumal Beach

Akumal Beach may not be in Tulum, but it is in Akumal in Riviera Maya. It’s an easy ride away so it’s great for a day trip to Tulum.

The rare opportunity to swim with turtles is what Akumal is most famous for. You can find many sea turtles on this beach, as it is their natural habitat. Like many beaches in Tulum, Akumal Beach has clear blue waters and powder-fine white sandy.

Other than swimming with turtles, Akumal Beach visitors can do many other activities such as snorkeling. This beach also offers many tourist amenities such as lockers and showers.

There are also bars and restaurants within walking distance. This means that you can have a variety of options when you want to grab a bite or a drink. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tulum.

Entrance fee: 120 Pesos (6 dollars)

#8 Xpu-Ha Beach

Another stunning beach is located near Tulum with unimaginable turquoise waters. It will leave you in doubt that the beauty of the area is real. This beach is absolutely real. It is hard to believe.

Xpu-Ha Beach lies halfway between Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya. It has many amenities, including a restaurant, nearby toilets, rental beds, and water activities.

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The entrance fee is 50 MXN (or 2,50 dollars). However, if you leave the beach by 6 pm and have not eaten at the restaurant, you will get your entry fee back.

Entry fee 50 Pesos (2.50 USD). Hours 10:00 AM to 6.30PM


#9 Tulum Beach Clubs North Beach

Villa Pescadores is one of the most visited beach clubs on Tulum’s North Beach. You can use this private beach for a fee throughout the day. It also gives you access to the club’s tourist facilities like beach beds and showers. It is easily accessible from both the Tulum Archaeological Site and the main square.

El Paraiso Hotel & Beach Club – El Paraiso has one of the most popular beach clubs in Tulum. Sun loungers can be rented for as low as 100 MXN (5USD) or other beach furniture such as tables, chairs, umbrellas, and chairs at prices up to 500MXN (25USD at the time).

In certain seasons, there is a minimum consumption. Prices vary depending on the furniture chosen by guests and can range from 1000 MXN to 3000MXN per bed.

The beach club is clean and has no seaweeds. This beach is great for snorkeling and swimming, but it’s also family-friendly. El Paraiso also has one of the most popular beach bars in Tulum so you’ll never be short on cocktails. This is the best all-inclusive Tulum beach.

Entry Fee : There is no entrance fee.
Hours – 10 AM to 6PM

Caleta Tankah– Caleta Tankah is a constant favorite with tourists because it’s one the most beautiful beach clubs in the region. You can relax on the beach or take part in water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing.

This beach club will not disappoint, whether you are looking for some quiet time or a place to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Also, the Caleta Tankah Tulum hotel is one of the most prominent on the beach.

Entry Fee: $300 MXN (15 US Dollars)
Hours 9 AM to 5.30PM

#10 South Beach Tulum Beach Clubs

Papaya Playa Project– Papaya Playa Project is one of the most crowded beach clubs in Tulum’s South Beach. The multi-purpose facility has a double-decker bar and a semi-amphitheater that can seat private guests.

You can also find oceanfront Palapas, where you can unwind and enjoy your tropical drinks or a meal. You can also rent sunbeds that have shade for your comfort. You can enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves while you escape to the beach.

Price Minimum consumption of 1500 MXN (roughly 70 USD) per person
Hours – 10 AM to 6PM, but service closes at 5.30 pm

Be Tulum If you want to feel the authentic charm of Tulum then check out the Be Tulum Beach Club. This beach club has a hotel located on the sea cliff, where you can find a private beach.

It’s an ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of lounge chairs and beach beds that you can use to relax and unwind while you soak up the sun and surf.

Cost There is a minimum of 50 USD per person (cash not permitted).


Tulum is located in a small area so it’s easy to travel between the town, the Tulum ruins, and the beautiful Tulum public beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula.

> The best way to reach the beach from Tulum Town by bicycle is economical, eco-friendly and fun! There are many places in Tulum where you can rent a bicycle. Most hotels also offer this service. You can then ride the bike to your preferred beach destination. It takes around 15 minutes to ride the bike path from the hotel to the beach.

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If you are more interested in comfort than adventure, a taxi is the best option. The trip is short and will cost you between 3 and 5 dollars depending on where you are going. Remember that sunset is the busiest time back to town so it’s a good idea to make arrangements with a taxi driver to pick you up.

It is possible to drive to any beach you choose, but parking can be difficult. On the northern beaches you will find a public parking area. In the south, there are some paid parking spots. If you plan to visit multiple beaches, it is a good idea to obtain a map and choose an itinerary that makes sense. It might not make sense to park your car at two beaches that are so close together.


You fell in love with Tulum’s beaches so much that you plan to spend a few days there. This is a great idea. Find the best accommodation for you.

ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT – The all-inclusive, award-winning resort at Tulum has a stunning pool, with private access from some suites. There are also adult-only sections, a splash park, and fully equipped rooms. There is also a tennis court, a golf course, and a fitness center at the resort.

LUXURY La Valise Tulum This luxury hotel in Tulum Beach has the best of both the jungle and the Caribbean. The heated infinity pool overlooks lush jungle while the beds are right on the beachfront, making it ideal for stargazing at night and lounging by the pool. To complete the experience, the jungle bungalows come with open-air showers.

BOUTIQUE  This beach hotel is simple and comfortable. It features colorful thatched cottages with balconies looking out to the ocean. There are also hammocks around. It offers a swimming pool and access to a private beach. Pre-booked massages are also available.

ON A BUYChe Tulum Hostel & Bar – Although there are few budget options on Tulum Beach, you can just move to Tulum Town. This hostel is ideal for solo travelers looking to make friends. It has a pool, hosts parties, and offers group excursions. The hostel is located in the heart of Tulum. It has a fully-equipped kitchen and a 24-hour front desk.


Are Tulum beaches swimmable?

The beaches of Tulum are safe to swim on. The combination of crystal clear water and template temperature is ideal for swimming. Although Tulum may occasionally experience seaweed problems, the water is usually crystal clear and beautiful from November through April.

Do you want to go to Tulum’s beaches?

All beaches in Tulum can be visited by the public. The entrance to some beaches is privately owned by a hotel or private owners. You will need to pay a fee to get to the beach. You can either use the bar or get a day pass to most hotels’ beach clubs. So take your pick and go to the beach!

Which beaches are free in Tulum

Although beaches in Tulum can be accessed by the public, some are not. There are fees for accessing a few of the beaches. There are plenty of great spots on Tulum Beach that you can enjoy free.

Is Tulum beach safe?

The beautiful beaches of Tulum are generally safe. You should use common sense, avoid walking alone at night, and avoid areas that are not touristy. Also, keep your belongings safe. You should be fine in Tulum town as well as on the beach.

Should you stay in Tulum or on the beach?

Although Tulum’s beach area is beautiful, it can be expensive to stay there. You should choose the beach area if you want to relax, take in the amenities, and are able to afford it.

Tulum town is the ideal place to stay if you are on a tight budget, or simply want to be close to the best of Tulum’s nightlife and facilities.

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