365 Days Part 2 – The News So Far

“365 Days,” also known as “365 Dni” and less formally as “the Polish ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,'” sparked some controversy when it was released on Netflix last June following a theatrical release in Poland and a more restricted run in the United Kingdom. Based on a book by Blanka Lipiska, who also directed the film and claims the story is 85 percent “real,” the film was described by cinematographer Bartek Cierlica as a modern-day “Beauty and the Beast” by Variety, and it quickly became a fixture on Netflix’s Top 10 lists in more than 90 countries (via Deadline).

However, this was a film that was panned by reviewers. If you can believe it, the story of a Sicilian mafia member holding a lady hostage and letting her a year to fall in love with him has a 0 percent Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a 29 percent audience rating. According to the site’s reviewers, the film is “thoroughly horrible,” “laughably nasty,” and “an exercise in cinematic self-flagellation.” Others have quickly pointed out the film’s poisonous undertones, which revolve around the romanticization of Stockholm Syndrome and rape culture.

Nonetheless, there’s an appealing steaminess to the film that stems from the chemistry (and all the BDSM sex) between its stars. And because it fared so well on Netflix, a Part 2 and a Part 3 are now feasible. Here’s all we know so far about the “365 Days” sequels.

Is there a release date for 365 Days Part 2?

While no particular release date has been confirmed, a sequel to the love drama “365 Days” has been hinted since June 2020, when the film was released on Netflix, and star Michele Morrone disclosed the news in a customised fan video for HalaHi, the Middle Eastern counterpart of Cameo (via TMZ). In February, writer Blanka Lipiska offered Oprah Daily a first peek at the film’s sequel. However, the films are now produced under Netflix’s Originals banner, which changes things up a little.

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According to Newsweek, production on a sequel was supposed to begin in August 2020 in Sicily but has been put back owing to COVID-19 constraints (via Oprah Daily).

According to Deadline, filming will begin in May 2021, with both sequels shooting back-to-back.

The manufacture would begin in Poland and subsequently go to Italy. Then, on June 29, 2021, various rumors surfaced on the internet announcing that filming will begin in earnest in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland (via What’s on Netflix).

Previously, the picture was supposed to have a theatrical run before being released on a streaming site, but Netflix has effectively taken out the middleman. As a result, the sequels’ projected release date of 2022 will most likely be worldwide direct to Netflix.

Who is in the 365 Days Part 2 cast?

As Michele Morrone indicated early on, the male protagonist is returning to the “365 Days” fold. Morrone plays Massimo, a criminal with a grandiose mansion in which he imprisons his love interest. In addition, Anna-Maria Sieklucka will reprise her female main role as Laura, Massimo’s romantic fixation. Magdalena Lamparska will reprise her role as Laura’s friend Olga. Other members of the supporting cast are anticipated to return for the sequel.

Part 2 will introduce a new key character, performed by Italian actor Simone Susinna. In a slightly bizarre twist, his presence forms a love triangle that dominates the second film. Behind the scenes, the film, like the previous, is co-written by Blanka Lipiska. Part 2 will be directed by Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes, who directed the previous film (via Deadline).

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What is the story of 365 Days Part 2 about?

The cliffhanger at the end of “365 Days” isn’t much of a cliffhanger when you consider that there are two extra novels in the series on which the film is based, implying that Laura lives. Massimo and Laura re-start their lives together in the second book. He learns of her pregnant and they marry, but a big stumbling block arises when Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Susinna) pulls a Massimo and kidnaps Laura. (Don’t do it again!) So, of course, she falls for Nacho as well. Voilà! There’s an instant love triangle. Laura and the baby’s lives are jeopardized, and there’s talk of Massimo having an evil twin.

Honestly, it seems like it’ll be just as much of a hot mess as the first film, if not more so — but the “hot” aspect is what keeps fans coming back, and more of the same is planned for Part 3.

According to Deadline, under Netflix’s monitoring, some of the troubling ideas from the first film may be softened with a more careful approach. If that’s the case, fans will have to wait until next year to find out.

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