A mind-blowing Secret Hidden Supermarket in Las Vegas

What’s in the fridge in Omega Mart? (c) @liquiddeath, Canva

In the refrigerator door inside the Las Vegas supermarket, you will find a world of mystery.

Omega Mart in Nevada, Las Vegas is hiding a 4890 square-meter inter-dimensional art exhibition. Inside, you’ll find alien items (we’re talking about tattooed chicken pieces) as well as psychedelic artworks.

The heart of the experience is an intriguing mystery: the owner of the store is missing, and it’s your responsibility to locate them.

After logging in, shoppers be presented with an ’employee Identification card’. The ID card can help customers gain access to certain secrets in this Las Vegas supermarket.

You’ll not receive any additional instructions, and it’s therefore no surprise that people often have to spend an hour trying to solve into the mystery of the store’s missing owner.

Like a typical supermarket where the aisles are filled with goods. The items available for sale in the Omega Mart are well let’s simply say that they’re bizarre. Grab the things you need to get a headstart to earn money on online poker websites.

At the counter, you’ll see tattooed chicken (no added hormones or other additives obviously) and candles that smell like 5G phones. Do not miss the delicious screwdriver-shaped corn or mammoth-shaped meat that is canned (it is a Ice Age delicacy).FOR SALE © @omegamartusa

You can buy any of the quirky art pieces available in Omega Mart to take home to keep as a memento.

The present exhibit has the secret bar Datamosh that has 48 seats. The process of finding it is difficult as there are no indications or directions.

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Omega Mart has 60 different walk-through experiences and 350 artists contributed to develop the hidden Las Vegas supermarket.

Meow Wolf is an entertainment and arts group is the creator behind the enthralling Omega Mart. They’ve also created other fully immersive events at Denver in addition to Santa Fe.@steveyalo

This site is INSANE! ##omegamart ##area15 ##meowwolf (Part 2)original sound – Steveyalo


Opening Hours:Monday – Sunday, 10am – 12am

Address: 3215 S Rancho Dr #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States

Admission: US$45

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