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Absolute Hypnosis in Another World

A warm welcome to all readers! In this blog we are going to talk about a manga which has recently raised its popularity with its grown-up stories Absolute Hypnosis in Another World. Among these is the realm of light novels, which has developed into a vibrant and varied genre with a wide range of subjects and storyline suitable for readers of all reading levels. Light novels span many genres, from thrilling fantasy adventures to more serious tales. One of the best examples is the topic which we are covering in this blog. Let’s dive into the varied realm of light novels to explore more of it.

Overview of Absolute hypnosis in another world :

It is a well known korean light book. The story is around a boy who enjoys viewing sexual films and who passes away doing so. Then, with extraordinary abilities, he finds himself on another planet.

He has some issues in this new location, but he gets assistance and meets a married woman with a fantastic figure. As the narrative progresses, we witness the protagonist developing new abilities, becoming stronger and forming intimate bonds with other characters.

What makes another world mangas exciting:

Readers are transported to enchanted realms full of enchantment and adventure by fantasy and isekai worlds, while stories of crime, cruelty and drama deliver readers tremendous emotions and drama. The images are lively and full of colourful drawings that transport us to fascinating and colourful realms. With these novels, the possibilities are virtually limitless. These engrossing tales are intended to provide a look into exciting constructed tales. Additionally, Light novels examine a range of love tales, showcasing complex character relationships, for those interested in romance.

How to get Absolute hypnosis in another world manga:

One popular manga that you can read on various websites and platforms is this, whereas Webtoon is one of the biggest venues for manga writers globally. All of the chapters are available on websites such as Mangapark.net. and others.

As of now, the manga has reached Chapter 85 and is growing in popularity and readership. The continuing comic is quite popular, and every new episode attracts a new readership. You ought to attempt harem manga if you are eagerly looking for something like that.

Summary of Few Chapters:

Chapter 1: 

All of the previously discussed fundamental information is introduced in this chapter. The protagonist of the novel passes away unexpectedly while watching pornographic films. Following his demise, he awakens in a nothingness before using two of his chosen skills to travel to a different planet. After being attacked, a bystander comes to his aid. He later meets his rescuer’s wife, to whom he instantly takes a shine. He calls himself HYPNO, a reflection of his pride in his just discovered abilities.

Chapter 2 to 4:

The protagonist of Absolute Hypnosis in Another World hypnotises the spouse in the subsequent chapters. After that, he resolves to discover more about the world he’s in. As he approaches Linea, she assists him and shows him to their room as a token of appreciation for saving his life and assisting him in becoming less of a virgin.

The protagonist then becomes ecstatic and begs her to lead him into more private actions while employing his hypnotic powers. The spouse consents to instruct him on how to make her husband happy. From then, the protagonist of the novel sets off on a voyage of pleasure and sexual intimacy

Subsequent Chapters:

As the narrative develops, the protagonist keeps experimenting with his newly discovered capacity to take control of people’s brains, alter memories, create new ones, and even exert power over others. As the narrative progresses, new characters are introduced.

Additionally, HYPNO acquires additional skills aimed at providing himself and his partner with sensual satisfaction. His existence in the new environment and his physical intimacy can both be enhanced by the points he gets. He picks up new abilities quickly in order to progress with every new experience and confrontation.

Unlike other isekai manga, this one concentrates on harem isekai and places more of an emphasis on the protagonist’s harem and sexual life. The first several chapters include graphic sexual material, particularly those from 1 to 5. Chapter 74 is very well-liked among Absolute Hypnosis enthusiasts in

Overviewing Absolute hypnosis in another world Chapter 74:

This chapter introduces More characters, such as an elf and a beast woman with fluffy ears, are introduced in this chapter. Similar to other chapters, it begins with a quiet moment and then launches into an exciting isekai tale.

The chapter highlights HYPNO’s growing powers, highlighting his ability to hypnotise and mentally manipulate others, allowing him to seek happiness and pleasure without interference.

A clever blacksmith tricks HYPNO and his buddies by providing inferior replacements for their repaired equipment in a significant occurrence.”

Review of Absolute hypnosis in another world manga

If you are willing to read the chapters of this book then you can absolutely go for it but for that your eligible age should be 18 as it promotes adult content. There are various readers who read the book and loved the characters and stories of it. Exploring this book can be another experience for you. You can find multiple chapters in this book and many of them are popular for their narration. 


Finally, the domain of light novels, which includes ‘Absolute Hypnosis in Another World,’ has engrossing narratives with fantastical settings and complex characters. Readers are kept interested by this novel’s original approach on isekai narrative, which focuses on relationships and includes hypnotic components. For individuals who are curious about a diverse facet of the genre, it is worthwhile to investigate.

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