Animal Kingdom season 6-The News so far

“Animal Kingdom” is an entertaining crime drama that blends family drama with weekly heists. Janine “Smurf”, the tough matriarch of a family full of career criminals who steal just to survive, is the focus of the series. They will do everything they can to preserve the life they have created, even putting their youngest child Joshua Cody (Finn Cole), Smurf’s grandson, in danger.

After Julia, Smurf’s only daughter dies, the 17-year old is made Smurf’s ward. Smurf rules the family with an iron fist. She towers over her sons and runs the gang, trying to keep the family’s foothold within their Southern California home. We see flashbacks to Smurf as she was a teenager (the younger version, Janine, is played by Leila George). She forms her own street gang, sells drugs, launders money, murders the competition, and then starts her own crime syndicate.

TNT renewed “Animal Kingdom,” for a sixth season, per Deadline. What can fans look forward to, when will it air, and who will be the stars? We know what we know so far about Season 6 of “Animal Kingdom”.

Is there a premiere date set for Season 6 of Animal Kingdom

TNT released the first teaser confirming that Season 6 of “Animal Kingdom”, will air sometime in 2022. It is not known if the show will move to a different quarter or keep its current time slot. IMDb states that “Animal Kingdom” is a summer program on TNT. New episodes are typically aired in May-August, but the show broke with this tradition in Season 5, which aired from May through October 2021.

The network will likely return “Animal Kingdom” to Sunday nights at 9 PM EST if it wants to repeat the success of its previous five seasons. It is possible that the show will also return in May 2022. “Animal Kingdom’s fifth season was extended over a longer period of time than any other season. It is therefore impossible to predict when the series will end. Naturally, all schedules are subject to change.

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What will be the most likely stars of Season 6 of Animal Kingdom

TNT has not made any announcements about casting changes or additions prior to the Season 6 premiere. It’s not difficult to predict which characters will be returning for Season 6, given the many plot threads that remain from Season 5.

Leila George is likely to return as the younger Smurf. Meanwhile, Smurf’s three sons — Andrew Cody (Shawn Hatosy), Craig Cody(Ben Robson) and Deran Cody, (Jake Weary), will all be returning to the program. Finn Cole will be returning as J, while Jon Beavers (Ben Robson), and Rigo Sanchez (Jake Weary) will likely return to finish their stories in the flashback universe.

It is possible that there will be more intrusions by law enforcement officials. Some of these officers we have likely already met and are now following a very gruesome discovery made in Season 5.

What could Season 6 of Animal Kingdom look like?

When “Animal Kingdom,” returns for its sixth season, the Cody family will be facing some formidable opponents. At the end of Season 5, the police discover the body and remain of Catherine Blackwell (Daniella Alono), the wife of the late Barry Blackwell (Scott Speedman), J’s biological father, and Smurf’s adopted son. After a failed seduction, Catherine is smothered by Pope in Season 1. Catherine’s body is found buried in a new housing project linked to the Codys. This bad news could be the beginning of a new season for the whole family.

J and Deran reach a compromise to co-lead Cody’s gang following Smurf’s death. Deran, the family’s black sheep, agrees to help the gang with their money laundering through his bar. Craig’s addiction to drugs spirals into crisis and leads to his long-lasting love, renn (Christina Ochoa), finally leaving him. These plot points will most likely be resolved when “Animal Kingdom,” its sixth and final season, returns next year.

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