Are Elves Real? Do Elves Exist in Real Life?

If the advent of Christmas has awakened that curiosity of your child and you are awestruck you’re in the process of keeping that child alive. While many are decorating their homes to celebrate Christmas, you’re wondering ” Are Elves Real?“. This is great because we will discuss everything about elves and you’ll definitely enjoy this article.

The elves were quite popular creatures when you look at their story both before and after the pre-Christian age. When we think of contemporary times, J.R.R. Tolkein’s writings have done remarkable work in bringing Elves into the world. If you do ask any person from Iceland about this, you’ll hear a variety of stories about elves as if they’ve always been in harmony with elves and this for centuries.

Let’s get to know everything about these adorable creatures. Before you decide to the question “are the elves real or not” Be aware that elves and Santa’s Elves are two distinct things. One is more cultural, and the other one is more mythological. We won’t keep you waiting. Just scroll down to find out everything there is to know about the elves.

Are Elves Real? Do Elves Have Magic?

Remember when you were a kid, and you would play Christmas activities with your children and loved the holiday. The stories about elves helping Santa with their North Pole workshop were really captivating as a youngster. isn’t as popular, but it is. It always has created the curiosity to know is a elf real?

But Santa’s workshop wasn’t the first time that elves have been mentioned in the past. They have been around for centuries ago and had a distinct character from the one they are portrayed to be in the present. They were a part of the beginning of Norse Mythology, elves were thought to be one of the Gods and believed to possess the same powers the Gods were believed to have. Anyone who threw a wrench or became involved in their ways could be subject to some grave consequences, like a life-long curse.

According to Norse Mythology, Alfheimr was a word that literally means the world of the elf was associated with Freyr, the god. Freyr. As per Grimnismal, Freyr lived in the world of the elves, Alfheimr. This is the case with many other poems and texts from the Norse Mythology that mention elves. In some instances, elves were in danger of destroying the virginity of female maidens. Through time they were viewed as to be naughty and mischievous creatures with supernatural abilities.

One thing to keep in mind in this regard one thing to remember is those male elves are always said as old no regardless of age. In contrast, female elves were an expression of their true beauty throughout their lives. In fact, they could fool people simply by the way they looked.

The deceiving nature of elves remained believed to be a major theme at the beginning of the contemporary German texts. In the 13th century, in the beginning, Heinrich von Morungen wrote in his fifth Minnesang, ” full many men are enthralled by elves, and I too am enthralled by the power of affection“. However, in the late middle ages of German writings, the enchantment was replaced by the demon characteristics of Elves. Prayers are offered to God to guard against the threats and attacks of elves.

What exactly caused the stunning and powerful elves to transform into demons? In addition, today there’s a completely different charming vibe that elves bring to the world. The time has come when religion and geography are over and culture is in.

Attributes Of Elves Over The Years to Know do Elves Exist

It is crucial to take a review of the changes in the characteristics of elves through time. Like goblins, fairies, as well as spirits, the elves have been widely recognized in the past prior to being transformed into Santa’s aids.

1. Appearance & Behaviour

According to North Mythology, most elves were females. They danced in meadows as circles. When they quit, they’d leave the circle behind to signify their presence. The circles of mist were believed to be powerful places. If anyone made a mistake there, urinated inside the circle, or abused it in any way the person was likely to suffer venereal illnesses.

2. Elves In Ballads

There are many ballads that speak of the elves and their mischievous ways. The ballads are from 1570s Danish manuscripts. They also provide a wide range of sexual encounters between humans and elves. In these ballads, they are presented as an enemy to the human race. They attempt to draw people and knights into their realm. In some songs the knight dies and in others there is a more happy end.

3. Elves Causing Illness

They are also believed to be harmful to humans in less harmful ways. They are known to cause skin eruptions. To keep them safe from the elves, Scandinavian people made pentagon-shaped stars or cross outside their homes, and it is still practiced by the families.

People of Iceland Actually Believe in Elves!

There have been numerous tales in recent times that refer to elves living in Iceland. According to research conducted by Magnus Skarphedinsson, Elves are real and he has every reason to believe it. The definition of an elf is, “A well-intentioned being, less than a person living in the wild and does not normally speak. They should not confuse with Iceland’s “hidden people” which resemble human beings and nearly all use Icelandic”.

In Iceland, There are a lot of people who can spot Elves. Some fishermen have received warnings from the elves not to take a fishing trip on a certain day. Even though there was no possibility of any storm being observed, there were severe storms at sea and these events have strengthened their faith.

There was also a woman who met a teenage boy who claimed to know her in 2002. When the lady inquired about the boy where they’d first met, he gave the address she had previously lived at where she lived for 53 years earlier. The daughter of the lady confirmed this assertion and said this was indeed the exact location where her mother was played with by an invisible boy.

Based on Magnus Skarphedinsson, the boy was nearly five years old and slower than an average human being.

In 1971, in Iceland, the road construction project was constantly delayed because the elves wouldn’t wish to see a boulder moved because it was their home for the duration. After several weeks, a deal was reached in which those in charge of construction agreed to move the boulder about 15 yards from its original location. Skarphedinsson declares, ” This is likely to be the only nation that has a government that actually spoke to the elves.

What About Santa’s Elves? Are Santa Elves Real?

Whatever I would like to believe in Santa’s elves. They aren’t real. They aren’t. Santa’s elves don’t exist at all. The first time they were invented was in the late 18th century, elves were simply the product of writers, who turned into a more popular thing.

William Shakespeare contributed to the idea of elves as playful as friendly creatures in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This was the basis for the current concept of elves that were later transformed into tiny assistance for Santa Claus. As Santa Claus can’t be real the elves he has created aren’t real either. Also as there’s no link between the characters depicted by the elves in Icelandic stories to the one of Santa Claus The elves could not have created the notion of elves that assist Santa by making toys for children.


1. Are elves real yes or no?

Ans. No, they are not. The facts behind elves’ existence are stated above.

2. Do Elves Have Magic?

Ans. According to fairytales yes, they had magic. As stated above they do not exist in real life or their magic.

Wrapping Up

Santa’s Elves are not a realistic idea. They are not part of mythology and were made to entertain the public during the 18th century. If this article is true, then it’s “Are Elves Real?” It was interesting to you please write us a note and tell us more about it.

If you have a belief that is prevalent within your society about the elves, then let us know about it in the comments section. We’ll pass it on to our readers. You may also forward this article to friends who are believers to believe in Norse Mythology.

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