10+ Best Buy and Sell Websites like Backpage Alternatives

There was a period when the name Backpage was associated with ads for classifieds. In 2011, Backpage was among the most visited sites in both the United States and Canada. In 2018, however, the situation took a negative direction, and Backpage had to be shut down. The federal authorities penalized the site for turning into an online platform for s@x workers as well as es@@rt services.
However, the amount of Backpage options has increased over the last ten years. The options are numerous. You might be confused about which option to pick. Don’t worry about it; however, we’ve compiled twelve of the top Backpage alternative websites that you can discover in the present. They provide the same features that Backpage offered – and much more. Do we want to check these similar websites?

List of 10+ Backpage Alternatives in 2022

#1 Hoobly

Hoobly Classifieds, more popularly called Hoobly, is another reliable option for Backpage. It is as you might guess, Hoobly allows you to place ads in various categories. The available sub-categories are also quite diverse, if I may say so. Hoobly provides a fantastic site to look through a couple of listings and other advertisements at your own pace. It is often the best method to discover incredible deals through classified advertisements. Hoobly has customers in over 100 nations, including those from the United States, Canada, India, and the Philippines. In contrast to others, Hoobly provides more information about the seller.

#2 UK Classifieds

Based on their name UK Classifieds will be the Backpage alternative for those from the UK. It’s not necessary to worry about the number of ads, however. The platform has the same amount of categories and sections as you will find on other platforms, in relation to categories such as Telecoms, Food & Drink, and more. The process of boarding is easy too. When you’ve located an advertisement that you like, sign up for a free account and contact the seller. There is an option to search classified ads from different regions in the United Kingdom.

#3 ClassifiedAds.com

ClassifiedAds.com is among the most impressive websites similar to Backpage, which you should explore. It has several features we can’t find in other places. For example, the app detects your current location and displays the appropriate categories. There is also the option of changing your address if you want to look at different possibilities. It is a vast collection of categories, including vehicles as well as real estate, services personnel, jobs, community, and things to sell many thousands of items are listed on the site. When you’ve finished the day, you’ll feel as if Backpage was there all the time. The Backpage website has never left the scene.

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Backpage alternatives

#4 Wall Classifieds

Wall Classifieds is among the Backpage replacement sites in a variety of ways, and it is the primary reason you can search for ads and even post ads if you wish. In contrast to other Backpage alternatives we’ve mentioned above, Wall Classifieds offers a variety of more advanced options. The website can be thought of as an online platform for all things selling. Alongside the category-based search option for advertisements, you can also utilize the advanced search feature, which helps you sort out ads that match your needs. We also like the simple but powerful UI of the Wall Classifieds website.

#5 Bedpage

Bedpage is the most similar Backpage alternative you could discover in the present. It has the same look and feel as classic ads but with appropriate filters and regulations. The best thing about Bedpage is that it’s not restricted only to just the United States market, and there are city-specific sections that span seven continents and countries. However, the range of coverage isn’t as extensive as those of country-specific classified ads sites; however, it gets the job completed. There is no need for an account to view ads on the site; however, you have to sign up to place an ad. You can choose to contact the seller or leave an online comment.

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#6 Locanto

If you’re looking for a Backpage alternative that concentrates specifically on ads for personal use, look into Locanto. Contrary to many of the sites on this list, Locanto is equipped with specific applications that work on Android as well as iOS. This means that you can browse through the entire ad at the convenience of your phone. Other features available on the site include searching for the best dating sites. However, this doesn’t take away what the website can provide as a classified website. If you’d like to publish an ad, you are able to do so for up to 60 days. If you don’t have much luck with it, you may keep the ad up to date.

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#7 Facebook Marketplace

It might seem like a surprise; however, Facebook can be utilized to create a backpage in the present. There is no need to be concerned about the legitimacy of the advertisements since they are linked to the seller’s Facebook profiles. Additionally, it is helpful that Facebook has a number of filters to suggest the most effective ads for your needs. Its location-specific algorithms will ensure that your ads have a greater impact as you will find several groups and pages, including Backpage.

The most significant benefit is that you will be able to get your ad up and running in no time. Facebook Marketplace lets you publish your advertisement on several groups and can be published with one click. It is possible to go through the Marketplace section on Facebook and create your ad by providing basic information, adding photos, and publishing it straight now. We suggest this method if you want to increase the coverage for your ad.

#8 FinderMaster

FinderMaster is a different website that will fill the gap Backpage had left. The website for advertising and business lets you search through thousands of entries in minutes. Like the one we mentioned earlier, the website is loaded with a sophisticated search feature. When you’re done with the day, you are able to search for what you are seeking as well. With the addition of additional options, FinderMaster remains free for everyone. It won’t distract you with irritating advertisements, either. So, we recommend FinderMaster to anyone needing a more effective option than Backpage.

#9 OLX.com

OLX.com is another website that allows you to search for and place classified ads. One of the advantages of OLX is that it has specific websites for various countries. While the company is located in the Netherlands however, its websites are now the most popular alternative in countries such as India. It is a great platform to control how sales are made.

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#10 Craigslist

Craigslist offers the familiar experience of browsing classified ads sites quickly. In addition to displaying the most popular advertisements, numerous categories are accessible. The user interface is simple, so you can create the ads you’d like to quickly. The powerful search feature lets you specify the kind of information you’re searching for. Craigslist is also highly well-known among consumers all over the United States, increasing the chance of your ad getting noticed.

#11 eBay.com

Although it has been through numerous acquisitions and changes, eBay remains a great location to locate user-generated ads as well as products for business. It doesn’t need an introduction and is considered one of the top Backpage alternatives without question. Of course, starting using eBay shouldn’t be a problem. It is possible to sign up for an account and begin selling and buying immediately. Based on where you’re located, eBay might ask to complete some KYC procedures, however.

#12 H1Ad

H1Ad is among the most trusted players when regards the classified advertisements industry. It is possible to use the site to locate ads for categories like services, real estate jobs, etc. The popularity of the website ensures that most users will see your advertisements. However, you’re likely to find a more excellent selection of ads — perhaps more than you have seen on Backpage.

Conclusion – Backpage Replacement Websites

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Backpage alternative websites available online. But, some are scams and are utilized by those in the adult market. However, you don’t want unwanted advertisements to pop everywhere, do you? The shady content also means that websites can be removed at any time, and naturally, you would not want to have your advertising removed along with it.

We have therefore selected only the most reliable websites and pages like Backpage. Backpage classifieds site. But you are able to look into a local-specific classified ads service if trying to get greater results within a specific distance. At all times, folks who live in your town won’t visit eBay to advertise for their old refrigerator, would they?

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