Big Little Lies Season 3 -The News so far

Based on the novel by Liane Morrisony, “Big Little Lies” is an HBO series that follows a murder investigation in Monterey. It was created by David E. Kelley. The second season focuses on the aftermath of Season 1. It reveals who killed and who committed the crime.

Its first season premiered in February 2017, to great acclaim. The series also won a host of Emmys and Golden Globes during the next award season. All of the positive attention made it easy for HBO to continue with a second season. In June 2019, the show’s second season premiered. It featured many of the stars returning to reprise their roles.

Fans have been asking if “Big Little Lies” is getting a third season. The second season was well received and showed that the story can continue beyond the one-book source material. Although Season 3 is not yet confirmed, it has not been completely ruled out.

This is what we know about the possibility of a “Big Little Lies Season 3”.

Stars are keen to return, but there are no plans for Big Little Lies Season 3 at this time.

At the time of writing, there is no indication that “Big Little Lies” will have a Season 3. On the one hand, many of the show’s stars have expressed their desire to see another season. However, HBO has not yet provided any official information about new episodes. In the past, Casey Bloys (the president of HBO programming) expressed doubts that there would be another season.

Bloys stated that “to me, there’s no obvious place to go or no obvious story,” in Entertainment Weekly after Season 2 ended in 2019. “But, this group is exceptional… so if all of them came to me and said, “We have the greatest take,” then I would be open to it.” “I love working with them all and I would be open to it.

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We could argue that “Big Little Lies” Season 3’s saving grace would be the stars, if this were the case, it might still be possible.

ET Online covered an Instagram Live conversation between Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern that took place in 2020. They discussed the possibility of a Season 3. Witherspoon stated, “We want it, but we’re just waiting — we spoke to Nicole, weren’t we? Nicole and I Facetimed the other day.” Dern said, “She just texted to say that we have to do another one immediately!”

Kidman was mentioned in December 2021 when the Oscar-winner made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy (via E! Online). Andy Cohen asked her about the roles she’d like to return to from her career. She replied, “I think it would all be great to do a Big Little Lies Season three, you know?”

Kidman implied that Kidman would consider bringing back the four other lead actors from the series. The Oscar winner, however, said that he didn’t know if it was going to happen.

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