13 Easy Way How to Fix if CarPlay is Not Working

Apple CarPlay lets you be able to access your apps safely while driving. With this feature, you can look up your map, answer calls, answer an urgent text message or play Apple music while paying attention to the road and your hands on the wheel. But, as with other services, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter problems and realize that Apple CarPlay isn’t functioning anymore. There are, however, simple ways to get rid of this issue, and we’re here to inform you about them.

In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of the reasons Apple CarPlay does not work and offer a range of solutions to solve the problem.

Possible Causes When Apple CarPlay Is Not Working

There are a variety of reasons why Apple CarPlay is not working. The most common are:

  • Apple CarPlay doesn’t work with your car and is/or not available in your region.
  • Something may be wrong with the car, or your mobile’s Bluetooth connection.
  • It appears that the USB cable may be damaged.
  • Your device doesn’t have the most recent version of iOS.
  • It is reported that the Apple CarPlay stereo does not recognize your iPhone.
  • Your smartphone is experiencing issues with the integration of apps.

Here are 13 fixes to fix Apple CarPlay if it doesn’t work

Before you begin any of the strategies in this guide, be sure that your smartphone and the car’s infotainment system are both turned on. If they’re both on in good working order and Apple CarPlay is still not working, you can try these options:

#1 Check Compatibility

Simply because you own the iOS device and car does not automatically mean you have Apple CarPlay. Therefore, the first thing you should do in the event that Apple CarPlay isn’t working is to verify whether the service is available in your area and if it is compatible with your car and the device. At present, Apple CarPlay is supported in the following 36 countries:

AustriaHong KongNetherlandsSweden
BelgiumIndiaNew ZealandSwitzerland
ChileItalySaudi ArabiaTurkey
DenmarkJapanSingaporeUnited Kingdom
FinlandMainland ChinaSouth AfricaUnited Arab Emirates
FranceMalaysiaSouth KoreaUnited States

Based on Apple, CarPlay is compatible with all major automakers. However, there are some exceptions to the fact that every model comes with this feature. To see a complete list of cars that support Carplay, visit Carplay’s official Apple webpage on Carplay.

Do not worry if you do not find your vehicle in the listing. If you’d like to utilize Apple CarPlay while driving, it’s easy to purchase an aftermarket device from brands such as Sony, JVC, and Pioneer.

Regarding compatibility with your device, You can utilize Apple CarPlay as long as you own the iPhone 5 running on iOS 7.1 or a subsequent OS version.

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#2 Update the OS of your iPhone

They’re easy to overlook and aren’t worth the trouble, but OS updates are much more important to the performance of your phone than you’d believe. In addition to fixing security bugs as well as providing you with iPhone with drivers as well as the software needed for it to function efficiently. This is connected to and operating Apple CarPlay. If your phone’s iOS version isn’t up-to-date, that’s most likely why your Apple CarPlay is not working.

The process of updating your iPhone’s OS is easy; however, it could take your time, depending on how extensive it is that the update. To update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version, Follow these steps:

  1. Back up all the iPhone’s data and files using iCloud or via the PC file transfer.
  2. Check that the phone is connected to WiFi and fully charged.
  3. Tap Settings from the app on your device’s dashboard.
  4. Go to General.
  5. Select on the Software Update option.
  6. Start the update process by clicking Install Now. You may also click Download and Install if you are seeing this instead. After tapping the button, the update will be downloaded onto your smartphone. Following that, you’ll be required to enter your passcode before selecting Install Now.

#3 Verify Your iPhone’s Connection to the Apple CarPlay Stereo

A problem with the connection is one of the reasons Apple CarPlay isn’t functioning. There are two methods to connect your smartphone directly to the Apple CarPlay Stereo: connecting via a cable or Bluetooth. If you’re who use wired connections (whether it’s the lightning cable or cable for an aftermarket device), Check to ensure that the cable isn’t damaged or frayed. If it’s not, try a different cable and see if that resolves the issue. Also, make sure that the cable is snugly inserted into the USB port of your stereo. If loose, use a different port. Better yet, try using a different cable.

If your device connects to Apple CarPlay wirelessly, make sure that Airplane Mode is not enabled, as this blocks your device from receiving wireless signals. Additionally, it is recommended that the two networks, Bluetooth as well as WiFi in your iPhone, must be turned on. It’s possible to do this by using the handset’s Control Center. Just swipe upwards from the lower part of your screen, then tap your phone’s WiFi as well as Bluetooth icons to make sure you see both of them in blue.

While you’re at it, you may also want to turn off Bluetooth devices you don’t regularly use. Here’s how:

  1. Visit your Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Look up Bluetooth and then select Bluetooth.
  3. Click the ‘i’ on the device you would like to take off.
  4. Find the device and then press to activate the Forget This Device option.
  5. You can confirm the disconnect by pressing Forget Device, which you’ll find on the end of the screen.

While the odds of having old connections hindering Apple CarPlay are fairly low, however, it’s an excellent idea to ensure that your Bluetooth connections are clear of clutter. This will aid in running your device more efficiently.

#4 Allow Siri

It is necessary to enable Siri to operate Apple CarPlay. If you’ve not created Siri it could be the reason Apple CarPlay isn’t functioning. For you to enable Siri for your iPhone, Do the following:

  1. Utilize the iphone’s Settings app.
  2. Go to the menu and choose Siri & Search.
  3. Under “Ask Siri”,” make sure that these options are on:
  • You can listen to “Hey Siri”
  • Press Home for Siri or Press Side Button for Siri
  • Allow Siri to be locked

The first time you turn to”Hey Siri” Listen to “Hey Siri” feature; you’ll be required to setup Siri to let to recognize your voice. To setup Siri Here’s how you’ll need to do:

  1. Click Continue when you see your Set up “Hey Siri” screen.
  2. Enter each command you see on your screen to your phone.
  3. Click on Done to finish the set-up.

#5 Allow Apple CarPlay When Your Phone is locked

Apple CarPlay could also be ineffective because it is blocked when the phone screen goes to sleep. To fix this, you must enable Apple CarPlay even when your screen goes off and you have your device locked. Here’s how to accomplish this:

  1. Use to open the Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Make sure to visit General.
  3. Select CarPlay from the options listed.
  4. From the list of connections, locate your vehicle, and then click on it.
  5. Select the option labelled Allow CarPlay while locked and enable it.

#6 Re-enable Apple CarPlay

The settings, settings and connectivity of your mobile device can sometimes hinder your device’s connectivity with Apple CarPlay. In this case, you’ll need to enable the service, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure that your mobile is connected to your car (either by a cable or Bluetooth).
  2. Choose to open the Settings app from the iPhone’s dashboard.
  3. Go to the General menu.
  4. Click and search for CarPlay.
  5. Please search for the car’s name on the list of possible connections and then tap it.
  6. Depending on the model of the car, There may be additional steps to enable Apple CarPlay. Refer to the owner’s manual of your car to learn more about the steps.

#7 Check To Make Sure Apple CarPlay Is Not Restricted

In the event that Apple CarPlay can’t detect your iPhone, It could be due to the fact that CarPlay is not available to your device. To make sure that CarPlay isn’t restricted, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the mobile’s Settings app.
  2. Select Time for Screen Time from the available options.
  3. You can access the menu for Content & Privacy Restrictions Menu.
  4. Select the option that says Allowed Apps.
  5. Make sure the switch on the right side of CarPlay is turned on.

#8 Switch off the USB Restricted Mode

USB Restricted Mode protects your iPhone from hackers who make use of lightning ports to obtain your password. However, activating this feature may cause problems with Apple CarPlay if you’re connected via a cable. To disable USB Restricted Mode on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the mobile device’s Settings app.
  2. Select between the options marked Face ID and Passcode as well as Touch ID and Passcode.
  3. Provide your passcode if your device asks you to.
  4. Click Allow Access Once Locked and then turn on to the USB Accessories slider. When the slider appears in green, USB Restricted Mode is already disabled.

If you’d like to secure your device from hackers who might be able to access it, It’s always possible to switch to USB Restricted Mode again when you’re not using Apple CarPlay.

#9 Start Your Vehicle as well as Your iPhone.

If you’re unable to detect you can’t see the Apple CarPlay logo on your vehicle’s screen, then you can resolve the issue by using this method. In some cases, you have to restart your iPhone and then restart your vehicle if Apple CarPlay is not working. This will fix any software issue your phone and/or your infotainment system may be suffering from.

The method you use to reboot the iPhone is dependent on the model. Whichever version you’re running then, we will show you the proper procedure in the following:

How do you Reboot an iPhone via the Home Button?

Photos are taken from Apple Support

  1. Click the Power button and wait until you see the Power Off slider is on-screen. If you own one of the iPhone 6, 7, 8 or SE (2nd Generation), You’ll notice that button located on the right-hand side of your device. If you own the iPhone 5 or SE (1st Generation), You’ll see this at the top of the right edge.
  2. Tap across the Power Off icon to the left to allow your iPhone to relax for a while. It typically takes about thirty seconds to allow your device to switch off.
  3. You can wake up your iPhone by pressing power for 10 seconds. Stop when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How do you restart an iPhone If There’s No Home Button?

Image taken from Apple Support

  1. Locate the Power button and the rocker for volume control of your device, then hold them both simultaneously. Stop pressing when the Power Off slider is displayed by the gadget.
  2. Click the right of to the right Power Off icon. It should take around 30 seconds for your device to turn off.
  3. Turn off your phone by holding the Power button for around 10 minutes. You should stop when you are able to see your phone’s Apple logo.

After you’ve restarted the iPhone and your vehicle, connect with Apple CarPlay again and see whether it’s working.

#10 Reset the Settings on Your iPhone

Modifications to your phone’s system settings could be another explanation for Apple CarPlay not functioning. In these instances, you can fix the issue by resetting the settings on your iPhone. Be aware; however, this will result in you’ll lose your Home Screen layout, keyboard dictionary, Apple Pay cards, privacy settings, location settings as well as network configurations that will get erased or reset to default settings. However, this process will not erase all your personal information or media files.

To reset the settings on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. In the app’s dashboard, you can go to Settings.
  2. Find and press General.
  3. Click Reset, and it will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Choose the option Reset all settings option.
  5. Provide your passcode if your device requests it.
  6. Reset the procedure with a press Reset All Settings.

When your device is finished reconfiguring the settings, you’ll have to wait for it to reboot automatically. If it does, it will require you to switch between the WiFi network, Bluetooth, and Siri to connect to Apple CarPlay.

#11 Disconnect and set up Apple CarPlay Once More.

Apple CarPlay not working might be due to an error in how it was configured. If you think this is the cause, it is possible to remove CarPlay and then enable it to work again. Take these actions:

  1. Use your iOS Settings app.
  2. Scroll down, and then press General.
  3. Select CarPlay in the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the name of your car on the listing of connected vehicles.
  5. Select to select the Forget This Car option.
  6. To reconnect the Apple CarPlay connection, make sure that you’ve turned on Siri. After that, you’ll need to go back to Settings again.
  7. If you’re connecting via Bluetooth:
  • Set your car’s infotainment system to Bluetooth or in wireless mode.
  • On the steering wheel of your car, locate and use the voice command buttons.
  • Use the Settings application from your iPhone.
  • Find and tap General.
  • Click CarPlay, and then enter the car’s name.
  1. If you’re connecting via an extension cable, connect your iPhone and connect it through the automobile’s USB port. This port may include a smartphone or a CarPlay icon. Follow any instructions that may appear on the screen.

#12 Make sure to update the Firmware of your Apple CarPlay Stereo.

If you’ve tried all the options listed above, but Apple CarPlay is still not working, you may have to investigate whether it’s the car stereo’s firmware responsible for this issue. To make sure you’re sure that Apple CarPlay will always be on and running, you must use the most current software from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

For information on how to upgrade your CarPlay system’s firmware, check the owner’s manual of your vehicle or the manufacturer.

#13 Request help from Apple Support

The final option if Apple CarPlay is still not working is to call Apple Support for help. Through Apple Support, you can seek assistance via chat, a call, or visit the closest Apple Authorized Service, provider. Be sure to communicate your problem in detail so that the staff can give you the right assistance.

How to fix Apple CarPlay That’s Not Working Is Simple.

Absolutely, CarPlay is, without doubt, one of the greatest features Apple has developed. It allows you to use applications while you drive and without taking risks with your safety. But it could be a bit worrying to discover that Apple CarPlay has stopped functioning. As we have shown you in this article, There are a variety of options to resolve the problem.

We hope that this article has helped you resolve any issues you’re encountering on Apple CarPlay. If you’ve found a successful method that’s not included in this article, let us know about your experience by leaving a comment!

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