What date will it be an episode of Christmas Chronicles 3?

“The Christmas Chronicles” was an instant success to Netflix when it premiered on the streaming platform back in the year 2018. The film included Hollywood cool actor Kurt Russell putting his own twist in the role of Santa Claus while going on an adventure with his two children on Chicago’s streets. Chicago during Christmas Eve. The film was so popular that it even inspired another sequel in 2020 named “The Christmas Chronicles 2,” which included Goldie Hawn in her return to her part in the role of Mrs Claus. Tyrese Gibson and Julian Dennison also made appearances as part of the follow-up.

With a title such as “The Christmas Chronicles,” it’s obvious that Netflix would like to create a franchise. But why should they stop at two films when both have attracted large numbers of viewers? The crew and cast behind the holiday series have been quiet about whether there will be the third film. occur, but from the popularity of the franchise and the fact that it’s a possibility, it’s likely.

Kurt Russell has ‘no idea about Netflix’s plans regarding The Christmas Chronicles

“The Christmas Chronicles 2” was announced officially in December 2019, eleven months before the sequel was released (via People). At this point, there hasn’t been any announcements of the third film and should you be expecting the next instalment in “The Christmas Chronicles” this Christmas season, you might have to wait a little longer. There’s certainly a chance that there’s a chance that a third film might be announced in the next weeks. It’s likely that we’re likely to be seeing “The Christmas Chronicles 3” during the Christmas season of 2022.

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As per The New York Times, Kurt Russell seemed to suggest that a new film is in the works, even though the actor admitted that he had “no idea” what Netflix’s plans are regarding the franchise in the future. In the event that Netflix plans to release the third instalment, production will likely not begin in the first quarter of next year. This would be at the earliest, but certainly not longer than that, because Netflix is likely to make sure its film is finished by Thanksgiving 2022. For reference, “Christmas Chronicles 2” was still in post-production as of May 2020, which is six months prior to the release date (via Deadline). We’re hoping to get an official announcement shortly particularly if we’re on Santa’s good list.

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