Explained: Mahito’s Jujutsu Kaisen Powers

Jujutsu Sorcerers and Cursed Spirits — simply Curses for short — are two antagonistic forces in the universe of “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Jujutsu Sorcerers are people who have been educated to combat Curses by wielding a manifestation of bad emotion known as Cursed Energy. Meanwhile, curses are live, hideous personifications of human afflictions. Geto, a wicked Jujutsu Sorcerer, and his gang of Cursed Spirits, including the volcano-headed Jogo and plantlike Hanami, are introduced in Episode 5. In that episode and future appearances, Geto and company explain their ambition to restructure the planet so that curses, rather than humans, are the default life form on Earth.

Mahito, a Curse born expressly from the animosity people may feel for one another, is one such being. Midway through the first season of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” he becomes the adversary in a plot arc known as the Vs. Mahito Arc. While Mahito appears primarily behind the scenes before and during the Vs. Mahito Arc, it is during this arc that he fully demonstrates the numerous dimensions of his combat strength, which is considerable enough to establish him as one of the series’ most fearsome villains to date.

Mahito has the ability to twist bodies to death.

The first time Mahito utilizes his abilities is offscreen, at least at first. At the conclusion of Episode 8, series protagonist Yuji Itadori and mentor Kento Nanami set out to investigate the death of three high school students in a movie theater. The faculty at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, which is both a school for pupils like Yuji and a type of administrative body for dispatching Curses, assumes a Cursed Spirit was responsible based on the manner their bodies are scarred.

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The following episode shows that Mahito murdered those high school students in order to gain favor with a youngster called Junpei, whom they had harassed. Mahito, it turns out, killed the three children by pressing his hand on their skulls, causing them to deform and explode. This is the first time spectators see Mahito use his hallmark technique, termed Idle Transfiguration, which he uses to disfigure those three humans to death.

The Idle Transfiguration ability of Mahito reshapes the soul.

Nanami pursues Mahito down to an underground sewage tunnel and dares him to a fight halfway through Jujutsu High School’s investigation into the movie theater murder. Soon after, Nanami realizes that several of his usual battle strategies have minimal effect on his adversary. In what appears to be a nonsequitur, Mahito asks Nanami which he believes is more fundamental to human existence: the body or the spirit. Nanami responds that he feels the body comes before the soul. In answer, Mahito basically discloses that in the canon of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” it’s the other way around.

Because Mahito is aware that the soul, not the body, is the most important component of all life, he may utilize his resulting magical talents to change the soul, so reconstructing its linked body. Mahito murdered the three high school students by changing their souls, causing their heads to change form. Their skulls would then explode as a result of their seeming incapacity to sustain their altered appearance.

Mahito has the ability to turn humans into curses.

Murder is far from the only application of Mahito’s power to change the shape of a living thing’s soul at command. Rather of murdering them, Mahito may restructure the souls of people, causing them to change into Cursed Spirits. This ability is shown for the first time during Yuji and Nanami’s investigation into Mahito’s movie theater killings, when they come upon a pair of Curses on the theater’s roof. While the two Jujutsu Sorcerers easily defeat them, Nanami discovers after the fact that both of their opponents were formerly humans.

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Mahito subsequently demonstrates his ability to rearrange the human body to Junpei in his sewer lair, displaying a passion for experimenting with how large and tiny he can create humans. Then, during his combat with Nanami, Mahito reveals that he stores Curses rendered pocket-sized on his person, which he can then reconfigure to fight alongside him. Finally, the most horrific use of this method happens when Mahito changes Junpei into a Cursed Spirit in front of Yuji, terminating Junpei’s existence as a human being and inflicting psychological trauma on Yuji mid-fight.

Mahito can also change his own physique MAPPA/Crunchyroll.

Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration ability may also be utilized to his own body. Mahito initially shows this talent in combat against Nanami, whose fighting style is built on creating and exploiting weak areas on his opponents’ bodies. After Nanami utilizes her powerful ability to sever one of Mahito’s hands, the latter is able to recover by regenerating that hand nearly instantaneously.

Then, in the climactic fight of the Vs. Mahito Arc, between Mahito on one side and Yuji and Nanami on the other, Mahito constantly adjusts his body form to adapt intelligently to shifting battle situations. Before Nanami arrives, Mahito transforms his arms into long blades to use as weapons. Later, after several more mid-fight transformations, Mahito shrinks himself to the size of a kid in order to flee after discovering the potency of Yuji’s Divergent Fist ability to nullify his Idle Transfiguration skil

Mahito is a Master Manipulator

While Mahito’s fighting talents, particularly his Idle Transfiguration ability, are the core of what makes him formidable, he is also a significant influence among the gang of Curses aiming to alter the Earth so that Cursed Spirits become its main lifeform. Geto reveals in Episode 7 that they aim to lock Satoru Gojo’s abilities on October 31st, even before he is properly introduced as the villain of the Vs. Mahito Arc. Mahito vows to approach that scheme with human-like cleverness, which has yet to be implemented in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime.

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He subsequently shows part of his ingenuity when he tricks Junpei into befriending and then battling Yuji. Following the Vs. Mahito Arc, Mahito continues to lead the Curses from the shadows. Notably, when members from the Tokyo and Kyoto branches of Jujutsu High School are battling some of his powerful Cursed Spirit buddies during the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc, Mahito successfully performs a covert mission to rescue several powerful Cursed Objects from Tokyo’s Jujutsu High. He triumphs while most of his teammates fail in combat, proving that, in addition to his fighting prowess, Mahito’s strategic knowledge is critical to the Cursed Spirit team’s future goals.

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