Heartland Season 14 – The News So Far

If you’re an US enthusiast of the Canadian TV show “Heartland” you have a lot to anticipate in the near future. Season 14 premiered on CBC in the early 2021s, and Season 15 began its run on the 17th of October. This is certainly a good thing but it’s also an announcement as as of the writing time, Netflix only has up to Season 13 available on its US platform. It raises one question: when will American viewers will have the chance to watch the most recent episodes.

The long-running show is source of Netflix the legend of binge-watching. “Heartland” tells the story of two sisters living on the ranch of their family located in the rural area of Alberta, Canada. Through the show’s almost 15 years in the air, there’s been drama, romance, snowstorms, thrilling rodeo performances along with plane crashes, as well as wildfires. This is just the beginning of 13 seasons. Season 14 is sure to have plenty of drama at the ranch and that’s why the people are eager to watch it.

For those hoping to reconnect the cast of Amy (Amber Marshall) and Lou (Michelle Morgan) It’s likely that you’ll be facing a bit of waiting. US Netflix hasn’t announced an official premiere date to air Season 14 yet but there’s evidence to suggest that it won’t take place until 2022 in the spring in the very earliest timeframe. Here’s why.

What’s the reason? Season 14 of Heartland likely will not arrive on US Netflix until 2022.

Heartland characters on horseback

In the majority of cases, when a new episode of an existing show takes a long time to arrive on Netflix and the reasons why are unclear and undefined. In the case of “Heartland,” though, there’s an extremely transparent explanation that offers a clue as to the time frame for Season 14 to arrive on the streaming service. It’s not a timeline which fans from outside Canada will be content with.

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This means that the earliest that we’ll be able to watch Season 14 of “Heartland” on US Netflix is in spring 2022. We’re saying “the earliest,” as Netflix hasn’t yet clarified the date on which they’ll announce when their US platform will be able to stream the show. It could be as early as the exclusivity agreement is in place with UPtv, however it could be another long waiting time.

You can always stream seasons via UPtv as well as go back of the series and replay Seasons 1-13 on Netflix.

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