Hightown season 2 -The News so far

Starz premiered “Hightown” the first season of its new crime drama on May 17, 2020. Starring Monica Raymund, “Chicago Fire,” as Jackie Quinones (a National Marine Fisheries Service agent with a history of substance abuse. Jackie is set in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She finds the corpse of a woman dead on the beach. This leads to a police investigation into organized crime and drug trafficking in the area.

Jackie becomes interested in the case and begins to make changes. Jackie begins working with Detective Ray Abruzzo, played by James Badge Dale. She is obsessed with the case and assumes it all has to do with Frankie Cuevas Sr. The show also stars Riley Voelkel and Dohn Norwood.

Starz renewed “Hightown” Season 1 with a lot of major shockers. Fans don’t need to wait long to find out what happens with Ray, Jackie and the other characters. This is what we know about Season 2 of “Hightown.”

When will Hightown Season 2 be released?

The second season of “Hightown” is nearly here, fortunately for fans. Starz has just revealed that the popular crime series will air on October 17th, 2021 ( Deadline). The premiere episode will air on Tuesday, October 17, at 9 PM ET/PT. Each week, new episodes will follow. Season 2 will feature 10 episodes, two more than the eight in the first season.

Season 2 of “Hightown”, which is a continuation of Starz’s “BMF” drama, will join the first season. BMF stands for Black Mafia Family. Ajiona Alexandrus, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Myles Trueitt and others star in the new series. It premieres September 26, 2021. Starz also has the fantasy time travel drama Outlander, now in its sixth season; P-Valley, about women working at a Mississippi Delta strip club; and “Heels”, a professional wrestling drama starring Stephen Amell.

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Who will play Hightown Season 2 on the stage?

Raymund, Dale, and Jackie, who were the main characters in “Hightown” Season 1 are returning. Jackie is offered the chance to be a real cop and do good at the end of Season 1. Ray’s world is turned upside down when Renee (played by Voelkel), an informant Ray falls in love, betrays Ray and discloses their relationship to other police officers. Ray loses his job and police begin an investigation into Ray’s activities.

Renee will be back in season 2 to cause more problems. She has finally chosen the side of her boyfriend (possibly her husband now), and Frankie, the father of her child. He is currently out of prison and quickly resuming his criminal activities. Osito, his second-in command who reacted with a skepticism at the end Season 1, is Frankie’s problem. Tonya Glanz will be playing Trooper Leslie Babcock. Norwood, who was also a member of Season 1, is also back as Detective Alan Saintille. Shane Harper, who was an integral cast member of Season 1, will not return as his character Junior passes away in the final episode.

A few new cast members will be added to Season 2: Luis Guzman as Frankie’s cousin Jorge and Jona Xiao playing Daisy and Charline St.Charles as Saintille’s wife Henriette. Dominic L. Santana will play Chuleta, a man who works for Frankie as a muscle (via Deadline).

What’s the story of Hightown Season 2 and its sequel?

Season 2 sees Jackie become a police officer and is determined to take down Frankie, who she believes is responsible for Junior’s death. Ray may not be a police officer anymore but he still wants to kill Frankie. Without the law to stop him, it’s impossible to know what he’s willing and able to do.

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According to the official logline, Jackie finds Leslie (Glanz), a new partner and the only female member of the force. Jackie must navigate the delicate line between sobriety and fidelity as she tries to keep her head above the ocean of secrets, betrayal, and the shame and failures of her past. Jackie and Ray will likely let their emotions take over, but they will hopefully be able to keep on the right track moving forward.

Frankie will be accompanied by Jorge, his cousin. But it won’t all be easy. Renee may have made the right decision, but she could regret it and turn her close relationship with Frankie against him. Osito will surely ruin everything for Osito and his plans.

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