How to Change Messenger Notifications Sound in iOS 10

Facebook Messenger gives an extremely useful way to stay in touch with your close and dear ones. It’s not just about chats, however, it also comes with other options. It allows you to create groups, browse Stories as well as includes a few small games that will kill your time. But one thing it is missing is the capability of the ability to use custom sounds as well as use ringtones for notifications. sound effects. It’s true that you can’t create your own custom notification sounds for chats and calls using your Facebook Messenger app. However, there is a clever method to get around this limitation. In this post, we’re going to look at How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10. Let’s begin!

Numerous Facebook Messenger users are complaining about a weird problem. The app also changes the notifications’ sound on autopilot. This can be very irritating because, after a certain time, you’ll become accustomed to the sound. The majority of users prefer to have custom notifications because they enjoy it, and it sounds nicer. They can also differentiate between the different notifications on messaging apps as well.

Today, we’re going to look at what causes this error and how to fix the Messenger constantly changing the sound of notifications. Also, how to change the notification sounds on Messenger to the sound you’d like. Let’s start.

You must start Messenger on your mobile and then click on Profile picture > Notifications & Sound. Then, click on Notification Sound here to change the tone for messages. Also, you can select click on the Ringtone option will allow you to alter the tune of the call.

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Here’s the truth. Messenger is basically unable to select a custom notification sound. What does it do is pull the sound effects from the system. We have learned from experience that no two phones are the same manufacturer wants to offer phones with custom sound effects. So, whenever you check the list, you’ll get distinct soundtracks than those I’m seeing in my Mi phone in reality.

The sound of notification is, therefore, different between devices. There’s no way to pick the sound file downloads from the internet here. The sad thing is that this is the way it is. There’s no option to select a different notification sound for Messenger for Android to send group messages really. Messenger isn’t very adjustable when it concerns notifications, is it?

This is a bummer also. If you’re operating either an iPhone or an iPad. You aren’t able to change the default sound for notification. This is true for both call alert and message tones, too. What you can do is disable the notifications in the option to turn off sound in-app. It will shut off the sound while the app is running on your phone.

How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10 via Settings

There are plenty of users complaining about the way that the Messenger application is altering the sound of notifications completely on their phones. Many of them mention that a name file 2131755087 is being used as the default sound even though they don’t have the application installed.

The problem is happening with Android users, but it’s evident across many smartphone manufacturers and OEMs. I came across an easy solution to fix this issue for good. So, let’s forget about the Messenger application.

  • To begin, go to Android Settings and then head to Notifications and status bar > Messenger > Notifications for apps.
  • You can also make different notifications sounds for various kinds of Messenger messages. Click Chat and Calls after which click Ringtone to choose an appropriate tone each time you get a message or calls.
  • You can also modify the sound notification for chat group messages and also mentions. This option isn’t available even within the Messenger application, as we have previously mentioned it.
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Change the sound of the messenger

In actuality, there’s an additional notification sound that sets for calling in progress, locations sharing as well as chat heads. Simply click to access each setting and select your Ringtone option to select your preferred sound. By clicking on the sound, it will play it for a few seconds to let you decide how much you enjoy the sound.

Other options include the option to decide the ability to be notified. Listen to any sound or muffle it and feel the vibration and even the LED light. These extra options are an added bonus, I think.

What is important to know is that Android settings will have precedence over the Messenger app’s sound notifications. This means that even when the application is acting up and modifies the notification file at random. It’s not necessary to worry about anything at all. Simply set up your computer and leave it well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you enjoy the “change messenger sound” article and that you find it useful to you. Let us know your thoughts about this article. If you have additional questions or concerns in connection with this article. Please let us know via the comments below. We’ll get back to you in the near future.

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