How To Fix Joystick Drift on Xbox One Controller 

Xbox One controllers are made to give you the best precision and comfort when playing your most loved Xbox games, don’t you think? Microsoft has this feature all over the place. From the moment you get your Xbox One controller to the moment you start engaging in exciting FPS battles, Everything is handled with an amazing design.

So, you’re every right to be annoyed and frustrated when your Xbox One controller starts showing glitches with the joystick. It’s a bit complicated to observe your character move around while you’re sitting down. It’s good to know that getting rid of the Xbox One controller’s drift issue is not that difficult also.

Before we can answer the question of how to solve Xbox One controller drift, we must understand the reason and how it happens initially. First, we’ll talk about the drift of joysticks in Xbox One controllers and the possible causes.

As you are aware, the Xbox One controller comes with two joysticks which you can utilize to interact with games. The joysticks can do various actions based on the games you play. For instance, it can move the character around or alter the viewpoint. In normal circumstances, they work flawlessly. You can observe the character’s movements (or other things) as your joystick moves.

But, this action occurs without your input if there is a joystick shift. Even if your joystick moves by itself, it can initiate the movement. For example, if you are playing a racing game, your vehicle could move left or right while you’d like it to stay straight. It can be a huge problem when playing any game.

Also, having the issue of the joystick drift for the Xbox One controller is like throwing precision out the window.

What Causes the Joystick Drift on Xbox One Controller?

These are possible reasons that could be why the Xbox One Controller shows the issue of the Joystick drift. Keep in mind that one or two causes might apply to your device.

  • In some instances, low battery levels of the Xbox One controller could be an explanation for the issue. Low battery levels could affect how triggers function.
  • Dust and debris accumulated within the joystick have also been suspected of causing Xbox One joystick drift issues in some cases.
  • If you’ve been using Xbox One controllers for a long time, you should be aware of the potential damage. Xbox One controller for a prolonged period of time, you must think about the possibility of wear and tear is a possible source of the problem. In the end, the joysticks are a piece of hardware that is susceptible to damage.
  • Another common problem is the Potentiometer, a component of the joystick responsible for tracking movement inside the controller.
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As you might guess, any of these could be the cause of the Xbox One controller joystick shifting when playing games. Don’t be concerned If you’re wondering what to do to solve the Xbox One controller drift issue, we’ve found a few solutions to help you.

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Drift?

Method #1

As we mentioned, low battery levels are the primary reason for the joystick to wander for Xbox One controllers. The first step is to change the batteries in the controller. If you have a set of batteries not in use, place them in the controller and see whether the issue continues. If you are using rechargeable batteries with the Xbox One controller, you can charge these batteries until complete and check whether the issue goes away. If the issue disappears, you’re ready to go back to playing games.

Method #2

Another method for fixing the drift of sticks available on Xbox One controllers is cleaning the joysticks with compressed air or an air blower. The idea is to eliminate dirt and dust from the controls as thoroughly as possible. However, it is important to be cautious when handling compressed air. If you don’t maintain the air that is compressed at an appropriate level and you add water to the interior of the joystick.

Here are a few steps to help you get rid of dust and other debris off your Xbox One controller using a can of compressed air.

  1. The first step is to ensure that you’ve shut off your Xbox One controller. If you don’t, you could end with the circuitry forming a fuse which could cause further problems.
  2. Then, you can move the joystick towards one side while pressing an air stream through the opposite side. You may remove the joystick after a couple of minutes, but ensure that the compressed air is directed towards the bottom.
  3. It is possible to repeat the process using the other joystick, but ensure that you allow air to circulate. You can accomplish this simply by shifting the joystick quite quickly.
  4. You may need to keep the controller idle for a while after you have completed both joysticks. It will give the device time to become more comfortable.
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It is hoped that your joystick will eliminate the issue of drift. In the beginning, however, we should remind you of the importance of being cautious when working with compressed air, and it is very strong.

Method #3

The next step is to clean the joysticks on a more thorough level. For this, you must access your Xbox One controller, which means that you have two options to deal with this scenario.

  1. There are a lot of tutorial videos online on YouTube or other sites. These guides will teach you how to access your Xbox One controller and remove any dirt that could be present.
  2. The other option is to go to an experienced service center to get Xbox One accessories and service. This is the simplest solution to repair this issue of Xbox Controller drifts without overspending.

There are middle ground options also for those who are looking for answers. Instead of playing around with other joystick components, replace the joysticks.

Additionally, you can locate parts for your joystick that are compatible with eBay as well as other platforms. Be sure to purchase the best joysticks to ensure that you don’t have to repurchase them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to solve how to stop my Xbox One controller drift without having to take it apart?

The reason for this drift is able to resolve the issue without removing the controller. It is possible to fix the problem using two ways. First, you should check that the controller’s batteries are in good condition and have enough charge. Second, you can clean the dirt and dust off the control system with compressed air.

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How can I prevent my device from drifting?

The best method to stop the Xbox One controller from drifting is to make sure that you keep them in the most optimal state of health. It would help if you took care of these devices. For example, make sure that you don’t expose these controllers to excessive dust and other debris. In the same way, you must ensure that they are not subject to hardware failure every once in a while.

The Bottom Line

We think we’ve answered the issue of how to fix Xbox controller drift with analog sticks in the most efficient manner that is possible. It is possible to find the issue annoying, but you can select one of the helpful solutions we’ve listed in the above paragraphs. But, if you don’t want to risk it, you must take the controller to a certified service center.

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