How to Rearrange the Photos in a Facebook Post

The photos we post with friends on Facebook constitute a large element of our interactions with our friends on social media. You can use the feature to share pictures outside of Facebook and you’ll be wondering what you should post. Facebook is aware of how important pictures are, and makes an effort to give us with excellent photos sharing experience. Additionally, it purchases applications such as Instagram to ensure it owns every photo you upload. In this article, we’re going to look at How to Change the Order of Photos within Facebook posts. Let’s begin!

Sharing photos is naturally an option that everyone makes use of, particularly if you share photos using your phone. It is possible to think about ways to post photos in the correct order (appetizer and main course dessert and drinks and desserts too). Facebook also allows you to arrange them in a simple manner when you’re posting your first time or making changes to an existing post after sharing them. Let’s take a look.

What can you do to alter the order of Photos in a Facebook Post

The first step is to open the Facebook app, and then select the pictures you wish to upload. If you’re looking to modify a post, hit”Edit. You can then upload a picture that you’ve posted in the post, or the tiny camera button (if you’d like to upload more photos) on the left side for editing the pictures.

Hold and click on the image you would like to change its current order. The screen will display the vertical strip. While removing your finger away from your screen you can move it either up or down, and then place it in a position in the exact arrangement you want to create in reality. It is also possible to reposition each image as follows.

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Click on Post or Save, and the order in which the photos are displayed will be changed. The links to your photos remain intact, and your family and friends will be able to view your photos in the order that you have chosen for them, too.

For moving a photograph or video into a different album: | alter the arrangement of photos

  • Then, you need to start Facebook on your PC.
  • Log into your profile and click Photos.
  • Then tap on Albums.
  • Go to the album with the image you wish to move.
  • Tap Options at the lower right.
  • Select Move to Other Album and transfer the photo or video into the album that you choose in the drop-down menu.

How can you Edit Facebook Album Layout? Change the order of images

  • Home.
  • EmbedAlbum.
  • How to Edit Facebook Album Layout?

How do I set up Facebook to show posts chronologically?

View the Facebook Feeds in chronological order. By default, Facebook will show you only what it calls the “TopPosts.” If you’d prefer to see every post chronologically, then decide what is you find interesting. Simply click on the dots beside News Feed and select Most Recent. To change it back, just tap those dots, then choose Top Stories as well.


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