How To Turn On Or Off Split Screen on Android

Have you ever tried to try using Split Screen on Android? If you are working at home, there’s the greatest chance you’ll utilize a different screen to complete your work. It’s just that you want to keep a number of apps open that you are unable to work on without a second screen. Additionally, the same problem occurs when using a Smartphone device.

You’ll definitely like to multitask on your phone. Particularly, when trying to lookup an SMS message to find an entry, or access the mail password to access the app that is on your smartphone. How do you turn on split-screen for Android? Continue reading to find out how to enable or deactivate split-screen.

If you enable split-screen multitasking it is possible to perform things like comparing the specs and features of two smartphones. So you can decide which Samsung phone will eventually be yours, without having to switch between tabs.

It is important to note: The steps in this guide are applicable to standard Android phones such as Samsung Android phones from Android model 7.0 or higher, Google Pixel.

How to enable Split Screen on Stock Android

It’s simple to enable the split-screen option in the latest version of the stock Android phones. For older versions that were running Android (pre-7.0), there are extra steps required to enable this.

But, on the newer version of Android, it’s a simple process. Additionally, it is compatible with third-party applications and takes only a few steps to accomplish the aim of multitasking like a professional.

Step 1.

Go into your apps menu and select the app you want to install. In this case, we choose Settings.

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Step 2.

After that, press to hold your middle navigation button on your device as you swipe upwards. In certain devices, it could have a button that is physical, however, in the latest models it’s a digital one.

Step 3.

When you swipe up to the right, you will see the windows Setting will pop up. You can simply select Settings. The options for App information or Split-screen will appear. Tap to open the split-screen.

Step 4:

The first app you choose will appear at the top of the screen. On the right side of the screen, you can select the second application you wish to utilize using split-screen modes.

Step 5:

Another window is opened, and you are able to see two windows side-by-side or on top of your screen. Then you should be able to move freely and work in two windows.

How To Turn Off Split Screen In Stock Android

When multitasking is completed by using split-screen or multi-window, it’s quick and simple to switch to a single screen.

In the split-screen window just click and hold the black center bar that is moving between the two screens, then shift toward the display screen that you don’t want to utilize anymore.

It will shut down that application, you can continue using the second program as your primary application.

How to use Split Screen With Samsung Android

The process of producing the results using the Samsung phone is essentially the same as standard models, in that you have to follow the same procedures.

The most important thing to remember is You may want to use the split-screen Multi-Window while in landscape mode. Make sure that auto-rotate is on, and then simply rotate your smartphone to the horizontal position while in a split-screen view.

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Step 1.

At first, you’ll want to open your recently used applications after clicking the Recent button just to on the left side to the left button that is located to the left of the Home button.

Step 2.

Within your Recently used apps, you can simply tap the icon for the app you’d like to play with Split-Screen Mode. It’s located at the top middle of the app’s icon that is displayed the app’s details in your Recently Utilized apps.

Step 3.

If you’re using the menu that appears you can select the Split-screen mode option if it’s an option for the application you’re using.

Notice: Not all the apps can be used in split-screen mode. If you click on an application icon, the option to open the app in a split-screen view does not appear. This means that the split-screen option isn’t present and you’d like to run the application with full-screen mode.

Step 4:

Select the application you prefer to open from the Recent choices. Alternately, you can select other apps from your Application List.

Step 5:

If it was working correctly, the second app will appear directly below the app that opened the first one and will have the same spacing on the screen.

How To Turn Off Split Screen on Samsung Android

After having successfully used the split-screen feature of Samsung Android. It’s fast and easy for you to reset your device to a single-screen mode.

In the split-screen windows, simply hold and click the bar that divides the middle and drag it towards the direction of the display screen that you do not want to use.

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This will shut down the app, allowing users to use the other one in Full-Screen mode.

Be more cautious when using split Screens on Android

There’s no issue with multitasking. It’s very simple to get split-screen functionality on Android when the applications that you’re trying to run allow it. Some apps aren’t compatible with the split-screen view. For example, games require the full-screen view and device resources in order to function properly.

Applications that don’t allow split-screen display on a case-by-case basis. Many apps packaged with your device or are used for other reasons, will work if you follow the steps described previously.


Learn how to the ability to enable Split Screen on Android. It’s easy to use two applications at the same and save time. This amazing feature works regardless of whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode.

Do you think that the split-screen feature is vital? Don’t forget to comment on your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

Then! Peace Out!

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