How to Utilize Roku Web Browser

Did you surf the web via the Roku Web browser? Yes! you can install an online browser for Roku. On the negative side, the Roku number in the browser’s web page is very limited and lacks options.

Also, if you’d like to know more about the Roku web browser’s features and an option that provides an excellent experience when browsing the web take a look below!

Does Roku come with an Internet browser?

When you use your streaming device to use it as an internet browser Roku set-top boxes and sticks aren’t the best options.

In addition, it has been around for several years (and unlike many of Roku’s primary competitors, Roku offers web browsers for its streaming platforms). However, there are only two browsers available in the Roku Channel Store. None of them were developed by Roku its own company.

The Roku Web Browser is available in the Channel Store

Officially both Roku web browsers available through the Roku Channel Store are POPRISM Web Browser or Web Browser X.

Browser X

The incredible Roku web browser can be described as known as the Web Browser X. We use the term “amazing ” in a loose sense. If you’re hoping for an intuitive and smooth interface, you’re likely not pleased. Web Browser X seems like it was designed in the 1990s. But, its layout and fonts seem retro.

It also works to create and render highly network-friendly pages. Certain favorites are pre-saved (like CNN, Google News as well as ABC News). However, you are able to access any website after entering the URL. You can also include your favorite often visited sites to your favorites list.

If you wish to navigate to a webpage. Use the left or right buttons of your device to move through the hyperlinks on an internet page. You can utilize the arrows up and down to navigate across the page.

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On the downside, The browser isn’t able to play video. It also can’t fill with fields for usernames web forms, username fields, or password fields.

A word of caution. While researching for this article I downloaded the application from the Mexican version that is part of The Channel Store. The price they gave me was $0.00. However, after it was a month, they issued a monthly invoice of $4.99 on my account. The US version of the store also has a price as $4.99/month. There is a distinction between the stores in the US.

POPRISM Internet Browser

The sole alternative Roku web browser has been POPRISM. POPRISM Web browser. However, it is levels that are worse than Web Browser X.

It’s because it is able to read only the text it doesn’t have GUIs or images or CSS and no JavaScript or JavaScript, etc. Whichever website you visit you’ll see the text in unformatted format.

The browser, however, is useless for the vast majority of websites. It’s pretty acceptable for text-based forums, RSS feeds, and other types of content that is a lot text-heavy.

If we look at the positives, it’s that the POPRISM Roku browser won’t attempt to swindle you to make $4.99. You have to look for the bright spots.

Set up Screen Mirroring to browse through the Internet on Roku

It is possible to download a Roku Web browser however the solution offered isn’t the best.

The best method is to utilize screen mirroring and casting an internet browser through your Android or PC directly onto Roku. Roku devises.

Connect a Web Browser to Roku from Windows

Instead of Roku web browsers, which are available through the store for channel channels, the only alternative is casting the browser on your Android or computer to your Roku with screen mirroring.

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If you’d like to cast your Windows web browser on Roku then follow the steps below:

Step 1.

To begin, verify that first if your Roku is running at a minimum of version 7.7 in the OS. Go into Settings > System > About. If not, go to the Settings > System the System Update section, and then click Check Now and wait for the process to complete.

Step 2.

For Windows go to the Action Center by pressing the appropriate link located in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3.

Click on Connect. Tap on the Connect tile. If you are unable to see it immediately it is possible to click on expand.

Step 4:

Set up Windows to search the internet for Roku. The process could last up to 30 minutes.

Step 5:

Select the Roku’s brand from the device list. The connection will be made in a sequence.

Step 6:

Go to the web browser of your choice and start browsing.

If you’d like to stop casting, select the option Stop Video on the screen of your TV or click disconnect from Windows.

Cast from a Web Browser to Roku from a Mobile

If you’d like to access the internet via Roku via your mobile tablet or phone then follow these steps:

Step 1.

Visit your Google’s settings app.

Step 2.

Then, go into the Connected Devices tab and pair new devices.

Step 3.

It will take a few days for Android to locate you your Roku streamer or set-top box.

Step 4:

Select the Roku’s name. Roku and then wait until the connection begin.

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Step 5:

Go to the website you like to utilize to access your Roku.

And Screen Mirroring Has Its Drawbacks

Unfortunately, using a browser on Roku has its own disadvantages.

At first, Roku screen mirroring depends on Miracast technology. This means that only Android devices and Windows are able to mirror their screens natively. Both iOS nor macOS have compatibility with Miracast. This means that you must make use of a third-party application for the same effect. The best third-party tool to connect your Mac as well as iPhone screen onto the Roku AirBeamTV.

Miracast isn’t a trusted protocol. It can cause lagging connections, connection hippy, unsuccessful pairings, and other issues.

Screen mirroring is when you wish to be able to) leave the screen operating on the device that you cast it to or) use the casting device to control your web browser.

Utilizing the casting device to control the browser, it’s most likely won’t be a problem after watching the video. For active browsing, it’s difficult to determine the benefits casting could bring overusing the primary device. Take a moment to think about how you’d take a look at the screen of your device to see what you’re working on.

In spite of the drawbacks, however it is a good option if you desire a complete web browser for your Roku device, then mirroring screens is the ideal choice.


This is the complete guide to “Roku Internet Browsers”. If you have anything else related to the article, contact us in the comments section below. If you have any further questions or queries, please let us know via the comments section below!

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