Instagram Story-How to Change background color with a photo

Instagram is an amazing platform for those trying to advertise your business or share adorable photos of your dog too. Stories on Instagram are an excellent opportunity to reach a huge audience, however, you need to ensure that your posts are written. In this article, we’re going to look at how to alter the color of your background in an Instagram Story with a Photo. Let’s begin!

In this post, we’ll discuss the ways you can alter the background you use on your Instagram Story. A great background can be the difference between success and failure for an Insta Story! There are a variety of ways to make an Insta Story on Instagram and that’s the subject we will cover in the coming weeks. Find out more about the process!

When you add a post to your account, Instagram automatically assigns the background color. It is determined by the general hue of the post you and your friends are posting. Therefore, if you’re posting a post with many greenery the background will appear to be a color of green.

  • If you’re looking to alter the background, just follow this easy guide.
  • After you’ve shared the story to your account Then, just hit the Draw button at the top of the page.
  • Choose the tool ‘Sharpie. Select the color you’d like to set as your background. You can find the palette on the right.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the background. The background will change color to match the chosen one.

What can you do to change your Instagram Story background color behind the photo

A lot of people prefer to make an Instagram story by clicking on a photo on Instagram’s Instagram camera. But did you know that when you click on a picture you can use a pinch-to-zoom out from the image and leave an image behind?

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This is the part that is interesting. While Instagram doesn’t allow you to alter the background of your photo but you can make use of an option to create the background to a fun and exciting image!

Note that this causes the entire background and photo to be covered in the color of your choice.

To set the color of your filter, simply pinch out of your image to reveal the background (if you’d like to).

Click on the button ‘Draw’ in the top panel and then choose the tool called ‘Highlighter. Choose one of the colors from the palette on the bottom. Then, press and move your finger across the screen. The screen is covered in the chosen color and your image is displayed beneath it!

How can you alter the color of the background for Instagram Story when reposting

If you share the story of someone else the two of you are automatically provided with an appropriate background color. To match the contents of the shared story, the background color is chosen to match the content of the shared. Similar to the previous scenario, Instagram basically blends this story with the background, this means that you can’t create a particular background for the picture.

You can apply the method above to apply an opaque filter on the entire image. But, it will limit the images that can be seen. The best choice is, in this instance, is to create rough coloring along the edges of the story. You could also make use of the color picker tool to pick a color that will highlight the story!

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Press the Draw button at the top of the screen and select the Effects tool. Select a color that you would like to make the background of your story. If you’d like to choose a color based on the narrative itself, select the “Color Picker button and adjust the cursor to suit.

Drag your fingers along the edges of the story to paint the background. You can choose to use multiple colors if you feel they are appropriate to the story you are telling.

How can you alter the background color in Instagram Story behind a picture (picture reveal)

Another method to make the Instagram story is to use images taken from your photo gallery. This is more popular with creators who are able to edit their posts prior to uploading their stories to Instagram. You can upload images to your Instagram stories by swiping upwards from the camera screen and selecting the picture.

  • However, Instagram does not let you create this background. However, there’s an easy solution you can try! This technique is known as ‘Picture show’.
  • After you’ve uploaded your picture you want to draw, click the ‘Draw’ button on the upper panel and choose the Sharpie tool. Select the colour you want to use as your background. You can choose it from your palette to the left.
  • Tap and hold anyplace on the screen. You’ll also notice that the entire screen will change color.
  • Don’t worry! Now we’ll employ the ‘Eraser’ tool to erase the image you previously added. This will leave the color as the new backdrop!
  • The final version will appear to be! It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to share.
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Instagram Background templates of Stories

Did you think that you don’t have to take an entire hour making the ideal background for your Instagram post? There are many websites that will create the background for you! They have templates pre-designed in which you can upload your photo and also. Some allow you to alter certain elements within the template.

Also, take a look at our top websites for Instagram Story templates:

The Best apps to use for Instagram Story templates

These apps do not just offer template designs to your Instagram story, but they let you modify and design your own with their tools!


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