Is it possible to tell if someone turned off their read receipts?

The ease of modern communication can be both a blessing and an affliction. This means that you can feel immediate satisfaction or disappointment knowing that your message was sent. However, there is the risk of being too focused on the fact that you haven’t received a response with your email within milliseconds of receiving it. There are numerous psychologists who suggest switching off the app to prevent this, but are you able to tell whether someone has turned off their read receipts?

The app you use will determine how much you use. The majority of messaging apps offer an element of delivery or read receipt feature, however, there are some differences in the way they operate. I’ll discuss a few of the most well-known in this article. I’ll also discuss the rationales psychologists recommend for shutting off receipts for reading for the reason that you haven’t received a response but it may not be related to you.

Users who want to track their messages can benefit from reading receipts, while others might prefer to keep their privacy when it comes to their communications. How do you know when someone has turned off Reading Receipts Off?

Settings for Messages

All major messaging platforms offer some sort of Reading Receipts feature in 2020, however, they don’t all allow users to easily disable them, or to know whether they’ve been turned off at their own end. This is how every major messaging platform functions in 2019.

Of course, the best way to determine if read receipts aren’t working is when the recipient does not respond to you but is not being informed that they had read the email.


iMessage simplifies things. It also supports read receipts on default, however, it can remove them. If you make a iMessage message to another iPhone you will see the blue bubble appear on your chat screen. Below it you’ll see the status of Sent, Delivered, Read. If the bubble appears green, it’s because the recipient isn’t connected to the iPhone so the receipts that are read won’t function. When both of the bubbles appear blue, and the status remains at Delivered it could be because they have disabled it.

The iMessage settings permit users to activate Reading Receipts for specific contacts while having others off. If you see only”Delivered,” the words “Delivered” in gray under the message you’ve sent your recipient is turning off Reading Receipts.

If the bubble appears green, it’s because the person doesn’t have an iPhone, and therefore that read receipts won’t work.

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Messages (Android)

One of the newest features on Android smartphones is Rich Communication Services (RCS). This feature lets Android users to view Read Receipts like Apple’s iPhone. While it’s not available in all Android versions and models it could be something you’ve encountered.

Once you’ve got Chat (Google’s own brand of marketing for RCS) then you’ll be able to see the typing indicator and read receipts for those with RCS activated on their phones.

The ability to read receipts is disabled by changing the settings for Chat in Messages. If a user disables read receipts the checks will not appear in the application.


Signal displays status updates by default, however, you can switch it off at any time.

  • A single checkmark signifies that they received the message from their Signal server.
  • Two checkmarks indicate to recipients receive your message. If those two checkmarks become blue, that means that the recipient has received your message.

If the checkmarks do not turn blue, they might have switched off reading receipts.


WhatsApp also utilizes the checkmark system to display the status of your messages. Similar to Signal You can also disable read receipts when you’d like to. One gray checkmark signifies that your message has been delivered. Two gray check marks indicate that your message has been delivered. Two blue checkmarks signify that they have read your message. It is possible to press while holding the email to determine the time at which it was read if you have to. If both checkmarks remain gray, it is possible that the reader has switched off read receipts.

WhatsApp uses the checkmark system for displaying the status of your messages. Similar to Signal it is also possible to switch off the checkmark system if wish to.

  • A gray checkmark indicates that the message was received.
  • Two gray check marks indicate that the item was delivered.
  • Two blue checkmarks signify that they have read your message. Press and hold the message to check if they have read it if you have to.

If the checkmarks remain grey, the person who received them may have disabled receipts that read.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook read receipts for messages work exactly the same way as other messaging apps mentioned. It utilizes circles.

  • A blue circle indicates that the message has been delivered.
  • The blue circle that has an asterisk means it was successfully sent.
  • A blue-filled circle marked with a checkmark signifies that it has been handed over.
  • A profile photo underneath the message signifies that they have took the time to read it.
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If the profile picture does not show, the person who received it might have disabled it.

Facebook doesn’t give users the option of turning off the reading of receipts in the application. There are a few workarounds to consider in case you want to keep your read activities private. Learn more about turning off read receipts within Messenger.


Telegram also offers read receipts as a default feature and lets you disable them if you would like. A single green checkmark indicates that the message has been received.

Two checkmarks in green indicate that they’ve read your message.

If you don’t notice that additional green mark, that recipient might have turned off the reading of receipts off.


Instagram DMs use a basic read-only system. If someone opens your message, you will see the words “Seen” will be displayed under the message. If you’re talking that involves multiple other people an eye icon, as well as your Instagram ID of the individual who read your message, will appear.

If you aren’t seeing the “Seen” message or eye symbol, it’s because the user could have turned their off receipt reading.


When you use Snapchat the moment your message gets to your recipient’s email and your message’s title “Delivered” will be displayed in the app. When they’ve opened the message, it’ll read “Opened”.

Snapchat doesn’t permit you to turn off the capability to check whether a Snap or message is in progress If you do not want to use a platform that has reading receipts, do not utilize Snapchat. However, should you wish to talk to people who don’t like reading receipts, but has a Snapchat app, you’ll know the moment they opened the message in Snapchat.


Bumble does not provide the option of reading Receipts. If you’re looking for additional information on Bumble’s service, look at our tutorial for a complete explanation of the issue in Bumble.


As with Bumble Tinder’s chat feature does not offer read Receipts. To learn more about how Tinder handles this read our instructional post on the subject in Tinder.


LinkedIn offers users the option of turning off the receipts of reading receipts. If you open the message, the person’s profile picture will be shown beneath the message. If this picture isn’t displayed, however, the person has replied, to your message, it’s likely that the Read Receipts for them have been disabled.

The debate about reading receipts is a classic.

One of the arguments that will never disappear is whether or not you should make use of reading receipts or switch off your receipts. Both sides have valid arguments for their positions and it’s sometimes difficult to pick which side to take.

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The rationale behind reading receipts

Read receipts can be useful for people who wish to know when their messages are read. They confirm delivery and put your mind at relaxed. They will hold you accountable for responding to and keeping in contact with the person you are communicating with. These messages could encourage us to keep connections with others and encourage us to stop being in a state of isolation and not interfacing with other people.

It eliminates doubt. It’s clear that the message didn’t go missing. You know that the other party has seen your message and is, therefore, doubtful about whether the message was received or not. For certain people, the uncertainty could create anxiety, which is easily avoided with receipts that have been read.

The reason to turn read receipts off

The reason to turn off the phone is a simple one. It prevents you from becoming a person who is a prisoner to the demands of other people. Being a victim of being followed and monitored by someone else isn’t just unsettling, it’s also unpleasant. The point of accountability mentioned above is also a disadvantage to the idea of accountability. It can make you feel like you are required to respond even if it’s not the most practical. It makes you feel like you must speak up even if it’s not meant to mean anything, to prevent the other person from feeling stressed.

The simple fact that you read receipts can put another’s requirements above your personal needs. In a perfect world, your requirements should be the same as those of others, however, in this instance, you are subject to the needs of that other. You should be able respond when you want however you wish instead of being bound by an unintentional checkmark.

It’s a fact that life happens and you shouldn’t be obliged to anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you don’t wish to be tied to your mobile every second throughout the day.


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