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The dystopian horror Level 16 is a cautionary tale of male violence that is unchecked and sluggish by humanity. Level 16, which dropped on Netflix just a few weeks ago is a sci-fi tale of youth and beauty as well as the influence of money

As with another great rant about Capitalism Squid Games, The film is a harsh critique of an entire society that has gone badly wrong. Director Danishka Esterhazy makes an explicit declaration concerning the dangers of a male gaze. If life is dependent on the random beauty that is assigned to it and the world is bound to fall short.

While it’s a sci-fi hybrid of horror, don’t make a mistake that this is the best feminist horror. A fast-paced, atmospheric and tense Esterhazy creates tension layer-by-layer until the end which is sure to leave you wondering. We have all your questions addressed.

What is Level 16 about?

Vivian, Sophia, and several other girls attend an institution that teaches them the art of being “clean girls” until their adoption date of 16.

They are taught very strict guidelines that must be followed at all times. They are taught things such as how to wash and moisturize their skin, as well as what clothes to wear. Girls are separated into levels and halls. Every night, the girls receive an e-pill that calms them.

Our first encounter is with Sophia and Vivian as they are younger. Vivian spills her cream bottle when she is waiting in line and Sophie attempts to assist her only to be late in the sink. She’s severely punished but we don’t know what transpires to her. It is likely that she’s locked in a cage behind the wall we will are later shown.

Later, on level 16 they reconnect They are also reunited. Sophia secretly warns Vivian that she should not take the pills that Miss Brixil refers to as vitamins. Vivian is able to spit out the medicine in the bathroom and that night, she fakes her sleep.

Vivian along with Olivia and another girl are scrutinized by an elderly couple and when Vivian returns her to Rose Hall, she tells Sophia the things she’s seen. The girls are able to get out from there and on and it is a battle between Vivian wanting to just leave, and Sophia determined to save the girls.

However, Vivian trusts Dr. Miro somewhat and is drowsy when she informs him of one guard who sexually assaults the girls when they are asleep. She tries to stay awake by pricking her with a pin, but she loses it. In a state of anxiety, she searches for a while and comes across a key card that Sophia has stolen and attempted to rescue her using.

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The card isn’t working but she could utilize it to loosen the screws attached to the hinges on the door. Sophia and Sophia will then devise plans to get out. It is a good mystery like Megan is missing.

Level 16 Trailer

Here is the official trailer of level 16.

Level 16 Cast

Level 16 Reviews

level 16 ending explained

Here are some honest reviews by viewers of level 16.

  1. Better than I thought it would be.

Level 16 was better than I expected. Maybe it’s not a very original story, you might get a déjà-vu, but overall it was an entertaining movie. A slow build-up, but that only adds to the thrill and mystery, a dark story slowly unfolded.

It was a bit of a predictable ending but even then it’s still worth watching, especially if you’re just looking for some easy mindless entertainment. It’s not a high budget but you can’t really tell, and it’s not necessary either. The cast is well-chosen, and all characters were convincing in their parts. Level 16 is a decent movie in this genre.

  1. A taut drama made on a low budget

This film is set inside a strange institution. It is populated by young girls who are schooled to be obedient and clean; but not how to read or write. They are there from babyhood to the age of sixteen; each year moving to the next level… they are promised that after Level 16 they will be adopted by caring, wealthy families.

They have never seen the sun as they have been told the world outside is polluted. They are also heavily guarded and sleep in locked dormitories.

One day Vivian is warned by another girl, Sophia, not to take her daily vitamin pill; that night all the other girls quickly fall into a deep sleep… Vivian is about to start learning the true nature of the ‘school’. The more that is learned the more disturbing it is for her. Knowing the truth is one thing; getting out will be another.

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Level 16 Ending Explained

From the very beginning, it’s evident that there is something terribly wrong within the girls’ institutions. They are constantly taught old-fashioned feminine virtues that are intended to create beautiful lemmings that willfully give up their youth

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They are instructed on to behave and think as well as when to eat and sleep, and their beautiful faces are secured at all times. After the completion of Level 16, Sophie and Vivian discover Rita dead, her face removed. They put the parts back together. They realize that they’re just lab specimens, cultivated by wealthy older women. The girls decide to get out and debate what to do.

Sophia would like to save the girls all at once, while Vivian is focused on her and Sophia. Vivian willfully agrees to wait for Sophia to save the girls and eventually they arrive outside. Dr. Miro finds them and is trying to convince Vivian to assist him in rounding them up. However, she is unable to agree to help and cuts off her face to ensure that she’s not important to Dr. Miro. They are saved by Russian police, and they see the light for the first time they have ever seen it.

Miro. Miro is surrounded by terrifying Russian men who claim Alex is waiting to see him. When we last see Dr. Miro, he is being taken away and the gunshot is heard. It is likely that Dr. Miro was killed at the hands of the Russian mobster who ran the group. Concerning miss Brixil who is confined to the same cage that she put Vivian in before; we do not know what will happen to her. Perhaps, the police who saved all the girls will locate her and she’ll be charged.

Who is Alex?

Alex is not seen in Level 16. Alex has been mentioned in dialogue by Dr. Miro and Miss Brixil many times, and this includes an exchange that we hear with the two Brixil and Alex at the start of the documentary. Each Dr. Miro and Miss Brixil are terrified of the man.

Together with wealthy benefactors, He brings customers into the facility to pick the most attractive women for their wives and girlfriends. Doctor. Miro and Miss Brixil are employees.

However, in the last scene, it’s revealed that the actress Miss Brixil was also the “sponsor” or a client and was wearing one of the girls’ faces. The details aren’t verified, but it seems Miss Brixil as well as Dr. Miro had an affair. For her assistance in his research the group of benefactors, which included Alex let her upgrade to a more youthful appearance.

Given the sexist way that the guys in Level 16 are with women, I would not be shocked to discover that Alex and Brixil had an affair. Brixil was involved in an affair before and then he met her with Dr. Miro.

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What was the Vestalis Institute?

The Vestalis Institute is a farm that teaches young girls who are young and wealthiest individuals to harvest beauty. The service is funded by Alex and a number of other financiers who are most likely Russian mobsters. The program employs children whose parents have sold their children to this facility for commodities.

They are kept in seclusion for a few hours each day during which they eat as well as wash and moisturize the skin and are able to watch tapes for behavior modification. They are assisted by Miss Brixil with Dr. Miro, along with some guards, who assist buyers in selecting and then taking the faces of the girls to implant on women who are older.

The Institute propagates patriarchal beliefs about women’s beauty and worth. The older couple who arrives and chooses Olivia in the middle of the movie illustrates that rich men only want beautiful wives. The woman in the middle of the procedure does not wish to shed her skin but she ultimately accepts it because it is better than being without a source of income or worse.

Through discussions among Mrs. Brixil as well as Dr. Miro, we later discover that children have been sedated for all not less than five hours every day to meet financial requirements. The Institute promises an ideal genetic match. One of the girls receives injections prior to being “adopted” by her family. The reason for this is not explained however the injections may alter the genetic material of the girl to allow it to be compatible with the person who will take over the responsibility.

Level 16 is like many other Logan’s Run-related films and shows that warn against gender inequality and capitalism. This is a fascinating film, backed by a minimalist backdrop and a stunning performance from Katie Douglas(Vivien). You can stream it on Netflix at the moment, but do forget to moisturize first. Nobody likes an “unclean” girl.

Level 16 Netflix

Netflix has not yet bought the rights to broadcast Level 16 yet. We have no confirmation from Netflix on when will Level 16 be available on Netflix.

What is the Punishment in Level 16?

The girls were given very brutal punishment which all of them tried to avoid in one way or the other.

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