My 600-Lb Life – What happened to the Assanti Brothers?

A few among My 600 pounds Life’s most controversial celebrities included The Assanti Brothers. When their show was on air the brothers were well-known for their ability to create a lot tension and drama. Justin who weighed in at 600lbs, seemed to be the more calm of the pair and slightly more inclined to adhere to his weight loss program. But Steven with a weight of around 800 pounds, proved extremely difficult and would frequently throw outrages and create a lot of trouble in the course of the episode. Naturally, Steven was the main character on the show, and not just for the right reasons.

After some time since the show was first broadcast the brothers have been able to remain away from the limelight. But, they’ve kept their following from the show, and unlike other celebrities like JT They’ve kept followers informed about their developments. People who have seen The Assanti brothers’ appearance in My 600-Lb Life will be pleased to learn that the two seem to be doing well. However, there was tension between them, and those who love the Assanti brothers will not wish to miss the details of what transpired.

Steven Assanti is married, however, he’s not happy with the storyline

Since the debut of the My 600-lb Life show, Steven Assanti has been doing well. And in the year 2018 he was married an individual who was named Stephanie. While the show depicted Steven as being self-absorbed and temperamental, Stephanie refuted many of the traits. In a 2017 interview in the show Starcasm, Stephanie explained that Steven could not be more different. “Beauty is skin deep and he has a heart of gold,” she stated. “[Steven is] nothing like how he was perceived on the TV show at all or on his YouTube videos. He’s a gentleman and a fantastic lover and lover of life in general.”

Being of the opinion that he was dealt with a bad deal, Steven has argued that TLC “overdramatized” his behavior. Steven spoke about this during an interview in 2020 with Nicki Swift, in which Steven claimed that the network did not bother to showcase any of his positive qualities. “They only show me going crazy, and yelling at people, and taking pain pills, and just all the bad stuff,” the singer said. “They filmed me and my family doing good things too, but they choose to show just the bad things.”

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Steven has also acknowledged that both he along with Stephanie are having a difficult to deal with the attention. In Nicki Swift’s interview, Nicki Swift’s appearance, Steven said that Stephanie did not like the spotlight and that it’s created tension. This culminated in an uneasy relationship wherein they lived just 90 minutes apart from one the other. “She’s kind of doing her own thing,” Steven explained. “We’re always working it out. I love her with all my heart and she loves me. We’re just in two different households right now. Need a little break.”

In the past, Steven attacked fans for accusing his wife of “cashing in” on his TLC checks. According to an article from Soap Dirt, the former star was angry after reading snide remarks and gossip. He also revealed his Stephanie “totally refused” an offer from TLC. The report also said that Steven has maintained his same weight since the operation to bypass gastric.

Justin Assanti continues to thrive and pursue his own path

Justin Assanti has also been doing well Since My 600-lb life. According to a report by The Cinemaholic, his store, Hobby Haven, is doing well and has been an effective method to cope with his anxiety about social situations. But his relationship with Steven isn’t as strong. “He doesn’t bother us since he got married,” the brother told his fans in an unpublished Reddit AMA session (via Starcasm).

In addition, Justin touched on the depiction of him in the show and his brother. According to an additional report from Starcasm Justin admitted that TLC producers did not lie about certain aspects of their tale, but he also claimed that Steven was a complete nightmare. Contrary to the notions Steven thinks regarding himself Justin stated that his show was a true representation of the reality of what life with Steven is like. “Steven on the show is Steven in real life,” Justin declared. “It’s one of the few things not scripted.”

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It’s been awhile since his last appearance on TV, Justin told fans during his deleted AMA that he’s been working hard to keep his weight reduction. In the AMA (via Starcasm), Justin has shed 200 pounds since the episode was broadcast.

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My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To JT?


Each episode of the show My 600-Lb Life follows an individual’s journey to lose weight for a set of individuals who can be considered to be morbidly overweight. To protect their personal health and well-being those who join the show commit to going through a strict plan that is laid out by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a.k.a. the Dr. Now, to try to shed the most weight possible prior to undergoing an sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass.

The weight of 600 pounds is an awful amount on an individual’s health, which means each episode is one of life or death. Perhaps, this hasn’t been more apparent on the show than the time Julius “JT” Clark went through the show. He was among the most heaviest people to ever be featured on the show having a weight starting at 892 pounds. Alongside the multitude of health issues associated with a person of this dimensions, Clark also had to battle an estimated 100-pound lymphedema lump that is the blockage of lymphatic fluids, which can cause massive swelling around Clark’s leg (via Mayo Clinic).

Through his appearance on the docuseries Clark dropped over 400 pounds and ended at 491 pounds. Although it was a great beginning, he was a long way to go before he was in a healthy state and this is the information we have about him after My 600-Lb Live.

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JT has remained in the dark, and has not spoken about the next move.


A majority of those who are on My 600-Lb Life tend to stay busy on social media sites so they stay connected to their followers and keep sharing their progress towards healthier lifestyles. This was the case for Season 3’s Amber Rachdi, who has an extremely active profile on Instagram. For a time, she uploaded pictures of herself in pinup style to show how great she feels about herself since she left the show.

Clark does not belong with them. It’s nearly difficult to locate any details on Clark on social media and we’ve been without information about him since his time on the show My 600-Lb Life was over, much to the dismay of viewers. When you look through the subreddit of the show there’s no doubt that a lot of viewers were enthralled by Clark and are looking for more details to ensure that he’s doing well in particular with regards to the swelling on his leg. It’s likely that after losing weight, dealing with the lymphedema is next to be on the list, however, currently we don’t know whether the lymphedema is still there.

Along with losing 400 pounds during Clark’s show Clark lost his love, something that some fans believed was understandable because of the manner in which the couple treated each other. Redditor Halosky summarized the feelings of many people by writing “He yelled at her because she was holding the food wrong. I’m kinda glad she noped the f*ck outta there.” There’s no info yet on whether Clark has had romances with anyone since the episode was aired.

Since My 600-pound Life frequently creates “Where Are They Now?” episodes, it’s likely that a lot of fans will be thrilled to watch Clark make an appearance just to see what’s been accomplished concerning his lymphedema.

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