Review of Mama Shelter Los Angeles: 4 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The heartbeat of Los Angeles has always been Hollywood at the very least for visitors. There is glamour, film stars and boutiques, and legends. DJs, dreamers, and designers. They are the Hollywood symbol is a famous signal to know that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Mama Shelter Los Angeles is the latest property that is four-star within the French Mama group. The property is located in a beautiful location on Selma Avenue, it’s 10 minutes away of the Walk of Fame, Capitol Records, and the Wax Museum and just a mere a few steps from Hollywood Boulevard. This is cool central in an informal, French, understated way, and of course. Mama Shelter has become a community gathering spot for the locals.

The Ambience

A little European A little bit European, a little SoCal, with lots of urban styles that’s too trendy for the space. The floor below is one part of an old-fashioned Hollywood art deco restaurant, an inviting bar, and restaurant with an explosion of colors from the floor to the low ceiling that effectively communicates warm, playful, and artistic flair.

I walk past an arcade game for soccer in the lobby and am greeted by a warm greeting from the front desk which is followed by a formal introduction of my name to the two staff members in charge, Charmain, and Jose.

Lifts, too! Mama Shelter Los Angeles is fun. The walls are decorated with a script that will have you absorbed into the story before you even reach the floor. Comedy nights with stand-up comedians DJs at the roof and other news items are etched on the mirrors of every floor. Right Image (c) Caroline Smith

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The Room

There’s absolutely nothing European about the room size. The bigger-than-expected Medium Mama Hollywood Sign View room is calm and minimalist with an elegant French-style design in black and white and windows that frame the view towards the famous Hollywood sign.

The fun and the style is evident in the little particulars; a personalized welcome note written on the mirror the trompe l’oeil carpet designs, Star Wars masks used to create a stunning effect on the lamps that are placed beside the bed. The scripts of the film The Big Lebowski by Ethan Joel Coen and Ethan the Swingersby Jon Favreau are sat on the bench which serves as a table, desk and shelving.

The oh-so-Hollywood-style book in paperback Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis is by the bed for my reading pleasure. Connectivity, laptop-compatible and a flat-screen TV are all practical features.

There’s no wardrobe, no issue. Hangers made of wood on chrome rails work perfectly. Baskets are supplied for laundry as well as hairdryer as well as Mama Shelter Los Angeles postcards to show off your pride. Two wicker lamps with vibrant colors provide fashionable lighting. The spacious white bed with white cushions is comfy as it is welcoming.

The bathroom is pure industrial style; white on white with a large rain shower and a 3-in-one shower-gel/body wash/shampoo combo. Towels are ample and soft.

Do not attempt to make the tea you want; the promised kettle arrived however even a phone call to reception could not figure out how to connect it. Opt instead for complimentary coffee and pastry (7-10 am) or for a cooked breakfast to be served in the restaurant in the lobby.

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If you want to go two blocks to the west of Selma and head to Caffe Etc. to find all the most popular American breakfast choices you can like. Imagine a cup of coffee that awakens the dead’, served with a range of authentic old-fashioned famous baseball caps available for auction. Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Bar and Rooftop Terrace. Rooftop Terrace and Bar

Who doesn’t want an outdoor bar that offers 360-degree views? This green oasis situated in The City of Dreams is the preferred spot for a power lunch to kick off an evening at the night, or a perfect location to unwind and enjoy the sunset view of the sprawling Downtown L.A.

Explore exotic cocktails (the infusion of hibiscus with tequila and lychee The Endgame and Boogie Nights made with Hendriks Gin, lime with mint) or go for a traditional Craft IPA or the fantastic French or Californian wines available.

Relax on the sofa to experience the true flavor of the casually creative California dining and tastes that are at their finest. Enjoy a selection of woodfire pork belly with daikon kimchi and Spicy Seafood with Handcut Noodles or head out on your own and take on Mama’s Impossible Royale (vegetarian) gourmet hamburger.

Mama Shelter Los Angeles’ rooftop is a mix of entertainment. You can enjoy everything from stand-up comedy to live DJs and people-watching on steroids. Locals are waiting to be seated. There are no reservations however, as a guest you’ll get priority seating.

The Verdict

Mama Shelter Los Angeles over-delivers and provides professional, friendly service, and other surprising amenities (as one would expect from Hollywood!). There is an arcade/game room as well as a fireplace in the lobby, and the Mama-themed newsstand and gift shop. The atmosphere is lively enjoyable, fun, and welcoming. Imagine French design meets the rhinestone cowgirl and Hollywood fanboy.

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Don’t bring your binoculars to the roof. The non-intentional entertainment offered by guests staying at the hotel next door might be a bit spicy.

Remember that in Hollywood everybody is a star.

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