Saturdays Are For The Boys – Why it Matters?

Perhaps you’ve seen the Instagram posts of pro and college athletes wearing the shirts. You may have heard the phrase being thrown around casually amongst friends. You may have even seen the flag being proudly flown at college football games all across the country. Regardless, if you are a college student, or have a college student, you probably have heard the phrase mentioned at least once.

Why “Saturdays Are For The Boys”?

It’s a movement that has taken the country by storm, and has largely been spearheaded by Barstool Sports, the sports site that claims they are “By the common man, for the common man.” While it started over the summer of 2016, the movement really picked up steam when colleges and universities went back for the fall semester, and many college students got behind the movement and saw rise of the movement exponentially grow.

It has grown so much, that many colleges and universities have had “Saturdays are For The *insert school mascot here*” shirts made by Barstool, and has become one of the greatest pop-culture movements of 2016. But what is the point of the “Saturdays are For The Boys” movement, and what does it mean? Saturdays being for the boys is a mindset that means for one day out of the week, all the problems of everyday life fade away, and you just chill with the guys.

Wake up Saturday morning (or afternoon, if Friday night got crazy) and just kick back and relax with the guys. Forget about school or the workweek, and just kick back, watch some college football, or do whatever you feel. Personally, I have the Saturday’s Are For The Boys flag and would buy a shirt, however, Barstool has still yet to make one for Duquesne (Saturdays Are For The Dukes, make it happen Barstool Sports).

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Since I’ve gotten to Duquesne however, many of my friends have embraced this same idea. That no matter what the week of classes may have brought our way, we always take Saturday to chill with the guys, watch some football, play some NHL 16 and then go out and party that night. It’s fantastic and is honestly what has helped grow the sense of camaraderie on the floor of my building and throughout my friend group as a whole. Without it, we may not have bonded in the same way, and has made for some fantastic stories throughout the first two months of college.

Because no matter how good, bad or ugly the week may have been, there is always time available on Saturday to be with the guys. Because Saturdays are, have been, and always will be, For The Boys.

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