Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: When will it happen?

On February 20, 2021, Amazon capitalized on the current trend of thrilling thrillers on television which includes limited series such as “Sharp Objects,” “The Undoing,” and “The Sinner” — with the launch of a brand new show called “Tell Me Your Secrets.”

Written and created in the hands of Harriet Warner (“The Alienist,” “Call the Midwife”) the initial season “Tell Me Your Secrets” brought us the lives of three people intersected in a dark way. One of the characters was a woman who was a member of Witness Protection, forced to begin her new life in a new city and then realize that she could not escape the traumas of her former life. Another character was a mom trying to conduct a desperate, guilty look for the daughter, who was missing for years and was believed to be dead. A third person was an infamous serial predator who was hired to carry out the dirty work of someone else as he tried to stop his old inclinations from returning. Through the first 10-episodes of “Tell Me Your Secrets,” Warner’s riveting, intricate story was not available to viewers and, if high ratings from the viewers for the show on Rotten Tomatoes can be any indication it left viewers looking for more after the credits began rolling in the finale of the season.

Tell Me Your Secrets has not been renewed yet.

The fans who love “Tells Me Your Secrets” might be calling for a new season and it’s not known what time it will be. In late the month of January 2022 Amazon is yet to announce a renewal for the thriller with a twist that features Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman as well as Hamish Linklater. In the same way, it’s hard to determine which of the cast members are expected to return in the event that “Tell Me Your Secrets” was renewed. Based on the way Season 1 ended, it’s very likely that Rabe, Brenneman, and Linklater will reprise their roles since every one of their character arcs is slated to continue. Other than that there are no casting announcements that have been made for Season 2.

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“Tell Me Your Secrets” Season 1 set up a thrilling storyline that can go in a variety of directions following the thrilling season finale. The first season introduces viewers to Emma Hall (Rabe), an 18-year-old woman who was recently released from jail and put into Witness Protection after she was detained to protect her lover, Kit (Xavier Samuel) who is a charismatic serial killer. The show also introduces Mary Barlow (Brenneman), a grieving mother who has lost the love of her daughter whom it is thought to be abducted and killed by Kit however Mary believes is alive. Mary is so convinced that her daughter is alive that she has hired John Tyler (Linklater), the serial predator who struggles to contain his criminal tendencies and investigate.

Season 1’s Season 1 finale, “The Dead Come Back,” put Emma in conflict with almost all the key players on the show. The most shocking revelation of this Season 1 finale reveals Emma recalls she known Theresa since she dated Kit. Emma also recalls a time when she attacked Theresa in jealousy. The next big revelation involves Theresa who is still alive. Mary isn’t willing to accept what she is telling her, and publically blames Emma.

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