The Best Way To Display Battery Percentage On iPhone 11

How do you find out about the battery percent on the iPhone 11? Do you think you have an iPhone 11 (iPhone XS, XR, or X as well) that doesn’t show the percentage of the battery’s age on the bar in your status?

When you upgrade to the iPhone 11/iPhone11 Pro model from iPhone 6s/7/8 you’re likely to be disappointed by the lack of battery indicators in the status bar irritating. But, the most recent iPhones have the longest battery life. It is enough for some users to not be able to keep track of the time of their battery on their phone.

If you’re looking to show the remaining percentage of battery in the status bar on the iPhone 11 then you are likely to disappoint. Due to the size of the bar, it’s not enough space for storage in the right-hand corner of the screen to display the percentage of battery. Therefore, Apple came up with a new solution. But the battery percentage remains hidden within Control Center. Control Center.

It’s true that there’s no way to display your battery’s percentage at the top of the screen on your Home or the Lock screen of the most recent iPhones. Here are four methods to immediately look at the exact level of your battery.

How do I display the percentage of battery on the iPhone 11

Step 1:

Go towards Control Center. Control Center (move to the left from the top left corner)

Step 2:

From your Home or the Lock screen. Quickly move from left to right and you’ll also see the battery percentage on near the bottom of the Today View screen

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Step 3:

Also, ask Siri

Step 4:

Connect your iPhone and then be able to see the percentages displayed on the Lock screen.


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