The conclusion of The Blacklist Season 8 explained

This article contains spoilers of “The Blacklist” Season 8 Episode 22 -“Konets “Konets”

The first episode of “The Blacklist” first premiered on September 23rd in 2013it seemed difficult for anyone to imagine that the show would go on to run the length of time it has. Since the very beginning it was evident that the show had an extremely repeatable format (always essential for police procedurals) and also an extremely complex mythology that could be explored in small fragments at one time.

After eight years of searching for leads, responding to a myriad of cross-checks, navigating to find a endless list of criminals arms dealers and drug lords The team in “The Blacklist” finds itself at a crucial crossroads in the season 8 finale. With Townsend having passed away as well as the Townsend Directive basically gone, Red (James Spader), Liz (Megan Boone) as well as Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) leave the scene of the death of Townsend. In a story titled “Konets,” Russian for “end,” the team is off to welcome the new world that is in front of them.

Of course, the death of Townsend will not resolve all their issues, and in reality, creates a couple of new ones.

Red plans to make Liz kill him

As viewers have been aware for some time that, if he is not treated, Red is not long to live in this world. Red is fighting an unnamed neurological disorder since the end of Season 6. While treatment has been proven to improve his health over the short-term, Red decides in the Season 8 finale that he’d prefer to die in the present rather than delay the inevitable. To avoid letting disease slow him down, Red devises a plan to Liz to take him to execution publicly, declaring herself the rightful heir to his work. Liz initially opposes the idea, but she later decides to accept it after contemplating the direction in which her journey has led her. The idea is to make Liz stand by Red outside the Pascual’s restaurant and kill him once the restaurant is closed. Red’s aim is to ensure that every major publication around the globe will carry his image shot dead by Liz’s hands.

For Red the shrewd plan demonstrates not only how much he loves Liz as well, but as well how much effort he’s willing to make sure that she’s safe even after his death. Red has evidently always been concerned very much about Liz (that is an important element of the show’s underlying mystery at the very least) However, the bond that they have developed throughout the past 8 years only helped to strengthen the bonds.

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Red is looking for Liz to become the new owner of his business

A key element of the conclusion is the unanswered issue of who will be the next to take over the criminal empire of Red following his death. Liz’s life has of course drastically changed in the past eight years. Nobody could have imagined when they first started “The Blacklist” that Liz was going to get so closely related to Red. After leaving her position in the FBI and becoming a fugitive from international law enforcement, Liz has made nearly an entire 180 degree turn away from her rookie FBI agents that viewers met during the first episode.

For most viewers the changes appear to happen as an immediate consequence of the actions of Red. But, Red offers a much more sombre view of the course that Liz’s story has taken. Red says “Maybe you were born to this,” but concluding that it isn’t a factor. Although Red acknowledges that in different circumstances, he wouldn’t would want to see her inherit the criminal empire he built, Red believes that she’s the most suitable potential successor. He says that “whether it’s chance or karma, DNA or fate, or just bad luck,” Liz’s present position is the most important thing now and nothing is more likely to defend her than watching her murder him and take his place.

Red will not reveal his identity to Liz until he is dead

The premiere trailer of the pilot episode of “The Blacklist” was released in 2013, one major problem has remained unanswered by those who have followed the long-running show What is the relationship between Raymond Reddington to Elizabeth Keen? In the season 8 conclusion, Red promises to have the answer to Liz at the time of his death but not before that. Red says his answer for this seemingly unanswered question is a tale “full of ambition, hope, love, and loss.” When asked why he doesn’t simply tell her about the end of his life, Red responds that if Liz finds out who he really is prior to pulling the trigger, she’ll not be able to complete the job of murdering him. When Liz asks if Red had known the mother of her child, she replies, “better than anyone.”

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Many clues throughout the show have led to speculation by fans the possibility that Red has a father figure. But when Liz confronts Red this question in a straight-faced manner, Red denies it. There are many fans who haven’t been sure that Red was honest in that particular moment (Red often lies) However, other fans have concluded that Red was honest and that Liz’s mother is the one who was lying. The theory known as the “Rederina” theory — which suggests Liz’s maternal grandmother, Katarina Rostova, became Red is being discussed on subreddits and fan forums for some time now however it was never considered a serious proposition. The drama of the final episode has caused many fans to believe that the theory has been true since the beginning.

Liz has a lot of advice

Liz begins Liz begins the Season 8 finale in a good mood she tells Red that when Townsend dead she believes she’s flying. However, the thought of the possibility of taking over Red’s empire has a significant impact on Liz and she begins to question the direction her life is heading. Did she have a destiny to be a fugitive even in the event that Red was not in her life? Do you think he is responsible for her decisions? Although Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Aram (Amir Arison) strongly oppose this notion, Cooper (Harry Lennix) is more open to this possibility of it, deciding that it could be the best solution to ensure that she and her daughter safe.

In addition to her most trusted family and friends, Liz receives support from an individual at the airport that only the most committed viewers on “The Blacklist” will recognize. The woman will be Beth Ryker (Delphina Belle) the same girl who is in a rig containing explosives in the initial episode of the show. After the conclusion of the pilot Liz can save Beth and she’s not seen in the series since then until the season 8’s final episode.

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Beth notices Liz in the airport and their conversation brings back to Liz how great it was to be able to make a contribution to the world. The chance encounter prompts Liz to take a second look at Red’s proposal and she accepts his death. There are many aspects to this story. Beth who is innocent, has accountable for the way in which Liz has decided to live.

Liz dies

killing off the deuteragonist from an action-packed police procedural in the eighth season of its run is certainly a bold decision which is not something many writers would attempt after such a lengthy period on air. This is the way “The Blacklist” does in the final minutes of the season 8 final. Liz is seen in the restaurant, ready to kill Red like he had requested.

But, when she raises her weapon her weapon, she hesitates before telling the man “I can’t do it. I don’t want to.” Red replies “That’s alright. I understand.” Without saying it explicitly they both seem to be sharing a an understanding glances. Perhaps Liz is finally putting everything together, and is aware of the identity of Red? But before Liz is able to ask an opinion, she is killed in the back in the back by Elias VanDyke (Lukas Hassel) likely as a retaliation to the murder of Neville Townsend’s boss Neville Townsend (Reg Rogers) earlier in the episode.

When Red is held by Liz as she gradually perishes of her wounds, an emotional flashback of Liz’s life is shown on screen. In the flashbacks, there is a notable interweaving scenes that show Liz as a child with her mom when she was an infant and scenes of Liz and Red over the previous eight years. Alongside providing a clue to Red’s past and past, the flashbacks are an ending for actress Megan Boone, who chose to quit the show.

NBC started airing Season 9 of “The Blacklist” (without Megan Boone) on the 21st of October (via IMDb).

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