The Perfect Itinerary Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier

Are you searching for the perfect route that takes you from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier, or vice versa to Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach? Then you’re at the right spot! Explore the best restaurants or art galleries, as well as things to do along the way.

Let me make a guess. It’s been a long time since you wanted to go to Southern California and you finally were able to fit an excursion in Venice Beach and Santa Monica into your hectic schedule. Yay! I love this part of LA!

Venice Beach and Santa Monica are located on the west coast of Los Angeles, and they directly face the Pacific Ocean. There’s simply no better spot to relax and sip a cocktail with brunch or take a few perfect Instagram pictures. What is the most effective way for you to take advantage of this sunny, fun, and trendy area of LA?

Join me I’ve got the ideal 1-day itinerary for you to take that runs from Venice Beach to Santa Monica (or Santa Monica to Venice Beach whichever is comfortable to you). Even if you have only two hours within Los Angeles, make sure to include this area which is one of my favorite throughout LA!

What to do when visiting Venice Beach and Santa Monica

There are several choices to go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica within a single day. You can go on your own, or by participating in a guided tour, or even by taking the hop on, hop off bus. Let’s explore the options in more detail.

Visit on your own

This Venice through Santa Monica itinerary either on walking (you are able to stroll across the city from Venice towards Santa Monica), with the help of the rideshare app or bus, or you can rent bikes from one of the many stores in the area, such as the chic Ride! Venice bike rental at Venice Beach.

I highly recommend going the train to Venice Beach through a rideshare application in order to save having to find a parking spot (and to find places to park!). If you want to look greener in the morning If you’re on the east of town then it’s possible to take Metro bus number 33 will drop you off right at the beginning on the adventure…the Venice Canals.


Let’s make it clear. There is no need for a guided tour to see Santa Monica and Venice Beach however, a guided tour will definitely make your visit more enjoyable!

Are you a fan of cycling but feel bored? I hear ya! I hear you! Santa Monica and Venice Electric Bike Tour is three hours of adventure that takes you around all of Los Angeles’ coastal areas. If you want to ride or not, that’s entirely your choice. BOOK IT HERE

Do you want to take things up a notch? Take a look at this Santa Monica and Venice Beach Segway Tour. The 2-hour, small-group tour will take you all across the Santa Monica Pier through Muscle Beach and on to Venice Graffiti Walls. Venice Graffiti Walls. RESERVE IT HERE


I used to shun buses that hop on and off until I realized that it is the best method to save money and time in situations where you are limited in a place and wish to experience the most you can.

I don’t recommend buying tickets just to go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica however if you’re planning to visit other areas of the city, such as Downtown LA, Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, then it could be a great option because you do not need to lease cars or take costly Uber taxis.

You can purchase a 24or 48or 72-hour passes Choose one of the 3 Loops or combine the three loops so that you can personalize your experience. Select Santa Monica Tour to explore both cities. Santa Monica Tour to explore both Santa Monica and Venice. CHECK IT OUT

Visit the Venice Canals

The Venice Canals were initially conceived in the mind of polyglot Abbot Kinney, who started the construction business in the early 1900s, in an attempt to replicate Venice, Italy, and create the “Venice of America.”

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In the beginning, they were used as a substitute for normal roads to traverse the region and extend for 16 miles today, the Venice Canals span 1.5 millimeters and are surrounded by stunning homes and flowing vegetation…and ducks.

Begin by wandering around this beautiful (and unusual) spot, strolling over bridges and feeling the sun’s warmth, and taking some of your most memorable photos with palm trees as the background, clearly. Because there are people who reside there The canals are open throughout the day… Also, please respect the canals!

It is possible to spend hours wandering around, taking photos of every beautiful corner…but only 30-40 minutes would likely suffice.

The Venice Boardwalk

If you’re content by the waterways, it’s now time to go on a real adventure and visit the world-renowned Venice Boardwalk.

The ideal place to start is at the intersection of Venice Blvd and Pacific Ave (a couple of minutes by foot to the Canals). From there, keep waking up to the west and let the crowd lead you (the entire area is completely free of cars).

The Venice Boardwalk is a bustling 1-mile area of graffiti (sand statues is my favorites statues! ) and pop-up shops. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists as well as one of the most extravagant spots in the city. On your promenade, be sure you check out the hand-crafted souvenirs, as well as the local weed doctors as well as skateboarders, hone their skating skills at the skating park.

If you’ve got some time to spare, and you’re one of those people who have a habit of exercising If so, the Venice Boardwalk won’t let you down. Visit this Muscle Beach Outdoor Gym (open since 1963! ) In addition to the gymnastic equipment, basketball courts, handball, beach volleyball, as well as tennis courts located nearby. Although Muscle Beach is open from 8 am to 6 pm, and costs $10 to get in during the day, the facility, as well as the courts, are available for everyone and accessible anytime.

If you choose to follow this plan on your bike, you can walk on your bike first until you spot the bike path to your left. Go ahead and turn the wheels. There’s no need to worry about it!

Of course, Venice Beach is also located on a beautiful and broad beach, and you’ll get an amazing view at it via the beach boardwalk. If this is your first (or third or fourth …) visit to Venice I would suggest that you walk along the boardwalk until you get to the ocean. It is not just possible to dive into the Pacific Ocean (careful, the water is colddddddddddddddddd) however, you can walk along the coast and walk in the ocean. In reality, it is possible to be able to reach Alaska!

It’s not that serious If you’re planning to travel to Santa Monica and the Pier in this manner, be sure you’ve got water and sunblock on you and have a 45-minute time frame to explore the area on foot.

Take a photo in front of the Venice Sign

If you’ve walked on the Boardwalk I would suggest stopping and talking to the spot at the intersection that connects Windward Ave (just passed the Hotel Erwin). This is the center of Venice Beach now!

It is also where you will enjoy the most stunning views from The Venice Sign, which will definitely be floating in the wind when you turn your head, looking back towards the ocean. Snapping a photo is an absolute must.

The exact location of the sign is Windward and Pacific and has been photographed for a number of years. Its original design, which the present one is a copy was first put up in 1905.

If you’re interested in vintage clothes and shopping, make sure to check out the Gotta Have It located at 1516 Pacific Ave, just behind the Venice Sign (opening hours: 11 am-7 pm). Find treasures on their shelves.

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Stroll down Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Then, take Windward Ave all the way and continue for 10 minutes. It is now Grand Blvd, then briefly to become Venice Boulevard. The sea, beach, and the boardwalk in front of you…just to discover a new Venetian jewel the Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

This is the place where Venice Beach turns into a trendy mix of plant-based restaurants stylish retailers, trendy eateries, and unique street art. I enjoy my walks here, going through the city from East to West exactly from the point that Abbot Kinney Blvd connects with Venice Blvd until you reach Brooks Ave.

In the meantime, I absolutely enjoy wandering around stores (some of my favorites include Urbanic Paper Boutique along with Saje Natural Wellness) as well as a look at the amazing murals that appear on every corner. They’re everywhere.

The city suggests a real Venice Art Crawl however you are able to have a look (and perhaps a photo) at the exhibits you see while you’re on the way to lunch or your next shopping excursion.

You can enjoy brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter

At the point you’re walking along Abbot Kinney Boulevard, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some food. I would suggest stopping at the Butcher’s Daughter, at 1205 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (opening hours: 8 am to 8pm). The plant-based restaurant has been featured in the headlines of numerous globetrotters and travelers blogs…because it’s incredible!

The restaurant serves meals for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner on weekends. Most importantly, everything is vegetarian. Their gluten-free and vegan choices are plentiful and delicious. The proprietor Heather Tierney prides herself on only using seasonal products that come from organic and local farms. I am able to confirm the deliciousness of all it has to offer.

My most loved dishes include the Surfer’s Breakfast (you can’t miss having a burrito you’re in CA…even if you’re vegetarian) along with The Spinach Pesto Ravioli, which are incredibly similar to the kind you’ll find in Italy…with far less animal-based ingredients obviously. Also, you shouldn’t be left out of their drinks. For instance, try the Vampire Slayer juice or their 7 Minutes in Heaven Smoothie. What else could I suggest? Go.

Stop in for ice cream and donuts along Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Whatever time of the morning (or night, I’m sure of you!) when you’re on this route I’m sure you’ll never walk away from Abbot Kinney Boulevard without getting ice cream or donut. I’m serious!

If you’re lucky, the delectable Salt&Straw will not have many customers. This famous ice cream shop is situated at 1357 abbot Kinney Boulevard opening at 3 pm each day. You can try one of the Pots of Gold and Rainbows or Honey Lavender…if they’re on the menu. Salt&Straw has a menu change every 4 weeks, meaning you’ll never be bored. In the same way, they’re consistent in their delivery (soo delicious) and the ingredients (local).

In the event that I didn’t convince you, or perhaps you’re among the few who don’t like Ice cream, check out Blue Star Donuts (1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd., opens at 11 am until they’re out of doughnuts!). I’m already squeezing.

Shop ‘Til You Drop in the Third Street Promenade

You’ve shopped and filled your stomach and have taken hundreds of images to update your Insta account, and now you’ve got the sand between your toes…it’s time to get moving and head on the Third Street Promenade and Third Street Promenade, the one thing that Santa Monica must do!

There are a variety of options available here You can take your car to place it into one of Third Street Promenade parking lots Use your classic rideshare app to request to drop it off between Broadway as well as Third St, hop on the Big Blue Bus #18 (get off right in the direction of the Tesla shop) or walk the leisurely walk for 1 hour. Whatever you choose, it’ll take between 20 and 60 minutes to complete the journey.

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On arrival, you’ll be greeted by another outdoor shopping mall…with lower prices, and some significant additions including movie theaters hotels, and statues. It’s free of cars and is among the most enjoyable ways to experience it on foot, without having a particular destination to think about. If you’ve ridden on a bike, there are bicycle racks that are convenient all over. Santa Monica is super bike-friendly.

It’s likely that you’ll encounter live shows, you’ll take an image at the dinosaur statue and shop at Anthropologie (1402 Third St; hours of operation: 10 am-5 pm). I’ve always had a wonderful time here, particularly for people watching.

The Final Stage: Santa Monica Pier

However, you’re missing the ocean, isn’t it? Another great thing to note about Third Street Promenade is its closeness to the Santa Monica Pier. Turn left towards the ocean from where you’re in the Promenade and continue walking until you are on Ocean Ave. You’ll spot the Pier in the distance (precisely that is the continuation from Colorado Ave).

I’d like to bet on the possibility of an enormous crowd of people gathered around a street performer near the Pier entry point. You can stop and watch…or don’t. It’s a great place to watch. Pier is long and is home to restaurants and shops as well as a wonderful place to capture photographs of the coastline. Imagine that you’re in the middle of the globe!

You can also grab drinks or a drink at Rusty’s Surf Ranch or go to Pacific Park for the most thrilling ride or a romantic trip at the wheel. You won’t find it in this area of the world!

Are you looking to travel in the opposite direction to go from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach? No problem at all. The itinerary is easily reversed.

The only thing to keep in mind is Pacific Park, the amusement park area located on Santa Monica Pier, which opens at 11 AM, so it’s possible to sleep in if heading in this way.

Parking on the Santa Monica Pier is possible because there are spots around the pier, but it’s expensive in the event that you intend to spend several hours walking around Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I would recommend arriving via Uber as well as public transport.

The possibility of renting bikes from Santa Monica is absolutely possible. I would recommend Santa Monica Beach Bicycle Rentals (1428 4th St, Santa Monica).

You can be assured that there’s plenty you can do and see in Venice Beach and Santa Monica You’ll always find something delicious, trendy, and sunbathing to enjoy there. I know!

Where to Find a Place to Stay In Venice Beach

Make reservations for your hotel using the map below.

FAQ Practical Questions to Consider Your Day

What is the distance between Venice Beach from Santa Monica?

The distance from Santa Monica to Venice Beach is about 3 miles.

You can stroll from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier?

The walk between Venice Beach to Santa Monica is not impossible – in actuality it’s quite a lovely stroll along the boardwalk which takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Is there a bus service from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier?

There is a shuttle bus service from Santa Monica to Venice Beach (and vice versa): Metro bus #33. It takes about 10 minutes.

Is there parking for free in the vicinity of Santa Monica Pier?

Yes, however, the majority of residential streets that surround it offer free parking throughout the daytime (not during weekends). In addition, beach parking lots have free parking after 5.30 after 5.30 pm.

You can bike between Santa Monica to Venice?

Of course, you can! The boardwalks of Santa Monica and Venice are bike-friendly. Actually, one can cycle all the distance the way from Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach.

What is the most reliable bicycle rental service in Venice Beach?

There are a lot of options to rent bikes in Venice Beach however my absolute favorite is Ride!Venice..

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