Tower Of God Season 2-The News so far

“Whatever you desire — it is here.” This is a bold claim made by a comic that is free. But the enticing phrases that describe “Tower of God” on the web page aren’t empty. Web Toon page aren’t an empty assurance. In the vast universe that Korean writer S.I.U. creates, there’s a lot of mysteries to discover. Our protagonist is Bam a child who embarks in a search to scale an impressive tower in search of his friend Rachel who vanished into the obscure levels. There’s no reason to wonder that it’s the reason Crunchyroll has adapted the comic to be one of its Crunchyroll Originals in the year 2020, and the reason it became so famous because of it.

Despite its popularity as an anime and comic However, there’s been no announcements about the continuation of the series after Season 1 concluded. Crunchyroll only had a single thirteen-episode series. Fans are seeking more in vain. It’s difficult to imagine that an well-known series with more than 10 years of original material in the process of being adapted, would be discarded at this speed. Therefore, the fans continue to have hope for the show. But, will the season 2 of “Tower of God” ever be a reality?

There’s not been much information regarding a Season 2 of Tower of God

The problem is that Crunchyroll isn’t revealing the date “Tower of God” Season 2 is scheduled to premiere. The company hasn’t even announced that the show will be re-aired for another season. “Tower of God” Season 1 ended on August 1, 2020, and Crunchyroll has not even spoken about the subject.

But the situation isn’t unsolvable. Technically speaking, Crunchyroll hasn’t yet canceled the series, but it would not have been the only show to have a break for at least one year between seasons. Andin the month of the month of November in 2021 Anime Geek stated the animator Yoshihiro Takeda appeared to have confirmed there was a second season working on it However, the publication warned that the information had not been confirmed in any official way. It is likely, however, that this indicates it is likely that “Tower of God” will be back in the near future. If you prefer watching the show instead of watching on the internet, the demand for an Season 2 is more urgent, since The first episode ended with an extremely dramatic finale.

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When the season 1 of “Tower of God” wrapped up, Bam (Johnny Yong Bosch) was greeted with an unexpected surprise. After navigating all the route to meet Rachel (Valerie Rose Lohman) and even helping her pass the administrator’s test, Rachel betrays him at the very last moment for her own benefit. The story of her backstory is revealed in the film, and it is revealed that she has used Bam all the time to get to the Tower. At some point, she is aware that she’ll be required to kill him. This appears to have occurred after she pushed him off the high cliff.

But Bam is still around, and is more determined than ever to ascend the Tower and discover the truth to Rachel’s actions. We can only hope that Crunchyroll is equally determined to deliver fans another season of “Tower of God.”

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