True to Game 3 – What we have Knowing About it so far

In 2017 “True to the Game” premiered as the number. #1 independent film and recouped half the budget of the film in its first week ( via Broadway World) regardless of the fact that it only screened at 419 screen. Despite some not-so-great reviews, as per The New York Times it was an easy decision as the film was based upon the original independently published book by Teri Woods There plenty of material to make an upcoming sequel. “True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story” was released in the fall of 2020 and, like its predecessor, it also grossed more than $1 million despite playing in just 300 theaters during the pandemic, according to Box Office Mojo the website, though it was also released in streaming platforms long after. This sequel is set to be followed by a new movie in a matter of minutes.

“True to the Game 3” is scheduled to release in the near future and will be released in a limited way like the other films. Actually, AMC Theaters already has an online page to promote the film. If you’re looking to learn more about this urban romance thriller, and what you can anticipate when it opens on the big screen, you’ll need to read more.

Updated on 19 August 2021. This post has been revised in order to accommodate a shift to the date of release.

What is the date of release for True to the Game 3?

In the beginning, rumors spread the idea that “True to the Game 3” was scheduled to be released on U.S. theaters on August 13th 2021. This was just a little over a year ago when the film’s first release in November of 2020. Director Manny Halley announced on Instagram in January that the film was scheduled to release on May 28 , both in theaters as well as on streaming services, which means that the date could be a delay. The time was when he stated that there were “final touches” on the project, but hasn’t announced a new release date since.

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The August 13 release date was a distant memory and now, crowd-sourced websites such as IMDb have been reporting an unconfirmed and non-official date for release. It’s also unclear what the movie will be available through streaming services, since the previous one only days after the movie opened. Video-on-demand releases will definitely bring in more people to the movie however, since it’s likely to only be available in selected theaters across the nation.

If you’re interested in keeping up on the earlier “True to the Game” films, they’re available across a variety of platforms for rental or purchase. You can access them at Amazon Prime, YouTube Movies, Fandango Now, and Hulu Live TV, among other platforms. I hope that the February date is a reality.

Who are the characters in the film True to the Game 3?

The the cast from “True to the Game 3” includes Erica Peeples as Gena, Columbus Short as Quadir, Darius McCrary as Detective Joe Davis, Iyana Halley as Bria, Jeremy Meeks as Saleem, Jeremy Miller as Detective Derek, Kinyumba Mutakabbir as Detective Grant, Kris Lofton as Terrell, Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland as Alia, Andra Fuller as Jerrell, Omar Gooding as Nino as Nino, as well Starletta DuPois as Gahgit. Vivica A. Fox who was the character Shoog in the initial two installments of the trilogy isn’t expected to return for the third installment.

The film is made by David Wolfgang, who has also been involved in “Dutch,” another Woods book that became a film. There’s plenty we aren’t aware of regarding “True to the Game 3,” however. Even though the film is scheduled to release in just two months and the marketing isn’t yet in place as well as both the website as well as the website remain focused on the first project. It’s hoped that that will change and we’ll get more information over the next few months.

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What is the plot in True to the Game 3?

The “True to the Game” films are about an innocent young woman called Gena from Philadelphia trying to live a quiet life with her grandmother Gahgit until she encounters the drug dealer Quadir and is entangled in his world. The incidents of the film make him dead. In the sequel, Gena tries to pick up the fragments of her life by making the move to L.A. however, her the gang leader rival Jerrell has made a decision to join her in pursuit of the money that Quadir left behind.

The ending in “True to the Game 2” left a few unfinished plot points that will hopefully be addressed in the upcoming film. The most notable is that the once thought-dead Quadir ends up being Gena’s rescuer. In the film’s review on AMC The film’s description, Quadir offers her 72 hours in which she can go to Philly and look after her relatives Bria as well as Gah-Git. The federal authorities are putting pieces together and corrupt police are smuggling around the streets. While Bria’s boyfriend Saleem isn’t able to get in touch with Jerrell and it seems there’s a snitch within the group. In essence, Quadir and Gena have to get away from Jerrell and battle chaos — like being pursued by a mysterious killerbefore they can begin the new chapter of their lives.

There’s certainly a hint of soap opera-like narrative in this. If the plot does end up as it was in the book, it’ll offer plenty of action and an enjoyable conclusion for those who are fans of the relationship between the two and the entire series.

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