Visiting Bermuda: 11 Things To Know-Bermuda Travel Tips

Are you planning to visit Bermuda in the near future? Find out the top the 11 things you need to be aware of before visiting Bermuda, as well as some helpful Bermuda tips for traveling.

Bermuda is an amazing island with plenty of unexpected delights. But there are some misconceptions about Bermuda, and unlike some of the more well-known tourist locations, it has some things that few people are aware of Bermuda. There are some things to know prior to traveling to Bermuda!

If you’re thinking about going to Bermuda or contemplating where to visit on your next vacation check out these informative Bermuda travel tips as well as the best places to stay in Bermuda guidelines.

1. Bermuda is not in the Caribbean

This is among the most common myths regarding Bermuda. While it looks like the Caribbean island in various different ways Bermuda lies located in its own North Atlantic. Although this isn’t really making much difference to the experience of Bermuda, it does affect the way you travel to arrive there. If you’re located on Bermuda’s East Coast, Bermuda might be closer than you thought!

2. It’s extremely near to the East Coast of the US

In that regard, Bermuda is located very close to the East Coast of America, and that’s where you’ll most likely fly to arrive in Bermuda. Traveling to US cities like New York and Boston take about two hours but you can connect to virtually every East Coast city.

However, in the event that you’re not in the mood to fly the best method of getting to Bermuda is to combine Bermuda as well as New England on a cruise. Explore the Celebrity Bermuda Cruise and imagine having the opportunity to visit the picturesque Bermuda island Bermuda for some days. Then, you can enjoy the beautiful towns in Maine and the vibrant city of Boston and finishing your voyage by visiting New York City.

3 Bermuda is home to stunning beaches

One of the major reasons Bermuda is mistaken for a Caribbean island is the high quality of its beaches. There is sparkling clear water, gorgeous sand, and plenty of sunbathers. This is similar as those found in Turks and Caicos or other Caribbean islands. Remember that the island is located in the Atlantic in the summertime, and during this time the water temperature is hot, however, it can drop to cooler temperatures in winter.

The most stunning beachfront are Jobson’s Cove, Tobacco Bay beaches, and of course Pink beaches… Continue on reading! West Whale Beach is also fantastic, but due to the low tide, it can only be accessed for some hours per day. Humpback whales visit through here in April, however typically, they’ll be too far from shore

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4 You aren’t able to hire a car on the island

Car rental is prohibited by government officials of the Bermudian government. The reason behind this is the fact that the island is small (21 acres) as well as has only a tiny population of just 65,000. But, the island anticipates approximately 600,000 visitors a year, and if all hired cars, the infrastructure would not be able to accommodate them.

What options do you have? Rent scooters or mopeds as they are available for free and inexpensive to lease and there’s an emerging market for electric minicars, too. Additionally, there are locations to rent bicycles if you’d rather (and you can also get exercise in the same at the same time) There is a wide range of taxis throughout the island.

5 You are able to swim in the grottos

There are a variety of grottos and cave systems that are found along the coastline of Bermuda and all are gorgeous. To make it more enjoyable, you are able to go swimming in the caves! There are a lot of companies offering swimming excursions in the larger caves, and this is often the best method of experiencing them, as you’ll benefit from local experience.

Prospero’s Caves and Cathedral Caves are within the premises at Grotto Bay Beach Resort, and definitely worth a trip.

6 It is recommended to purchase insurance for your travels prior to departing

Anyone who plans to visit Bermuda should be cautious before boarding a plane to Bermuda without medical insurance. The cost of medical care in Bermuda is believed to be the second-highest in the world, frequently much higher than in the US! A majority, if certainly not all American as well as British medical insurance providers won’t provide coverage if something happens to you on Bermuda, so you must think ahead prior to traveling.

There is no way to predict when something might occur (and most likely, it won’t) However, unexpected events occur and you’ll need to be protected in the time you require it most, specifically in a nation such as Bermuda where medical costs can be a major issue.

This is the insurance that I take advantage of for just 37 dollars each 4 weeks. 

For more extensive coverage, it is possible to go to this alternative.

Check out my blog post which examines the most effective insurance for travel options.

7| The historical Town of St. George is super Instagram-worthy

It is believed that the Town of St. George was the first settlement on the island, and is rich in local history. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site to reflect this fact. There are many stunning structures to be seen and many of them are vibrant and can be used to create the perfect Instagram photos.

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It is recommended to make sure you visit King’s Square, which is situated in the heart of town. It’s also a great location to begin any tour. There are many companies offering minibus tours and walking tours but it’s also possible to navigate yourself around town if prefer.

8 | It’s quite expensive

This is a crucial aspect to think about when going to Bermuda. A lot of people who have moved to Bermuda don’t cook at home as it’s as costly as dining out. The reason behind this is the fact that the island is tiny and that the majority of items come from other nations and this increases the price significantly.

9| Yes, it’s true. There are beaches that are pink! !

Do I need to repeat this again? Pink beaches! Bermuda is well-known for its beaches with pink sand which provide perfect photo opportunities, especially during sunset. The sand is comprised of tiny invertebrates which live on coral reefs along the coast of Bermuda.

You’ve probably seen pictures that show Horseshoe Bay Beach before. It was named in the eyes of Conde Nast one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there’s no way to ignore this amazing pink beach while visiting Bermuda!

10| Be on the lookout for jellyfish

Bermuda is the location for the Portuguese man of war, a jellyfish that can be poisonous. This isn’t a reason to cause fear. The jellyfish is only seen often, mostly in the aftermath of storms. It shouldn’t hinder you from exploring the island.

The beaches are likely to have warning signs in place if jellyfish are frequently seen however, it is important to be vigilant regardless. Ask the locals or your hotel if there’s been any recent sightings on the beach prior to for a swim at some less-known beaches.

11| Bermudians are fluent in English!

Then it’s simple to converse with locals! Bermuda’s language of choice is Bermudian English, which is an amalgamation that combines American, British, and West Indian English. There are some locals who speak Portuguese However, you will not face any issues with language.


As I told you previously, Bermuda is not a cheap getaway. I generally suggest luxury, mid-range and budget-friendly options, however, in this instance, I needed to include a luxury category since middle-range is already costly. Make reservations following the link below.

Super Luxury Hotels

Rosewood Bermuda: A 5-star luxury resort featuring its private beach with pink sand, Rosewood Bermuda is synonymous with luxurious. The stunning facilities include four swimming pools as well as a beach club and a spa, so it’s easy to imagine that the suites and rooms are as luxurious as they come. Visit this hotel if you’re searching at the best luxury getaway to the beach. BOOK IT HERE

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Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Fairmont Managed Hote

The famous, five-star pink hotel you’ve probably spotted in Instagram at some moment. The main attraction of this luxurious hotel is its infinity pool that has a Hamilton Harbor view, plus its four restaurants, top-of-the-line rooms, and an excellent spa makes this hotel a great option. The location is excellent, just 5 minutes walk from Hamilton. Book it here

Luxury Hotels

Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa The resort is a lush adult-only resort that is the perfect romantic getaway. Private beach access, tropical ocean views, three restaurants as well as The Ocean Spa are the perfect place to unwind and unwind, however, you’ll also find two tennis courts as well as a gym for those who want to get more active. BOOK IT HERE

Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa: Shuttles for free to the 18-hole course and the beaches make this hotel practical. The hotel has stylish rooms and suites and studios equipped with kitchenettes. Each room has balconies with stunning panoramas of the harbor. There’s also an exercise room, spa outdoors pool, along with a hot tub. What else do you require? BOOK IT HERE

Boutique & Middle Range Hotels

Inverurie Executive Suites is located within Mount Pleasant, this hotel provides the convenience of accessing all other areas of the island. The breathtaking panoramas of the sea from your terrace can make you feel as if you’re aboard the deck of a cruise ship! The suites are all equipped with either a kitchenette or a full kitchen, which can help you save on the cost of meals. BOOK IT HERE

Oxford House: A beautiful property that has easy access to Hamilton and the bus and the ferry. The Bermuda-style townhouse has 12 spacious rooms, as well as an amazing breakfast included. It’s like staying in an English country home! Book it here

Bermuda is a stunning island that is worth a trip. If you’re planning to go there, be sure that you’re not frightened by the cost of food or drinking water. These issues could be enough to make a trip a disaster, therefore it is important to be prepared prior to visit Bermuda. We hope these Bermuda trip experiences were useful in arranging your excursion. Enjoy your trip!

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