What did American Horror Story fans feel about the 10th season of American Horror Story

Ten seasons later, “American Horror Story,” the FX horror anthology series developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk remains extremely popular with viewers of television. The show has been renewed for three more years (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The tenth and most recent season “American Horror Story” was constructed in a different way than the first nine seasons. The season, which is titled “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” contains not one yet two narratives, referred to by the names “Red Tide” and “Death Valley.” The first one is about a writer and his wife who is pregnant when they relocate to a town by the sea which, as they discover, is populated by once creative people who have turned into vampires. “Death Valley,” meanwhile is about a group of college students who are on an excursion to the beach and discover themselves caught in an eerie conspiracy almost a decade in the creating. The season debuted with the debut episode “Red Tide” on August 25. It concluded its two-story run with the last episode in “Death Valley” on the 20th of October.

It is evident that the show has kept fans watching every season to discover what fresh storylines Murphy, as well as Falchuk, have created. The fans have a variety of opinions about aspects of “American Horror Story” as well What did they think of Season 10?

The majority of AHS fans are not happy with Double Feature

After “American Horror Story: Double Feature” has been aired and the fans have had time to absorb the show’s content, it’s the perfect time to express their opinions about the show’s season. With that in mind, Reddit user Maxfd97 opened a conversation with fans by stating the fact that they “loved ‘Red Tide'” but were “neutral about” the season’s second part, “Death Valley.”

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u/pk10534 has a variety of mixed opinions about the two halves of the season. He noted, “‘Red Tide’ had potential, but it was quite rushed for only five episodes. The final episode had a bizarre twist that I wasn’t an avid fan of.” The user went on to say that by saying, “‘Death Valley’ was just…whew. The black and white portions weren’t terrible but the contemporary things were just awful.”

In other news, u/Former_Smile5027 enjoyed “Red Tide” — in the majority. “I loved ‘Red Tide’ and I’ll just be pretending Episode 6 doesn’t exist. [Episode] 5 would have been a perfect finale,” the Redditor wrote.

In the end, the majority of viewers did not like the conclusion of the show’s “Red Tide,” because many felt that the finale took on an uninspiring tone compared to the first five episodes. The fans on Reddit expressed this sentiment and the u/SplurgyA account shared their solution to this exact issue, writing, “‘Red Tide’ should have done what ‘Death Valley’ tried to do — an abrupt cut.”

A few AHS fans didn’t like anything about the Double Feature

While some viewers appreciated potential in the stories depicted on “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” others struggled to find something they liked about the show.

I was not impressed with one of its stories, Redditor u/cvc1492 wrote “I found both to be absolutely horrible. “Roanoke” is now regarded as the most awful ‘AHS’ season.. Even that season was enjoyable. “Double Feature” was a total waste of time, unfortunately.”

With a completely different structure than the other seasons, it’s not surprising to understand why “Double Feature” didn’t land for some viewers. “Red Tide” and “Death Valley” each lasted only 6 and 4 hours in total, making the episodes shorter than other “American Horror Story” seasons. To make things more confusing both stories don’t connect at all at the final. In the end, with no anything that can help narratively connect the two stories, the decision to break “Double Feature” in two resulted in feeling somewhat random for some fans.

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In reality, for one person, the distinctive design completely hindered enjoying the show. u/pjrnoc confessed, “I had no idea “Double Feature” meant two seasons within one. I was thinking they’d be connected somehow. The season ended quickly, and I didn’t realize that was the end of the season!”

In addition, u/italihung revealed that they believed the season “missed the mark” with the two-story structure. “We all know ‘AHS’ seasons NEED the usual amount of episodes to fully develop each and every character as well as the many themes successfully,” the Redditor wrote. “If both ‘Red Tide’ and ‘Death Valley’ were each a separate season with 10 episodes to develop all details they’d probably be in the top 50% fan favourite seasons.”

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