What is Amy who is from the 1000-lb Sisters where is she now?

Kentucky local Amy Slaton became a household name when she was the co-star on The TLC’s “1,000-Lb. Sisters,” which follows the weight-loss experiences of both her elder twin sister Tammy Slaton. Contrary to the serious (and likely scripted) “My 600-Lb. Life,” Slaton’s show is full of funny moments where they talk about their fags and indulge in their favourite foods such as “sodies,” and film comedy issues for YouTube. Amy and Tammy initially gained acclaim as YouTube celebrities and their fan base gained momentum after “1,000-Lb. Sisters” premiered on TLC in January 2020.

In the three seasons which are airing at the date of this writing, viewers have been able to witness Amy and Tammy’s respective struggles to reach their weight loss goals. In the beginning of the season, both sisters dreamed of obtaining bariatric surgery. Since Season 3 Tammy is still struggling to make the lifestyle changes that the sisters had hoped to achieve. Amy was able to qualify for bariatric surgery during the first season. Since then, Amy has seen significant improvement in her life.

Amy is working towards her goals for the rest of her life.

As viewers witnessed during the third season of “1000-Lb Sisters,” Amy is doing very good in her pursuit of several goals. Fans of Slaton know the extent to which Amy always wanted to become a mother — something she thought was almost impossible prior to reach certain goals in terms of health. Following her operation, Amy became pregnant with her son Gage which she has with partner Michael Halterman. They welcomed their first baby boy into the world on the 10th of November, 2020. In the month of January in 2022, Amy revealed that she was expecting her second child according to her Instagram account.

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At some point, Amy and Michael resided in a tiny house next to Tammy who depended on them for almost everything including grocery shopping, to take her to appointments with doctors. The apartment proved too small for the three of them, and even four. Amy was aware that her growing family required a “forever home” to call their home. In Season 3, viewers watched Amy and Michael looking for the perfect house. Also, Amy hired home nurse Tisa to help Tammy and help ease the transition of her eventual relocation.

However, it’s certainly not all easy for Amy who admittedly is struggling with health issues and also an addiction to hoarding. It’s clear that she’s made lots of achievements which she is proud of.

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