What was the age of Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto and Shippuden’s Naruto?

The story that started in the first chapter ” Naruto” is still being told in “Boruto.” Naruto’s son is the focus of “Naruto”, the sequel to the series. The story of Naruto’s son was the focus of “Naruto”, which aired for 220 episodes before “Boruto”‘s first episode. After the anime adaptation to “Naruto”, the series aired 220 episodes. Then, the series moved ahead in time by adding the subtitle “Shippuden.” After that, the series aired an additional 500 episodes. The anime “Boruto”, then, is the continuation of a story already 720-episodes long, and included many movies that took place canonically in those episodes.

It can be easy to forget about the history of “Naruto”, and instead focus on the ongoing stories in the latest chapters or episodes of “Boruto,” given the current state of “Naruto”. Some “Boruto” fans may consider Naruto an old father.

In those 720 episodes that led up to “Boruto”, Naruto experienced his own multifaceted hero’s story, starting when he was young, and continuing through his teenage years.

Naruto grows up in front of his fans

The opening of “Naruto” revealed that the hero’s titular character is only twelve years old. This may seem young, especially compared to Naruto’s adult appearance in “Boruto”, but the series treats Naruto as he was in those early years. Even though Naruto wants to be the Konohagakure’s Hokage in the end, he is more involved in routine mischief than he was with his Ninja studies.

Although the original “Naruto” series covers 220 episodes of anime, Naruto only lives for one year, and the original “Naruto” series ends at thirteen years.

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Naruto will be 15 years old when the series “Naruto” sequel is released. Naruto is now a skilled ninja having defeated many powerful foes during his teenage years. Naruto’s age increases from 15 to 17 during “Shippuden.” The end of “Shippuden” is just before Naruto becomes a legal adult. If such distinction exists in the ninja community of “Naruto,” “Shippuden” ends. Naruto, the protagonist of “Naruto”, and “Shippuden,” is only ever a child. Naruto becomes an adult in “Boruto” and is replaced by a young protagonist. This preserves the series’ focus on youth and maintains Naruto’s character arc.

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