What you need to do to clear Discord chat [Delete All Messages]

Clear Chat on Discord Discord can be an incredible app to communicate with friends and build an intimate community. The administration headaches associated with running an operational Discord server is the fact that managing messages that are old can be an issue particularly when you need to get rid of offensive or inappropriate messages.

Although many users make use of Discord predominantly to chat with their voice. Furthermore, the text chat feature is incredibly popular. Even though Discord is a gaming app but it’s now gaining popularity on a much higher level, which makes the chat feature on the text an even greater necessity.

Based upon the capacity of the size of your Discord server, the Discord chat could be packed with many messages. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to delete all these messages in order to clear out unsuitable messages or are looking to clean up the slate. It is important to understand the most efficient method to clear the backlog of your server.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can take control of your Discord server’s backlog of messages as well as how to delete all messages.


Discord offers two distinct kinds of messages i.e Direct messages and Channel Messages

Direct Messages:

They are conversations that take place between 2 people.

Channel Messages:

These are the chat messages which is shared with the entire group on one channel.

Every type of message functions in a variety of ways and has different rules. When Discord first came out administrators were able to delete or edit messages in bulk from the native interface of the Discord application. This created issues for Discord databases since administrators would often remove messages in bulk simultaneously.

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This function was removed from the original UI. However, although it’s not as easy to do as it was in the past but it’s still possible to wipe the entirety of Discord servers’ messages.

Technically, it is impossible to erase the contents of a Direct Message in Discord. Simply close the chat window to ensure that you do not be able to see messages. You can also delete your copy of the message to erase it in your log. However, the message is still there on the other’s chat panel as well as on Discord servers. Here’s how to remove the local copy of your message:

Step 1:

First, right-click on the person Direct Messages were exchanged and then select to send a message.

Step 2:

On the left-hand right side of the Direct Message panel, hover over the conversation, then tap the button which appears.

Step 3:

The conversation disappears at least on your side. You should ensure that there’s no confirmation message Don’t touch your X when you are talking to someone that you may want to keep.

If you’re looking to keep some Direct Message conversations, that’s the only thing you need to do. If you’d like to erase channel messages, this is how you can do it.


Similar to Direct Messages channels can also be removed using various ways.

There are three methods to remove channel messages from Discord.


The first option is to manually erase the message manually. Here’s how:

Step 1:

First, open the channel of text that contains the message you’d like to erase.

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Step 2:

Click on your message till the three-dot symbol appears on the upper right. Click on it and then select to delete from your menu.

Step 3:

A window will pop up asking you to confirm your choice. Press the button to delete. button.

This is a good option for those who have only some troublesome messages to eliminate. But it’s definitely not suited for the removal of large amounts in text messages.

If you’d like to delete messages, then you must revert to one of the following options.


Another method to “Clear chat in Discord’ is to utilize a bot specifically designed for deletion of messages. There are a variety of bots that you can choose from. However, at present the MEE6 bot has become the one that is most popular among Discord server administrators. Installation of MEE6 bot MEE6 bot is very easy.

Step 1:

The first step is to sign into the Discord server.

Step 2:

After that, go through then the site of MEE6.

Step 3:

Select join Discord and then tap authorize to allow the bot to run your server.

Step 4:

Select the server that is appropriate.

Step 5:

MEE6 will then prompt for permissions to grant to delete messages. Click the authorize button when asked.

Step 6:

In to the MEE6 controls panel you can enable the Moderation plugin to be installed. When MEE6 has been installed, it will be able to utilize many commands to erase messages, and much more.

Once you have been authorized, you are able to make use of certain commands to erase messages. Use ‘!clear @username’ to delete a particular user’s previous 100 messages. You can use ‘!clear1000 to delete the most recent 1000 messages that were posted on the channel. Additionally, you can alter your number in order to show the number of messages you wish to remove however, the maximum amount is 1000.

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This is the most simple method of removing many messages simultaneously.


If the MEE6 alternative isn’t working to your satisfaction, you can try the only method to erase all messages on the channel is to copy the channel. This is necessary to create a fresh version of the channel, however, it doesn’t duplicate the channel’s previous message history.

Step 1:

The first step is to create a list of bots that you have on your channel. Cloning the channel isn’t always the same as copying them all across.

Step 2:

Click on the channel and then right-click it. you wish to copy.

Step 3:

Choose Clone Channel.

Step 4:

Rename the channel you cloned should you like.

Step 5:

Tap on Create Channel.

Step 6:

Remove that channel.

Step 7:

Then, open the new version and then add any bots you require.

Cloning a channel will include all users of the channel, and will also reset everyone’s permissions. It also makes it simpler to create an entirely new channel. The messages on the old channel have been removed and the new channel is set with the same parameters.


This is all you need to know about Clear Chat in Discord. If you have questions or further questions, send us a message in the comments section below!

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