When Does Luffy Use Gear 4? See What Episode Number It Is!

When does Luffy use Gear 4: Monkey D. Luffy is the most beloved and likable shonen character of all time. The popularity of the character and his abilities has grown exponentially over the past two decades. From the very beginning, it was clear that Luffy was well on his way toward becoming the Pirate King. Both the manga and anime have crossed the line, and Luffy still hasn’t achieved what he longs for. One thing he does have, however, is the Gear 4. This powerful fighting technique allows him to take down even the evilest villains like Kaido. When does Luffy use Gear 4 then? This scene is shown in what episode of One Piece. Let’s see.

All of this began when Luffy was just a small, meek boy. He ate the devil-fruit without knowing the consequences. He got his rubber-like body from this point. This devil fruit wasn’t the only one who helped bring the Gear 4 to his realm of power. Luffy invented this gear. Let’s now look at the whole story.

The Origin & Powers of Gear 4

Gear does not mean only weaponry or armor. Gear is more a fighting strategy that a wielder creates to make the most of his abilities. Luffy came up with Gear 4 during a very stressful situation. Luffy employs a different aspect of the Gomu Gomu not Mi devil fruit for each gear. Luffy used the power of compression and elasticity to make high-impact attacks in the Fourth Gear fighting technique.

This gave Luffy speed and increased strength. Luffy can create shock waves of high intensity and similar attacks by filling his muscles with air. Silvers Rayleigh, the manga’s author, had pointed out that this was a clever way to use one’s elastic body for stronger attacks. Let’s now get into the main question: When does Luffy use Gear 4?

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Gear 4 was first shown in One Piece Episode 726 (manga Chapter 783). The episode was called “Gear Fourth!” The Phenomenal Bondman! Doflamingo was Monkey D. Luffy’s opponent at the time. This was the Dressrosa Ark of OP. Luffy inflated his entire front, causing his torso to become bloated. Doflamingo was stunned and he charged at Luffy, sending him into shock.

There are also two different Gear 4 forms that have been released in anime. These include the Snakeman and Tankman forms. The Tankman forms create a shock attack similar to the Snakeman’s, but with greater force. The Tankman attack can only be sustained for a short time. The Snakeman Gear 4 attack, on the other hand, involves powering up the upper body to create the appearance of a giant man. Luffy can appear stronger than his opponent by using this technique.

Now you know the answer to the question “When Luffy Used the Gear 4” in One Piece anime & manga. You can ask us any questions in the comments box below. Keep checking The Anime Daily for more information on these interesting OP theories.

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