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What you can change with – Frequency Settings

The IP address is used by multiple manufacturers including Belkin, Dell, Apple, and Netgear to access the router’s setting page. But, what else you change with IP address?  Users can do changes in the setting page and to do that, you need to follow given steps Piso Wifi Portal Login:

1. Visit your preferred browser.

2. Type in the setting page.

3. Enter your login credentials.

This allows you to make changes in your network settings. Users can make changes in Wireless Network Name, password, LAN IP address, DHCP settings, and more Piso Wifi Portal Login. know the Piso Wifi Portal access.

How to access lbp piso wifi?

To enter the dashboard of wifi, users can follow below given steps:

  1. Go to your preferred web browser on a mobile device.
  2. In its search bar, enter for  o 10.0 0.1
  3. Later, you will see its dashboard where the login page is added. Here you will be asked to put your login credentials. You can enter correct information so that it can be accessed efficiently.
  4. You can now change its setting and even its admin panel.

How to generate access codes for your Wi-Fi flat network with

  1. Visit your web browser and enter ‘ admin panel’ in the search space.
  2. After you have redirected to its dashboard, enter your login credentials such as name, username, password, etc.
  3. Scroll the page to click on access code generation on the piso lpb configuration page.
  4. You can set the time duration of the access code such as 12 hours, 24 hours, 08 hours, etc.
  5. Click on generate access code and keep the credentials at a safe place.
  6. If you want you can also provide temporary access codes to your guests.
  7. But, keep this in mind that these temporary codes will work only for a specific time period which you’ve decided.
  8. If your guests try to connect through these codes after expiration, they won’t be able to do that.

Problems that comes while using Wifi

With wifi connection, users might face a few problems while visiting the admin Panel. These problems are mentioned below so that users can learn about them.

  1. IP addresses might take too long to respond because of some technical glitches. Here, users can try to access the wifi settings through alternative addresses –, 192.168 , .
  2. You can check the cable and your router device so that if there is any breakage it can be fixed. Because sometimes, faults can be seen in hardware materials.
  3. If nothing happens after these solutions and error is still there, you can directly reset the router after switching off from the backside of the router.

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