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Activision Ban Appeal: Look How It’s Work

Today in our article we are going to talk about the activision ban appeal. This article will cover the reason behind the ban of Activision accounts, steps to unban it, and other topics which are essential topics, so keep reading this article below to know about it in detail.

Overview of Activision

When you play some online game then there are chances of facing some unexpected ban. There is a platform named Activision where you can play games but it has some strict policies. If you neglect them then you will get banned from playing games. After that you will have only one option to play games, which is Activision ban appeal. It is important that you don’t indulge in unfair activities such as cheating. Through this article we will tell you about the complete process which you follow if you get banned from playing the games such as how you can do effective appeal, and how fast your account can get unbanned. We will also discuss the potential reasons for banning the account. You just have to keep yourself calm during the unban procedure.

Reason behind Activision ban

You can find several games designed by Activision, they developed those games for the entertainment of the people but they have strict rules and policies. If you don’t follow them then your account will get banned below are the some reasons of getting ban:

  • Doing cheating or hacking: For having extra advantages in the game or to win the game if you use any third party software then it will lead to restriction of your account, don’t try to do cheating or hacking the game otherwise your account will get banned.
  • Boosting: Sometimes some players push their ranks and stats using some tools which lead to restriction of their account.
  • Exploiting bugs, glitches, and other game issues: It is common that a game can have some glitches and bugs and if players don’t report them and take advantage from those glitches and bugs for personal record then they will get banned from the Activision. You should always report the glitches and bugs for resolving the issue.
  • Toxic behaviour or harassment: While playing games developed by Activision you have created a good environment, you should bully or harass any other player, if you misbehave with another player and bully or harass them then they can report your account which will force creators to ban your account.
  • Real-money trading: You can not trade game items, services or your account, if you do so for earning money then you will break their rule and for doing that your account will get banned.

Activision Account Can be Unban

If your account gets banned then there is a way by which the ban can be removed from your account. You just have to do an Activision ban appeal. Ban can only be removed from the account if it was banned due to unauthorized activity. If your account is temporarily banned or is under review, you cannot appeal for removing the ban. If you are unaware about the banned type so you can check the Activision statement which says the account which is in review will be matched with other accounts which are also in review and if you play with shadowbanned players then it means your account is being reviewed.

Process of Submitting An Activision Ban Appeal

In this section of our article we will provide you all instructions which you can follow to make an Activision Ban Appeal, below you can find all the instructions:

  1. Visit Support website: For submitting an appeal you have to first visit Activision Support website.
  2. Login to your banned account: Now in this step you have to login in your Activision account.
  3. Select the Game in which you got banned: Now you have to select the game after login in which your account gets banned.
  4. Choose the playing platform: Now you have to select the platform on which you play the game.
  5. Describe your issue by choosing topic: In this step you have to select the topic “Security and Enforcement” in case of ban account appeal.
  6. Select issue: After doing the above step you have to later select the issue “My account was permanently banned“.
  7. Click on Appeal option: Now you have to find the “Appeal a Ban” option then you have to click on it. 
  8. Collect Information: In this step you have to provide the supported information for showing that the ban was not right. So you can collect information like screenshots, game logs and video of the game incident.
  9. Click on Submit a support ticket button: Now you have to click on a “Submit a Support Ticket” button, make sure that you provide all the relevant information in your favor.
  10. Wait for a response: After submitting your appeal you have to wait for the response from the security team of Activision. They will verify the situation on the basis of your provided information. On the basis of information verification they will contact through email with the decision.

Tips of Activision Ban Appeal

When your account gets banned and you follow the above step for Activision Ban appeal then it is necessary that you follow some tips for effectively conveying your message to them, below are some tips which you can follow to increase the chances of removing ban from account faster:

  • Be Kind and Respectful: When you appeal then you have to use such kind and respectful words.
  • Provide Concise Information: You have to make sure that you don’t stretch your message, you should describe your problem in brief and to the point that means it should be concise.
  • Accept Your Mistakes: While appealing you should not lie, you should admit your mistake. If you lie then the bank’s decision can not be overturned.


Today in this article we have talked about Activision ban appeal. Throughout this article we come to know about the reason behind the ban of your account in any game, how you can appeal to unban your account, and effective tips making higher chances of unbanning of your account. Hope you find this article well organized and informative.

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