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Addrom Bypass APK: Your Key to Swiftly Bypassing FRP Locks on Android

You’re probably already familiar with the FRP function. Google built it for data security and hacker protection. Android smartphone users know about this capability. What if you need to remember your login details and use your phone? Rest assured, the Addrom bypass APK handles everything.

This fantastic utility lets you bypass the FRP lock rapidly. In the following paragraphs, I’ll discuss my experience with this software and how to acquire it for free. Continue reading to discover more.

What is Addrom Bypass APK?

Android users who wish to remove the Google account FRP lock may install the Addrom FRP Bypass APK. Every new Android phone has this lock, which may be frustrating if you need to remember your login. 

This software doesn’t require Google account verification so you may access your phone quickly. The software must operate on most Android smartphones to be completely functional. That includes phones and laptops. 

Note: However, phone types may have various methods to open. 

Addrom bypass may erase certain device data if used to bypass the FRP lock. Because of this, you must remember your Google account information and input it accurately when setting up your phone.

Addrom Bypass is compatible with the following Android versions

  • Android 13 
  • Android 12 
  • Android 11
  • Android 10 
  • Android 9 
  • Android 8 
  • Android 7

App Specification

  • Application: Addrom Bypass
  • Size of Application: 28 MB
  • Program Version: Latest 
  • Developer: Addrom 
  • Required Android: 5.0 or above 

Features of Addrom bypass APK 

  • You may use it without a login or password.
  • Use is risk-free.
  • Neither receiving nor utilizing it costs anything.
  • It’s optional to root your phone to function with that gadget.
  • You don’t need another app.
  • All Android versions work with it.

Installing and Using Addrom bypass APK

Following the Addrom bypass APK installation instructions,

  •  Click the link below to download the application.
  • After opening the file viewer, open the APK. 
  • You must launch the application from the home screen to continue.
  • Three alternatives will show on the screen after this.
  • If you know your Google account data, click “Google Login.”
  • Step six is to choose “Bypass” to log in if you forget your user ID or password.
  • After selecting FRP Bypass, click Reset in the seventh step.
  • The eighth step requires closing the app and restarting your phone.
  • In the ninth step, your phone is opened and ready to use.


Android users who forget their Google login have problems accessing their devices. The new Addrom bypass APK may help them get in. This simple tool lets you bypass the FRP lock and easily access your smartphone. 

It supports several Android versions, including Android 13 and 12, so users may use it on numerous devices. The program’s specifications emphasize its tiny size, ease of use, and compatibility with Android 5.0 and higher. 

It’s secure, free, and doesn’t need rooting or logging in. All of them emphasize the program’s ease of use. A simple guide that leads you through the starting procedure makes things easier. 

However, the solution warns users of data loss. This emphasizes the need to remember their Google account credentials while setting up their phone. To conclude, the Addrom Bypass APK may unlock your Android handset. It works with many devices and is simple to use.


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