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Buy Mushrooms Online Canada and Lift Emotional State

Magic mushrooms have a fascinating history. People have been using them for ages. They’ve made their way from serious rituals to more laid-back recreational vibes over time. Thanks to research, the active compound in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, has shown incredible potential in uplifting a person’s emotional state.

If you’re looking to tap into the benefits of psilocybin, buy mushrooms online in Canada for a journey into the realm of emotional upliftment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Magic mushrooms improve emotion by affecting the part of the brain that processes emotions.
  • Mood upliftment can happen when you microdose and macrodose.
  • Improvement in mood can help in managing mental health symptoms.

Magic Mushrooms in Improving Emotions

Living with mental health challenges means navigating through intense emotional states that can be quite overwhelming. Medications are a widespread recourse, and note that certain medications come with the side effect of tempering emotions—whether negative or positive. 

Emotions are integral to our overall well-being. It acts as a compass for navigating life’s complexities. But when an individual finds themselves unable to embrace these emotions fully, a sense of isolation can ensue, potentially aggravating existing mental health challenges.

A study featured in Scientific Reports recently explored the effects of microdosing with magic mushrooms on individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. The researchers aimed to identify if shrooms made a real difference in people’s outlook on life. Turns out, most folks who tried it said they felt a lot better, both in terms of their condition and just their general well-being.

In a recent study from the Biomedicines Journal, individuals battling anxiety and depression alongside their cancer journey turned to the help of magic mushrooms. The findings revealed a noteworthy shift in their mindset and an improvement in their emotional well-being. The overall sentiment pointed towards a greater acceptance of the inevitable.

How Mushroom Works

Psilocybin significantly modifies awareness by reorganizing the brain to facilitate the formation of new connections between neurons. This doesn’t happen at random; rather, a new order is assumed by the neurons, bringing fresh perspectives and clarity to both old and new ideas. These affect the brain regions linked to emotion and dreaming (hippocampus and anterior cingulate cortex)

Ways to Use Mushrooms to Uplift Your Emotions

MicrodoseUse a small amount of shrooms, usually around 0.1 to 0.5 gramsIt has no psychedelic effects 
MacrodoseHigher than 1 gram or amount that can start to change your perceptionIt can cause hallucinations, increase creativity, distortion of time, etc.
Set and SettingPrepare your mindset for a smooth and enjoyable trip.Take shrooms in a safe and familiar place.Preparing your set and setting can lead to a positive experience and make you feel good.
Integrate Fun ActivitiesWhile tripping with shrooms, you can try certain activities like journaling, painting, or listening to music. These activities can make you feel uplifted during and after a trip.
Take Time to ReflectPause before plunging back into your everyday routine. Give yourself a moment to absorb the experience. Reflecting on it opens up a window to understand your emotions and, in turn, discover more about yourself. Taking this time can subtly, yet profoundly, contribute to making yourself feel better in the long run.

How It Feels Life When Using Mushrooms

The thing about these mushrooms is the experience you get really depends on the dosage. It’s like different amounts can take you on totally different rides, and that, in turn, can seriously shape how you end up feeling about the whole trip. 


Daily life may appear to be “better” overall. This could be due to decreased stress, improved mood, increased creativity, vitality, and receptivity.

Microdosing is the term for this practice, which many feel enhances the quality of life without producing a pronounced high.

0.5 to 1 Gram

Your inner life will begin to flourish with the development of more introspective insights and ease of meditation, along with enhanced senses and an overall increase in vitality.

1 to 1.5 Grams

Joy, mild to moderate visuals, a boost to creativity, and a significant amount of conversational fluidity. Time will seem different to you—it will either pass more quickly or more slowly.

2 to 3.5 Grams

It will be a mystical experience, and you might have some profound epiphanies and transformative introspection. Good or negative emotions, synesthesia experiences, sensitivity to light and noise, creativity, and open- and closed-eye sights can all appear to differing degrees.

4 to 5+ Grams

Vivid images, audio, tactile, and full-blown hallucinations. Your ego will vanish totally, and you won’t be able to tell yourself apart from your environment. 

Time will also lose any significance. You will experience all the benefits of a traditional psychedelic trip with the added bonus of merging with the cosmos in a continuum devoid of right and wrong.

Magic Mushroom Strains for Improving Mood

When it comes to chasing an uplifted feeling, the magic of magic mushrooms awaits, and you’ve got a variety of strains to choose from. Pick the one that vibes with your level of experience. Some shrooms pack a potent punch, making them a no-go zone for beginners. 

Golden TeacherBeginner-friendly strainGolden tops and are large.Average potency
Penis EnvyFor experienced users Above average potencyHave a phallic shape
CambodianAverage potencyInduces happy feeling with a higher dosage
CubanSmall but potentRoyalty of psychedelics
True Albino TeachersA variation of Golden TeachersGhost-white appearanceAbove average potency

Safest Place to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada

If you’re thinking about trying magic mushrooms to lift your spirits, going through an online dispensary is a smart move. Here’s why opting for this method of acquiring shrooms can be beneficial:

  1. Quality Assurance: Online dispensaries ensure that the products they provide come from reputable cultivators and brands. You can expect a quality assurance certification to give you peace of mind about the product’s origin and production process.
  1. Diverse Selection: Virtual shelves have no space limitations, so online vendors can showcase a wide variety of products. This means more choices for you as a customer.
  1. Cost-Effective: Online vendors save on overhead costs associated with physical stores that can translate to more affordable products. Online dispensaries also frequently offer promotions and discounts.
  1. Convenience: Shopping from the comfort of your home is undoubtedly convenient. You can browse through products, make a purchase, and wait for the arrival of your package.


Magic mushrooms influence specific brain parts that trigger emotions, ultimately leading to an improved mood. Beyond just lifting spirits, they’ve also shown potential in alleviating symptoms associated with mental health conditions. While research on the benefits of shrooms is somewhat limited, the existing studies consistently reveal promising effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why it’s better to buy than grow your shrooms?

  1. Buying magic mushrooms online is convenient and saves time compared to the lengthy and involved process of growing them yourself.
  1. Cultivating magic mushrooms requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise in mycology. Buying from experienced growers ensures a reliable and quality product.
  1. Reputable online vendors have quality control measures in place to ensure the mushrooms meet specific standards.
  1. Online platforms offer a diverse selection of magic mushroom strains.
  1. Growing magic mushrooms requires time, patience, and a controlled environment. Purchasing allows individuals to skip the cultivation process and have ready-to-use products.

What are the different magic mushroom products available?

Dried shroomsTypically refer to magic mushrooms that have undergone a drying process to preserve them for consumption. 
Dried shrooms are well-preserved with longer shelf-life.
Edibles Edible mushroom products refer to food items that incorporate mushrooms, particularly those that are safe and intended for consumption. 
The most popular forms are gummies and chocolates
DrinksSimilar to edibles but in liquid form. It comes in multiple beverage options like teas, hot chocolates, coffees, etc.
Capsules Shroom capsules are products that contain powdered or ground magic mushrooms enclosed in a capsule or pill form. 
These capsules make consuming magic mushrooms more convenient and precise.

Are there age restrictions for purchasing magic mushrooms online in Canada?

Websites usually sell shroom products to customers who are 18 or 19 years old and older. The specific age requirement varies by region, similar to cannabis.

How fast can I get my shroom orders?

When you place an order for shrooms online, the usual waiting period for delivery is around 2-3 business days. Factors like your location and the volume of orders on the website can sometimes extend this timeframe. If you’re dealing with a particularly bustling website, it’s not uncommon for orders to take a bit longer than the standard delivery window.

How much does the shipping fee cost when buying shrooms?

Shipping costs can vary based on the website. Since different websites partner with various shipping companies, the prices can differ. When it comes to shipping, different websites have varied approaches – some set a fixed shipping cost, while others calculate it based on your order’s weight. 

If you want to save on shipping expenses, bulk purchases. This not only guarantees you’ll have a sufficient supply but could also help you reach the dispensary’s minimum spending threshold for enticing free shipping promotions.


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