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Buying Guide for Sofas in a Home

A sofa in a living room is the best place for watching TV, reading books, lounging, and napping. If you want to add furnishings to your new house, a sofa comes first on the list. While searching for sofas at online stores, you will find a variety of models. So, which sofa design will be the perfect choice for your room? Before diving into the sea of sofas, take a moment to define your personal style. Wellington furniture stores showcase a wide range of designs, from classic and traditional to contemporary and avant-garde. Consider your existing decor and envision how your new sofa will complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

Know sofa styles:

The most popular sofa models are:

2-seater: 2-seater sofas accommodate only 2 persons. These sofas facilitate close conversation between these people.

3-seater: If you want more space in a sofa, a 3-seater model is the right choice. This sofa allows you to nap on its cosy cushion.

L-shaped: L-shaped models are best for those who want to place the sofas at the corner. You can choose between right and left-arm variations for buying the L-shaped sofas.

Before buying a sofa, you should focus on some important things:

Frame and joints

Some modern sofas have metal frames, while others have wooden structures. Natural wood is studier than MDF used for designing the sofas. Engineered wood also creates a strong frame for your sofa. It is also essential to check the components or joints to keep the frame together. Frames are glued, stapled, or doweled. You may also find a combination of these types of joints.

Type of suspension

Do you feel the bounce when you sit on your sofa? It happens because of the springs or suspensions that are of different types. 

  • Webbed suspension is a cost-effective choice and is made from natural fibres. 
  • The most common is the sinuous spring, which includes an S-shaped spring running through the depth of your sofa.
  • 8-way hand-tied suspension involves metal coils sustained by twine or metal.

So, check the type of suspension used for your sofa.


While the suspension and frame create a foundation, cushions are responsible for comfort. Extra comfy sofas have high-quality cushions. The cushion style is of 2 types – tight and loose.


Some sofas have only a single long cushion. If you want to sit upright on your sofa to converse with your guests, this cushion style is best. But, the fabric may get wrinkled due to its expansive length.

Many sofas have separated cushions or loose seats, which are perfect for your family room and living room furniture.


If you have no kids and pets or no risk of spills, you may buy a sofa with any fabric. Synthetic velvet, microfiber, and other low-pile pet-proof fabrics are suitable for pet owners. These fabrics do not easily trap odours. Some modern sofas have leather upholstery, which is easy to clean.

Besides, there are woven fabrics with subtle patterns and textures to hide your pet’s scratches and hair.

So, these are the main things you should check while buying a sofa. It is also essential to determine the right dimension of the sofa before placing an order. You can visit Johnny’s Furniture Sydney to find a big collection of amazing sofas.


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