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DMLT Course Fees in Government College in 2024

Want to become a professional laboratory technician, medical assistant or technician? DMLT is the course for you. DMLT courses offer a gateway to a rewarding career in diagnostic sciences, where graduates contribute directly to the accuracy of medical diagnoses and the overall well-being of patients. So, Let’s discuss everything you need to know about this course.

Know about DMLT Course

DMLT stands for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. It is a two-year program focuses on diagnosing and treating different illnesses using advanced laboratory equipment. It’s a detailed course covering various branches of medical science, including haematology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, and radiology.

The DMLT course goes beyond theory, providing hands-on experiences to cultivate deep knowledge and practical technical skills. This immersive approach helps students learn, inspect, test, and identify various diseases effectively.

The program involves analysing human body fluids like blood, urine, and pericardial fluid to detect health issues. Additionally, students are trained to handle high-tech lab equipment with precision and knowledge. This prepares them to work as skilled lab technicians, equipped with all the essential skills needed for the job. The DMLT journey is not just about education; it’s a pathway to a fulfilling career in healthcare, where every skill learned contributes to making a meaningful impact in the realm of medical diagnostics.

Highlights of DMLT Course

NameDiploma in Medical Laboratory Technology  or DMLT course
Duration2 years
Eligibility12th pass
FeeINR 20,000- INR 1,00,000

Why Study DMLT Course?

The DMLT course spans four semesters, encompassing essential subjects, optional classes, projects, and hands-on workshops. Key subjects cover human anatomy, MLT fundamentals, human psychology, and basics of biochemistry. Optional classes offer a choice between clinical haematology, clinical microbiology, technical microbiology, and clinical biochemistry.

This article highlights the requirements of the DMLT course. A diploma in Medical Lab Technology proves advantageous for students aiming to understand, inspect, test, and identify various human diseases. Completing this course opens up promising career paths in hospitals, clinics, and more.

DMLT Course Details

Admission to the DMLT course is primarily based on a student’s performance in the 12th standard with at least 50% marks. 

For Government colleges in India, the fees for a DMLT course range from Rs 12,540 to Rs 36,845 per year. KGMU Lucknow & BPSMV Sonipat are some of the top govt. colleges. Although there isn’t a specific entrance exam, institutions like NIMS and public universities conduct a Common Entrance Test (CET) to shortlist candidates. 

The curriculum costs for DMLT can be around INR 20,000 per year, and public institutes generally have lower fees compared to private ones. 

DMLT courses in India are offered in full-time, part-time, and online learning modes. In 2019, there were 3,37,800 unfilled DMLT jobs, and a 7% growth is expected by 2029, creating around 25,000 new job opportunities. 

DMLT degree holders can find employment in public or private healthcare facilities, universities, colleges, military services, medical content writing, pathology labs, and more. The annual salary for experienced DMLT professionals typically ranges from INR 2 to 3 LPA, depending on the job description and skill level.

When To Pursue DMLT Course?

To qualify, candidates should have successfully completed their 12th-grade board exams from a recognized board/university with a minimum aggregate of 50%.  Certain colleges also admit students who have passed their 10th-grade exams with a minimum of 50% marks. 

Eligibility Criteria for DMLT Course

The necessary details for pursuing this course are mentioned as follows:

  • There are no age limitations for enrolling in DMLT Medical courses in India. 
  • Students must have a science background with PCM/B as compulsory subjects and secure at least 50% in PCB to be eligible for the program. 
  • For SC/ST category students, the eligibility criteria include scoring a minimum of 45%.

Admission Process of DMLT Course

Here are some steps to follow in the admission process:

  1. Go to the official college website and find the admissions portal.
  2. Fill in all your personal details and academic grades.
  3. Upload the required documents and pay the registration fee online.
  4. Register for the entrance exam on the website, pay the exam fee, and submit the necessary documents.
  5. After clearing the entrance exam, participate in counselling sessions to secure a college based on your score and merit.
  6. For an offline process, visit the college’s admission department, fill out an application form, and submit valid ID proof and required documents

DMLT Course syllabus

Here is the syllabus of DMLT or Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology given by different colleges and institutes are written below: 

Year 1 Subject 

  1. Basic Hematology
  2. Basics in Laboratory Equipment and Chemistry
  3. Blood Banking & Immune Hematology
  4. Clinical Pathology (body fluids) and Parasitological

Year 2 Subject

  1. Clinical Biochemistry
  2. Microbiology
  3. Immunology

DMLT Course Fees

The fees for the DMLT course can differ based on factors like the institute, location, and amenities provided. The DMLT course in India typically costs between INR 60,000 to INR 1,50,000. Government colleges usually have lower fees than private institutions, and costs may vary by state. 

Additionally, students should budget for exam fees, lab charges, and other miscellaneous expenses. Some institutes may even have a separate fee for the practical training or internship part of the course.

There are many colleges who are offering DMLT Courses but, here we’ve tried to list some of the popular ones along with their fee structure:

Top CollegesFees
University of MumbaiINR 60,000- 90,000
Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic (PVP)INR 34,550
ITM- Institute of Health SciencesINR 60,000
Delhi Paramedical And Management Institute (DPMI)INR 1,60,000
Delhi Institute of Technology and Paramedical SciencesINR 80,000
Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and ManagementINR 2,49,000
Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical InstituteINR 90,000
JIS UniversityINR 2,47,000
Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and ResearchINR 30,000

It’s recommended to explore various colleges and institutes that offer the DMLT course, considering factors like fees, facilities, and placement records. This research helps in making an informed decision that aligns with your educational goals and budget constraints.


The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a career-focused program that equips graduates for employment in diverse healthcare settings. Covering crucial subjects like laboratory techniques, biochemistry, microbiology, and haematology, DMLT students acquire the expertise needed to conduct laboratory tests, interpret results, and communicate findings to physicians. The range of job opportunities for DMLT graduates is broad, spanning roles such as medical lab technicians, supervisors, researchers, and educators. In essence, opting for a DMLT course post-12th or graduation opens doors to a fulfilling career within the healthcare industry.


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