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Everything Know About E-Learning and Online Learning Portal

A crucial step of the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB) is the Karma Yogi Portal. In the busy field of government services, a radical makeover got underway in 2023. For government employees all around the country, this site was a ray of hope. It gives kids access to a world full of knowledge and opportunities for skill development. The webpage sought to recast the story of administrative prowess by elevating the capabilities of officers and training facilities. Essentially entrepreneurial, the IGOT Karmayogi Portal empowers more than two crore government workers.

About Karma Yogi Portal

Mission Karmayogi has been initiated by the GOI as a component of NPCSCB. Enhancing the abilities of government personnel and training facilities is the aim. To enhance government performance, public officials may benefit from online learning, career management, and networking on this platform. This platform facilitates career path management, reliable competency assessments, and online, in-person, and blended learning. It seeks to provide 2 crore individuals access to learning possibilities, something that was previously impossible.

Goals of the Portal

By concentrating on capacity development and managing human resources in the government, including rules and governance, this programme seeks to assist officers and training facilities in enhancing their abilities and expertise.

Features And Benefits

  1. It is required of all employees to make advantage of the platform’s features. The platform assists authorities in determining, obtaining, and certifying the skills necessary to perform their duties.
  2. It facilitates cross-silo communication among government employees, which improves job performance.
  3. All government workers are required to register on the Dak Karmayogi Portal registry in order to pinpoint their areas of weakness and improve their competencies. They have to heed this instruction as well.

Documents Requirements For this Portal

In order for users to utilize the portal, the following papers and items are needed:

  • The user must first have a working email address.
  • A cellphone number is also necessary.

In Summary

The government’s dedication to improving the skills of its employees is seen in the Karma yogi Portal. With this programme, the government hopes to improve civil workers’ education and skill-building, which will improve public service effectiveness and governance in the long run.


What is Full Form IGOT?

The acronym for Integrated Government Online Training is IGOT Full Form.

 To whom does this Portal provide advantages?

This platform may be advantageous to all people, particularly those who work for the government. It provides competence appraisals, career management, and training to improve their job-related abilities.

What goals does of above Portal aim to achieve?

For government workers, the site seeks to provide thorough training, skill enhancement, and capacity building. Its main objectives are to enhance human resource management and governance in government agencies.


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