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Factors To Consider When You Ship a Car to Another State 

Auto transport can prove stressful for car owners when they consider giving responsibility for their car’s delivery to another driver. The shipping process, however, is relatively straightforward, allowing convenience and ease of moving the vehicle a long distance. Find guidance on having your car hauled to another state at https://www.way.com/blog/moving-a-car-to-another-state/

After choosing a reputable, reliable car shipping provider, the driver can pick the car up at your desired location, or you can drop it off at the terminal. The vehicle will be loaded onto an open carrier or into an enclosed trailer on the date you decide for departure. 

Drivers receive extensive training and are highly qualified to haul autos safely and securely under virtually any circumstance. They aim to protect the cars, so the vehicles arrive at their new location damage-free. 

The shipping process is an affordable and practical alternative for car owners to driving across the country. When deciding to ship your car to another state, a few factors must be considered for the transport company to book the move efficiently.  

What Variables Should Be Decided with Car Shipping to Another State 

Car shipping is an alternative to driving when you need to move your vehicle to another state or across the country. Sometimes, car owners must move overseas, and auto transport allows them to take the car out of the country. 

The process allows ease and convenience, a straightforward method albeit with several variables for an efficient booking and safe and secure transit. Here are some factors to consider to save time, effort and costs with transport. 

Compare companies 

A vast number of car shipping providers are available to car owners. In that vein, comparing quotes before committing to one company should be prioritized. Most auto transport companies offer free cost calculators on their websites.  

These tools are unique for each carrier, but the expectation is that you input details concerning the move to arrive at an estimate. It’s suggested that several quotes be obtained to get the best deal. After receiving quotes, you can then select among the top choices to further consult. 

The final determination will be based on the services or features you want with the move. The company that meets your budget and offers the best services to meet your needs should also be reputable and reliable and have an excellent track record. 

Booking transport 

The time frame when you want the car transported is among the most important factors, particularly with cost. Shipping prices will be higher if shipping at a peak time during the year. 

Transport drivers moving cars during these periods must deal with heavier traffic and fuel costs and take extra measures to protect the vehicles for a safe delivery. This season usually runs from roughly “April to September” for the auto transport industry. 

If possible, try to book outside this timespan to save the most on car hauling. Further, booking roughly four weeks ahead is wise to get the pick-up and drop-off dates you need. With advanced booking, the carrier will be able to reserve a spot on a trailer and sometimes offer discounts for the early setup. 

Transport method 

Auto transport companies offer two methods of shipping. You can select between an open carrier or an enclosed trailer. The most commonly used and affordable of these is the open carrier. It’s labeled as an open transport method since this trailer exposes the cars to the outside elements.  

These are able to carry more cars in a single load than the enclosed trailer. The enclosed transport is the premium method for hauling a car, and it comes with a higher price point. 

This trailer is fully closed on all sides, offering extra protection and security with no exposure to the outside. This carrier is typically reserved for valuable cars like classic or antique, luxury vehicles, and often motorcycles.  

Vehicle type and condition 

A heavier, larger vehicle will cost more for shipping since it adds to the trailer’s weight and takes up more space in the carrier. If you have more than one car that needs to be moved, choosing the smallest of the two is suggested. 

Another factor is whether the vehicle is operable. Cars that don’t run take special equipment for loading. This also comes at a higher price point. Auto transport companies encourage car owners to have their vehicles serviced and attempt to fix them before shipping to save on costs. 

Final Thought 

Car shipping offers car owners convenience and ease when moving a car from one state to the next. Comparing companies is an essential first step for those who want to save money. Visit here for details on everything you need to know about car shipping. 

With sufficient research, you can find a service within your budget, with adequate features to serve your situation and in the time frame you need. This provider should be reputable, reliable, and qualified for the optimum transport experience.  


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