fanfix is a platform which has capabilities to match the features of OnlyFans and Patreon’s platform. In this social media era millions of people use different types of social media accounts and it is one of them. This platform is for those creators who want to earn money by showing their skills. People who create their account on FanFix can definitely earn money because this platform allows creators to set the price for their content, users can access any account after paying for the subscription plan. There is data and according to that data there will be around fifty million people in the future who will earn money by creating content. You will not be amazed if we tell you that already more than 2 million people are earning in six- figures. This is all happening because of such types of platforms like OnlyFans, Patreon and Fanfix. 

Know about Fanfix

Fanfix is a platform on which creators can use their skills to gain a solid fan following, this platform is based on premium and subscription options. This platform was launched in the year 2021 in the month of August by Cameron Dallas. Later in August the mobile application of this platform, the Fanfix app was launched in the year 2021 on 26th of October. Harry Gestetner is the CEO of this platform currently.

Here on this platform creators can earn money  by using their skills. This platform makes drastic changes. For example, creators got the power in their hands instead of social media conglomerates that means who owns who operates different social media platforms. Artists, Chefs Gamers, Athletes, Fitness Trainers and many others are famous categories of this platform. You can visit the platform through this link: https://www.fanfix.io/

Working of Fanfix

On Fanfix creators can use their skills to display their content on this platform. They can upload their photos, videos and blogs. If you are a user of this platform then you can follow your favourite creator to watch their new videos, photos and blogs. Creators give access to their photos and videos to people so that their fans subscribe to them as on this platform creators have the option to hide their post until their fan buys their subscription plan along with that creators can set their profile price according to their wish.

You can search your favourite creator from the search bar after doing Singup on this platform then you can follow them. According to the number of followers creators earn money.

Process of Launching a Creator Marketplace Like Fanfix

If you want to launch a platform like Fanfix then it has become easy with the help of latest technology and software below we have written some important things which you can follow:

You can use Fanso, it provides you a content creator platform script which you can use to launch platforms like OnlyFans, Patreon etc. Fanso has many features: it gives options of subscription , live streaming, Built in e-commerce store, creator dashboards, social media feed like a famous platform. It is a software by which you can get access to source code. This platform supports more than 200 languages. That’s how it allowed you to create platforms like Fanfix and OnlyFans.

Earning process at Fanfix

If you want to know that how the creators can earn from this platform then you can read below information which we have written for you: 

Fanfix platform is based on a subscription model. Creators have to verify their profiles after Singup here then they have to set up payment options as this process is most important. Creators have the option to set subscription rates for their profiles according to their wish. For instance if a creator has a 30 dollar subscription price then he or she can earn many according to the number of followers who buy subscription plans and it takes 20% of profit from creators.

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans

There are various people who are confused between fanfic and onlyfans, as they think they both are the same or alternative. Although this platform has several features like OnlyFans , the main difference is that it doesn’t allow sexual content on its platform whereas OnlyFans allow adult and sexual content.

Fanfix Vs Patreon

Same as Onlyfans people are wondering about the similarity of Patreon and fanfix. However, both platforms have a variety of same features. But, it doesn’t have a fixed rate, users can contribute different amounts to creators. This platform has more options like community polls, podcasts, etc. this platform also offers podcasts, community polls, live streams, and more content.

Reasons Behind Popularity amongst creators

There are many reasons why Fanfix is popular amongst creators so we have written some of them below:

  • Subscription: This platform has a subscription plan option for their creators which creators can set according to their wish.
  • Monetization: Creators can earn money from subscription plans if any person buys the plan. Also, it helps them to get monetization easily and early through its features.
  • Exclusive Content: The platform allows creators to post exclusive content and get enhanced views on their account to help them to get motivated and increase their skills.
  • Multimedia: Here creators can post their photos, videos and blogs on this platform, as it allows multimedia and gives better exploration for fans of each creator.


Fanfix is a platform where you can create your account to show your skills to your audience. You can decide the rates for your subscription plan so that you can earn more money. This platform has several similarities with platforms like OnlyFans, Patreon and others but it has its own features which makes it different from those platforms. If you have desires to have the same platform like those platforms then you can fulfil your wish with advanced technologies and software. You can access software libraries to develop your platform and after that you will be able to earn from your users.

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