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FCS UP Gov in: Check UP Ration Card List & Beneficiary in 2022-23

FCS UP Gov in This program has been initiated by the UP government to ensure that citizens can access food grains at lower prices. This article aims to simplify the process of checking the ration card list online from this website.

fcs.up.gov.in list 2022

Annually, the UP government releases the online UP Ration Card List, featuring eligible citizens. This year’s list provided by the Food and Supplies Department is available on the official website that is www fcs up gov in. Those listed will obtain subsidised food items like wheat, rice, sugar and kerosene. Residents can conveniently check the list online which is time saving and transparent.

About fcs.up.gov.in 2022-23:

The UP ration card classifies into three types which is APL Ration Card, BPL Ration Card and AAY Ration Card. to understand these types better, read the below following:

  • The BPL Ration Card is for families in the state whose annual income does not exceed 10,000 rupees and they belong to below poverty line then they can buy up to 25 kg of food at cheap prices from the shop.
  • The APL Ration Card is for families in the state who belong to the above partition line then they can buy up to 15 kg of food at low prices from the soap.
  • The AAy Ration Card is for families who are very poor and have no income source then they can buy up to 35 kg of food at good prices from the soap.

Eligibility Criteria Rules of FCS UP Gov in :

Some of the new rules have been issued by the chief minister of uttar pradesh for ration cards, excluding those paying income tax, owning certain assets, or exceeding specific income thresholds. Ineligible individuals must return their card, facing penalties if they fail to comply by a particular date. The recovery process involves surrendering the card at designated offices with penalties for those availing benefits illegally.

Key Purpose Behind FCS UP Gov in list :

The main purpose is to grant qualified individuals discounted food and products and their details are accessible via the authorised site. The Uttar Pradesh administration has facilitated access to the roaster of ration cards on the city fertiliser and logistics department’s website which is the necessity for citizens to personally visit governmental establishments for eligibility verification.  

Required Documents for Registration of FCS UP Gov in:

  • You should be the able to show that you are a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh
  • You should be above 18 years
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank passbook
  • Caste certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Old electricity bill
  • Gas connection

Required Document for Corrections:

You can request changes to your ration card, like fixing name, an incorrect address, or an incorrect name by applying for changes to www.fcs.up.gov.in. To do this you need to provide below mentioned documents:

  • Xerox of the original ration card 
  • Evidence of the accurate information that needs to be updated, like an ID card or address proof.
  • A written request saying what are the necessary corrections.

As soon as you are done with all these then your ration card will be updated with correct information.

fcs.up.gov.in 2022 List:

To see if they or their family is in the list or not they can follow below steps:

  1. Visit the official Food Department website at www.fcs.up.gov.in 
  2. Select the Beneficiary List of NFSA under NFSA on the interface of the website.
  3. Check the district wise Up ration Card 2022 list that appears on a new screen.
  4. Choose your district from the list and click on it.
  5. View the details of the new list that opens.
  6. Click on the eligibility list of Uttar Pradesh Card NFSA for urban and rural areas
  7. Select your ration shopkeeper from the list that appears.
  8. Look through the list of all registered candidates at that shop.
  9. Locate your name in the UP Ration Card List and click on your name.

And last, by clicking on the candidate’s name option you can check names of people in your family and that’s how individuals can find their name in the Ration Card.

Advantages from fcs.up.gov.in 2022-23

  • The Ration card can be used for diving licence documentation.
  • It works as identical proof for individuals.
  • Food grains like wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene etc can be buyed at minimal prices.
  • It also works in taking admission in UP school.
  • These are available for every category of the people from below or above poverty line and for those also who don’t have any source of income.
  • If you belong to BPL then you can get job exemptions and school scholarships for your children.


In Final words, the 2022 UP Ration Card List serves as a crucial tool for Uttar Pradesh residents to access discounted food from local ration stores. Using the Food Department’s website, individuals can effortlessly confirm their qualification and locate their name on the list. By simplifying the process, the government focuses on preventing hunger issues among poor peoples and also strictly banned the people who misuses the scheme.

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