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How to Buy Stocks on eToro with complete guidance

Modern trading platform eToro allows social trading. More experienced traders on eToro’s social trading network may teach beginners about stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. 

Investors may easily identify trading ideas and traders to follow on the platform’s user-friendly structure. The platform allows traders to execute trades swiftly. Its presence in over 140 countries indicates that the broker is popular with various customers.

Buying Stocks on eToro: A Complete Guide

New Apple Stock Price On eToro features allow users to go from stockless to fully invested in minutes. With the application, you may study millions of people, talk to them, and duplicate their financial judgments.

Step 1: Register on the eToro

Start by signing up for eToro. Apple, Facebook, and Google’s sign-in management capabilities make opening an account easy on your smartphone. Users may access the platform when two-factor authentication is completed. Even if you don’t speed up registration, you’ll be ready to trade quickly.

Step 2: Logging into eToro

The fact that eToro performs its login method independently from account verification may speed up platform access. The organization may then promptly provide new client platform access. A new user may log in in seconds but must verify their account by email or SMS before adding cash. 

Step 3: verify your account

No matter how you log in—web browser or smartphone—eToro will send a text message to authenticate your identification. After this, you may rate your trading knowledge, motivation, and risk tolerance. 

Step 4: fund your account

After verification, connecting a bank account lets you deposit dollars into your trading account. The quickest approach is to use Plaid, a secure bank account connecting provider. Although other nations need a $50 deposit, the US and UK allow transactions as little as $10. Plaid transfers allow you to trade in minutes, a huge benefit.  

Step 5: choosing a stock

Step five is choosing a stock to trade following research. There are several stock research resources on the site. Users may access pricing charts, corporate information, analyst ratings, and a social media feed for platform comments. These tools help you pick a stock to trade or invest in. It may also assist you in entering and exiting the transaction. You may place an order when you determine a stock is right for your portfolio.

Step 6: Place an order

Clicking “Trade” opens a dialogue window where you can enter all the transaction details. Your agreement’s size might be expressed in dollars or shares. You may request fractional share ownership now.


A key benefit of eToro is its popular and reputable platform. Customers like the company’s easy-to-use equipment. Social trading demands greater engagement from the start, making this crucial.

You may improve your information stream by including other traders’ and investors’ perspectives. The most significant element is that CopyTraders’ comments let you rapidly learn from other investors. You can guarantee your trading plan is on track by analyzing traders based on user feedback and prior performance.


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