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Inflact: Boost Your Social Media Reach

Inflact is a platform for both content creators and normal users of Instagram. It has many features like it provides tools and services by which content creators can and other users can grow their accounts.

Inflact: Overview

Inflact can be used to download the post of any Instagram user without the need of an account, you can use this platform to view stories, reels and other posts of anybody anonymously. This platform provides tools which are based on AI technology. Data says there are around eleven millions of users who visit this platform monthly.

It was earlier known as Instagrammer and in 2020 it was rebranded in October. It has a new website after that as a strategy to get more reach for their platform. Overall this platform is most effective and powerful for the content creators of Instagram to grow their account to gain popularity.

Inflact Marketing Services for Instagram users 

Inflact provides many marketing tools and services which can help content creators to grow their account, with the help of this platform creators can get engaged with a huge and targeted audience, Inflact publishes posts according to the scheduled time. The platform offers major services that are Promo service, Direct Message and Auto Posting to all three: clients, audience and creators. We have talk about these services in detail below: 

Inflact Promo Service 

Inflact platform offers promo services in which users don’t have to do anything for any interaction with anyone, it provides auto interaction options or you can say it as Instagram bot. But this service goes against the terms and conditions of Instagram. But the platform says it is safe to use, it uses safe start mode and VPN.

This service works for those accounts which have at least twelve posts and at least fourteen days on Instagram, along with that account should have email and phone number. By this service you can generate auto likes, auto follow and unfollow along with auto story viewer all these done through AI filters in this service.

Details on Promo Service is given below:

AI Filters

Promo services use AI filters by which a user can use it by inputting their competitor’s username. After that the bot will follow your competitor followers from your account. With the help of a hashtag filter you can follow people who use that hashtag and by location filter you can target people on the basis of their location.

Auto Like

The inflact platform is like human, it will like all comments on your post, it will also respond to the new comments. So overall we can say it makes sure that your account remains active so better engagement.

Auto Follow and Unfollow

Inflact’s bot will follow people based on AI filters. The bot will analyze the profile of the users if it matches on some criteria it will then follow the user otherwise it can also unfollow. 

Story Viewer to Get Profile Views

The platform can view the story of people on your behalf so that those people get curious to check your profile.

Inflact Direct Message Service

Inflact provides a fabulous service called Direct Message service, if you use this service then you can save a lot of time. If any person comments on your post or sends a message then this service will send an automated message to the sender after analyzing the keyword in their comments or messages. If your users find out that you are using a bot or service then they may not be interested in the same replies so you have to use this service smartly.

Auto Posting Service on Inflact

Third service Inflact platform offers to its users is Auto Posting, this service helps users to schedule their Instagram posts, users can manage multiple accounts and other things. You can use hashtags, emojis and set locations in advance. You will be stressed free from doing complex steps in the last time. You can schedule photos, videos, stories and even a carousel in advance. But there is a disadvantage and that is you have to pay for using this service.

Tools Available on Inflact

Inflact has many freemium tools which it offers to users, so below we have written some of them below:

  • Instagram Viewer without Account:- This tool helps users to search for any account, view their dp, they can watch reels posts with the option of saving, for that they don’t need an Instagram account.
  • Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer :This platform helps its users to view the story of any Instagram user without knowing them. You can watch the story for free but you have to pay to save the story.
  • Instagram media Downloader: you can download any photos, reels, and videos using this platform. You can watch them with profile downloader and if you want to download posts in a batch , the  DP downloader can work.
  • Hashtag Generator and find trending Hashtag:You can use keywords, upload photos or you can input the link of a post so that you can get similar keywords and hashtags which will be suitable for your post. 
  • Instagram account Analyzer : This platform offer analyzer tool by which users of this platform can analyze the account of any user or their account to know the insights of the account like user activity, engagement rate, and other so that you can use all those data to compete with your competitors, you can find your targeted audience according to their preferences and locations.
  • Font Generator: This platform offers font generator tools which can convert your text into stylish texts with amazing fonts. You can give amazing visual design using different fonts for your bio, caption and story text.


In this article we have talked about Inflact platform that is an amazing instagram tool provider specially designed for the instagram users. If you are willing to get the benefits of this platform then we suggest you explore its official website and have a  better insight. 

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