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Keka Login : A Deep Dive into HR Software Access and Functionality

In this article we are going to discuss about the Keka Login, its features of using the website. You will also learn about the process for Keka Login. So read the article carefully and perform the task on the platform.

What is Keka

Keka software is designed to assist enterprises with their HR-related tasks. Support is provided by the contemporary software in a variety of areas, including payroll, performance, and attendance management.

Numerous capabilities, including live tracking, performance reviews, onboarding, project management, product specs, time management, and many more, are available to users of this cloud-based program. The program helps the firms in many ways because of these outstanding capabilities, including enhanced automation, streamlined processes, team productivity, cost effectiveness, and excellent business intelligence.

Feature of using the website

Once you have learned about the Keka, now given below are the few features of using the Keka Login are:-

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Customers are welcomed with a tidy and organized dashboard when they log in. Important information, such as alerts, announcements, and short URLs, is shown clearly for easy access.
  • Personalized User Profiles: Users have the option to add a profile picture, change contact details, and otherwise personalize their profiles. The profile area, which can be accessed via the user dashboard, makes self-management simple.
  • Getting Access to Attendance and Time Tracking: It’s simple for firms who use time tracking and attendance features to gain access to such features. To input or examine pertinent data, look for specific sections or tabs linked to timesheets, work hours, or attendance.
  • Submitting Leave Requests: Staff members may conveniently submit leave requests via a dedicated section. Using the on-screen prompts, enter the dates, the kind of leave, and any other details that the employer requests.
  • Obtaining Payroll Information: If payroll data is connected, employees will have simple access to their salary information. Look for a particular area that offers a thorough examination of wages, credits, and other relevant payroll information.

Process for Keka Login

In order to login into the portal, you need to Follow the given below step : 

  • Step 1: Visit the main page of the Keka program.
  • Step 2: After entering that email address, click “Login”.
  • Step 3: A second field for inputting your password will show up if you use the same email address as when you registered online.
  • Step 4: Review the email you got following your registration. The password to access the Keka portal for the first time will be included in the email.
  • Step 5: Fill in the password entry field using the password that was supplied in the email. For increased privacy, you can either change the password or use the same one to log in in the future.
  • Step 6: In the end, click “Login” once again. The Keka HR portal login will now be active for you.

In conclusion

Keka is a flexible HR software that uses cloud-based capabilities to optimize organizational procedures. This post explores the Keka Login procedure, emphasizing its dashboard’s ease of use, navigation, and customizable profiles. Through the clarification of access procedures and the highlight of essential features, it enables users to fully utilize Keka’s potential for improved HR administration and effectiveness.


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