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Let’s Dive Into The World Of Know Your Meme

What Is Know Your Meme?

Know Your Meme (KYM) is a site and video series which uses wiki software to ascertain different internet memes and additional online phenomena such as viral tapes, picture macros,  catchphrases, Internet celebrities and more. 

It furthermore examines fresh and altering memes through analysis, as it commercializes the culture. Initially produced by Rocketboom, the site was developed in March 2011 by Cheezburger Network, which was later acquired by Literally Media. 

It contains excerpts for confirmed, proposed, Deadpool (denied or incompletely documented), researching, and famous memes.

History Of Know Your Meme

Between 2007–2010: Web series origins

Know Your Meme was developed in December 2007 as a sequel of videos which were a component of the vlog Rocketboom. It was established by workers Kenyatta Cheese, Elspeth Rountree, Jamie Wilkinson, and Andrew Baron (CEO- Of Rocketboom)  in their spare time when commentator Joanne Colan could not complete the existing season of Rocketboom. 

They dubbed themselves the Rocketboom Entity for Internet Studies. Glimpsing that internet memes were utilized by advertisers who flunked to concede their online heritage, they found that they could delineate their source by utilizing public examination devices. They too establish that the media scope of memes appeared indifferent in how they started up and scattered.

Every episode of Know Your Meme covered one meme in element, examining its narrative and context in internet culture. They were hosted variously by Colan, Cheese, Rountree and Wilkinson, who slipped into lab coats and dubbed themselves “meme specialists”.

Baron noticed that every episode enticed additional views than regular Rocketboom exhibits. According to Cheese, memes were merely beginning to evolve famous on websites such as 4chan, when the sequel started up, and Rocketboom distributed more aids as their popularity thrived.

Wilkinson had furthermore been formulating an emotional database of internet memes. It was repurposed as a friend to the tapes and embarked on the site in 2008. Due to the length of the assignment, Rocketboom agreed to crowdsource and hire interns, including Amanda Brenna and editor Brad Kim, to formulate content. 

This was then collated by volunteer directors and a tiny editorial crew. By 2010, Know Your Meme had enticed an enormous following and was more widespread than the original web series. Nonetheless, it furthermore enticed animosity from some online societies: the site suffered steady DDoS and the contentious Encyclopedia Dramatica said it was “largely safe for work, which is fucking lame”.

Website of Know Your Meme

By the end of 2008, after more than a year of development, Rocketboom discharged an expanded database with Jamie Wilkinson as the principal innovator. The database comprises admissions for memes and tendencies, along with a multitude and additional facets of subculture (such as movies and tape tournaments). Each entry has its own picture and GIF gallery; a video gallery was put in in November 2010. By January 2017, the database included more than 2,700 access to “substantiated” memes.

The administrators retain a say on what earns actually and what brings “Deadpooled” or repudiated. 

A few of the meme accesses are visual and Not Safe For Work (NSFW). NSFW entries have warnings positioned along the top of the entrance and advertisements are usually disabled. These notifications may vary in consequences, such as embargoes. It also has a discussion section, blog, and store. 

Dr Sean Rintel, who composed ‘The Automated Identity’ blog, described it as a “lucrative, self-supporting analysis that combines the funny and the severe.” In March 2019, the website was maintained by seven editorial staff partners in conjunction with a company of dutiful directors. The site and web series were obtained in March 2011 by Cheezburger Network for an unknown seven-figure quantity.


Episodes of the Know Your Meme show standard a few minutes in size each. In a provided outbreak, the KYM team describe memes and the past behind them. New episodes seem in a few gaps of time. Smashing meme outbreaks began in 2010. Singled out in seasons, the tapes describe the meme utilizing handy pictures. Dark Brandon knows your meme, knows your meme Overwatch and Samurai Jack knows your meme are some of them.


Know Your Meme has been honoured by multiple journals. Its access is frequently referred to in both journalism and scholarly labour blanketing internet memes. The Daily Dot and The Wall Street Journal characterized the site as the encyclopedia of memes and internet culture. Know Your Meme is included on its list of the “50 Best Websites of 2009” for the most web series.

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